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titleSevilla lonescraper
locationSeville, Spain
infoSeville's first skyscraper office tower is 180 meters high, located on Isla de la Cartuja and developed in collaboration with the prestigious U.S. firm Pelli Clarke & Pelli Architects. It will be complete in early 2015
sourceforum user Jujo
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 2.61, total votes: 392
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joacocanal 3/5 banner, 4/5 city  
Tchokan And... where's the factory?  +1
Tchokan 3/5 from Portugal  
Blue Flame 1/5  
newen Skyscrapers suck in a city like Seville. Traditional architecture is best!  
Daortíz sencillamente de mal gusto la foto, parece una ciudad de 4ta categoria, no le hace honores a la magnifica Sevilla. 1.0  
popcorn69 the tallest tower really bugs me , it would've been better if it wasn't in the center of the photo ,or better not in the photo at all  
kokomo a chimney indeed... ugly photo  
andreicukapp ugly pic.. 2/5  
TUGULUIS Al querer mostrar la torre cortaron a la mitad la foto y los tonos no ayudaron mucho.  
davroca5 5 from Barcelona!  
ovnours Looks like a chimney, 1(  +1
Skylayer 5/5 from Brazil  
Urban Legend Just ok..3/5.  
narflc Una foto terrible. ¿A quién se le ocurrió que poner un banner de esto iba a ser una buena idea?  
D1N0 Looks like a big factory pipe  +2
BioHazard The sky skyscraper would be in the left of the pic. The objectiv never can be in the center of the image. This pic doesn't show the beautiful of the enviroment.  
Aujen This awlful tower wastes one of the most beauttiluf cities in Europe !  +1
Blazar what's the sense of posting a banner like this of one of the most beautiful cities in europe ???  +1
richard manaba beautiful city, terrible pic.2  +2
Nightsky Cool that Sevilla got such a tall skyscraper, even if I would prefer to see more of the old town.  +1
missioneiro i thought it was a chimney... ugly =/  +2
phil_leemon ugly photo of marvelous city  
perodeque Ciudad preciosa ,Horroroso edificio y conbinación.  
Limassoler If I had to guess the city, I'd say Wroclaw.  +1
danieloc Sevilla has a big dick, I think it might be black.  +1
ST_dasa Erection doesn't mean perfection.  +4
darque OMG  
beaniepotato Seville is a beautiful city, but please, the tower isn't even finished yet and this might be one of the worst images I've seen of it.  
tur giant penis over the city  +5
El_atachi look similar to Sky Tower in Wrocław (Poland) ;P  +5
JorgeORandall Awful  +1
Andriykö what the hell  
Adpenturz Big Penis! lol 5/5  +2
NickNN снести фаллос нахрен, и переснять! 1/5.  
galvis мне не нравиться- 1  +1
aubergine72 It's very phallic  +1
Askario Looks like chimney.  
Argentosoma what's that stick in the middle of the city?  
Get High 5 stars for Seviilla not for the building, because that skyscraper is ugly.  +4
Mony Vi 5/5 from in-your-dreams  +1
Dubai Skyscraper where did all the good banners go?  +1
Viva_Bulgaria la otra cara de Sevilla, una ciudad verdaderamente mágica5/5 desde Bulgaria  +3
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
VantriFC I love fc sevilla  +1
linhjick Hanoi, I love you!  +1
vo.mvac 5/5  +1
Chuckeh looks like a giant smoke stack  +9
redcode 5/5 from Danang, Vietnam  +1