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titleIstanbul streetline
locationIstanbul, Turkey
infoIstiklal Avenue is the main street on the Pera side of Istanbul, the old european influenced area. Here we see the front entrance to the city's largest church on the left side.
sourceJörg Dietrich at PanoramaStreetline
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 3.38, total votes: 328
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The Blink The Blink Canada  
Voorish-Gdansk Never seen it from this angle 4/5  
Awesomekhan beautiful .. greetings from Pakistan  +1
a_edin 5/5 from Saraybosna  +1
Cyaxares Nice European and Middle-Eastern architecture. Fun fact: did you know most of the famous ''Turkish'' mosques had Christian (hundreds even Armenian) architects? The Blue Mosque is a very nice example of architecture inspired by Armenians (Mimar Sinan).  +2
Alpos fun fact: did you know that most kurds carry a butthurt against turks  +4
The Cake On BBQ fun fact: you are a miserable loser.  +2
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina  +1
Totu Good! I like it!  
Lombak 5/5 from Tahiti!  +2
Urban Legend Beautiful city. 5/5 from Israel.  +2
ALEXEJ love is... Laleli/aber ich liebe Laleli  
Edil Arda Happy victory day!  +2
Rauch M. Amazing, 5/5  +1
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
-SKC 5/5 from Saudi Arabia, Istanbul is indeed one-of-a-kind city :)  +2
Ivan the Immigrant Reminds me on Antwerp or some city in Belgium or Netherlands...:)  +2
DanielFA 5/5 again from Buenos Aires! :D  +5
Galandar 5/5 from Azerbaijan  +3
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  +3
lezgotolondon Fake Coup 5/5  
united pakistan 5 from Pakistan  +4
Amen 5 from Poland  +5
V Eshkenazi Please, stop with that country, what are you, an islamic propaganda site ?  +7
Apple. Yes they are making Islamic propaganda with a church lol  +10
rustik68 V Eshkenazi, you is stupid sheep. On the banner of the building exclusively European style. What you see here the propaganda? Go beat your blunt head against the wall, can occur a short enlightenment.  +1
RegentHouse "Exclusively European style" sounds arbitrary. Even most mosques are influenced by Byzantine architecture. The banner clearly depicts a famous Turkish street scene and if a typical one was shown, it would be like many other places in the world.  +1
rustik68 2 RegentHouse: Look, there is such an association with the banners some users: Reminds me on Antwerp or some city in Belgium or Netnerlands ... On the influence of Byzantium, do not tell me. Maybe even the entire treatise of Vitruvius lead? Bgg! There are styles and forms of architecture, the decor elements that can gives an authentic flavor, even the standard design. You did not know? On the banner there is no Turkish mosques type Byzantine roots, nor the type of Maghreb. How dare you argue with Rustum Pasha ?! All dissent with me should be shot without trial. رستم پاشارستم پاشا  
rustik68 رستم پاشا  
Parravillian rustik, are you using Google Translate to word your replies? Because you make hardly any sense. And yes, most mosques were modelled on Hagia Sophia, a Christian church.  
rustik68 2 Parravillian: Firstly, I do not rustik for you, but or rustik68 or Rustum Pasha. Secondly, yes, I forced to use the google-translator since Ingles learned long ago to the late 1970s, according to Christian summer calculus. As for the fact that the Hagia Sophia was the basic model, it's not. My consultant received a grant in Osmanenerbe traveled specially to study Muslim architecture. He has released 4 books. He is doctor of architecture, professor, conducts scientific work in the Museum-Reserve Kazan Kremlin. I previously travel to Osmanenerbe simply as an idle vacationer. Traveling through the countries, I studied cultural Aspect Maghreb, Osmanenerbe, the Middle East, the Muslim Spain.  
Shakhbûrz 5/5 from Greece, magnificient Istanbul. :)  +7
Alexsal Great banner. Istanbul is really that beautiful I can confirm. 5/5  +5
savalan 5/5 super!!!  +4
doguorsi2 I don't like the parallel projection photography but the magnificient Istanbul ought to get 5/5 anyway.  +6
corvus_edin 5/5  +5
akoumbaris 1/5 BAD!!!  +6
alien it looks like lego modulars :)  +1
humancity 1/5 You have to be joking, Turkish banner again?  +7
TheIllinoisan Constantinople belongs to Greece. Not a theocracy like erdogan-run Turkey.  +9
corvus_edin Greece? lol - you're 563 years too late for this conclusion.  +19
alexxxxx You've brightened my day! And if Erdogan no longer is the president of Turkey what will you do, will you hand Constantinople back to Turkey?  +5
Amen Erdogan is good president and Father of Turkish nation. He cares of his people. My country Poland should support Erdogan.  +1
Parravillian Kemal was the "Father of Turkish Nation". Erdogan is a knobgobbler and a wannabe successor to the Ottoman sultan. Which is not a good thing...  +6
Amen Yes Ottoman Empire is good thing. Is good for Poland if Ottoman Empire will rise again. We Poles need Turkey strong and America want Turkey weak and they want independence Kurdistan. Kurdistan and weak Turkey is not good for Poland. Because we won't be Poles because we will be west and we will be speaking english. Ottoman Empire must rise up again now!  +1
Amen And Turkey is most powerful muslim country so they must rule islamic world...  +2
Apple. Erdoğan will never be Father of Turkish Nation  +4
Amen I know that is stong communists propaganda against him because he is conservatist.  
Unregistered Except the Byzantine Empire wasn't exclusively "Greek." It's like saying Rome the city also belongs to Greece. Regardless, Erdogan is an asshole.  
Esitor Amen is apparently Muslim Brotherhood's fitfh column in Poland. I'm curious where are our security services?  +1
Cyaxares Erdogan is the TRUE father of the Turkish nation. Ataturk was and is despised by most Turks. He never had approval or support of most Turks. Erdogan has far more support than Ataturk ever had. That's also why slowly but surely Turkey is heading towards its roots; Islamism. Ataturk-era was a fake and forced-upon era. Most of his supporters were not even ethnic Turks, but Kurds (e.g. Ismet Inonu) and ''Turks'' of European descent (e.g. Greeks). That's the truth, deal with it.  
Unregistered ^I though most were crypto-Jews, which makes them more Turkic (Ashkenazi) than "Turks," and explains the Armenian/Amalekite Genocide.  
rdgnrdgn @Cyaxares lol  
Parravillian Amen, sounds like you should consider moving. It would be so much easier to crawl up Erdogan's arse if you lived in Turkey.  
rustik68 2 TheIllinoisan ***Constantinople belongs to Greece*** - Enchanting in its statement of idiocy. You did not know that the the toponyms often have to change the property. But in Algeria remained a city named after the Roman emperor Constantine. Roman Emperor! Since Roman Empire late period was in use the Greek language, but because of this, the emperor did not become Greek. And Greece was great before the Roman conquest, rather than later, especially not now..  
axov 5 from Cracow / Poland! Amazing Turkey!  +7
SpiderBHZ 5 From Brasília.  +6
The Cake On BBQ St. Antoine is one of my favorite churches and buildings in Istanbul. Beautiful neo-renaissance entrance and neo-gothic cathedral. FUN FACT: A cardinal from St Antoine became the pope in 20's, nicknamed "Turkish pope" because of his fluency in Turkish.  +7
defy Constantinople!  +5
rdgnrdgn 5/5! I missed Istiklal so much. Happy Indepenence Day!  +5
rdgnrdgn sorry, Victory Day  +3
Apple. Happy Victory Day my great country! 5/5 from Izmir/Turkey  +5
Balansiyí 5/5 for one of the best cities in the world  +5
zahid111 5/5 from Baku,Azerbaijan!  +6
Neem 5/5 from Chelyabinsk, Russia.  +6
kamranyeezy Azerbaycandan 5 !  +8
systema magicum Α magical city! Great architecture! Beautiful banner!! 5/5 from Athens. :)  +11
Дisiдent 5/5 One of the most beautiful cities I've never visited.  +8
BerkeKayalar Istanbul, city of history! 5/5 for this perfect city from Izmir, Turkey!  +3
MisterIks Trash!  +2
Edil Arda But I'm not sure about St. Antoine is city's largest church.  
Edil Arda Wow, it's great!  +4
rustik68 What is it, the last few weeks banners beautiful and world-famous cities is poor. All dissent with me should be shot without trial.  
Parravillian Again?! This is an absolute joke... 0/5  +5