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Skyhold Host of the Tour de France Grand Départ en my hometown! Proud!  
Mr. Landmark Lovely and lively city!  +1
usernametaken Travelled the world but this remains my favorite city  +2
vw Utrecht, the most underestimated city n North Europe. Wen jou viset the Netherlands, skip Amsterdam, Utrecht wil realy suprise jou  +4
3tmk Utrecht will host the start of the Tour de France saturday!  +4
3tmk Vive le Tour!  +1
RCP030 Nice !  
ekko 5/5 from Ufa, Яussia  +1
JorgeORandall who? where? XD  
JorgeORandall who? where? XD  
Ijen Suites Malang great!  
Urbanova Cozy and vibrant city with a very old skyline. The highest building is from 1254! Almost 250 years before the discovery of America.  +8
Kleist D 5/5 I like it / Heel leuk / unspektakulär schön, Groeten uit Berlijn  +4
eighty4 please use english only, foreign comments can be deleted muahahaha  
NOMAD€ 2  +2