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titleCaicó by dusk
locationCaico, Brazil
infoThis pic shows the city seen from Sant'ana Island, with cathedral of Sant'Ana in the center.
sourceforum user Skylayer
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 2.80, total votes: 289
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Bruno Caruaru show  
aenigma Great picture!!! 5/5 from Rome (Italy).  
RobH 3*s. Bit too gloomy to understand but atmospheric  
QuantumX Guys, when commenting, comment on the shot and the skyline itself. Economics is for another discussion. Anyway, nice silhouette again evening sky, but skyline itself is too dark in estimation.  +1
el_dreamer_ 5 / 5  
NetSpider Rather watch the pelé movie! 2/5 from Brazil.  
Thiago |Klock| And São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro? 1/5 from Curitiba, Brazil!  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
Linniker Gomes Minha cidade linda  +1
sezha ничего не видно  
exwk 5/5...  
redcode 3  
Haveblue it is 2/5 ... unfortunately this photo is not so interesting.  
InK.fan 2/5  
on_the_run Lovely car park :D 3 for trying  
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +3
Mr.Cage Что это за хуйня?  
RedLion727 I don't even know what I'm looking at.  +1
HansCity Nice Cars, Nice Sky  
archifect nice sky.. not the skyscrapper..  
russianroberto don't know why there's such a low score; this is ordin tone and urban background shows how developed Brazil really is. 5/5 from Russia to a powerful and resilient Brazil  +6
RedLion727 Their economy is among the weakest in the world. As is yours.  +6
russianroberto do you really have to be such a let down mate? And we actually have 2.2 trillion annual income, ranking 8th strongest economy in the World dumbfuck  
Xtreminal aweful photo  
Mateus Goloni 1/5 from Brazil  
Tchokan 2/5 from Portugal  
helloween 1 probably it is a nice city, but this photo isn`t  +1
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
RussoPartizano 1/5 What is it? I don't understand  +5
Vadon 5 for BRICS  +9
okach1 nice parking lot! 1/5  +4