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titleBalneário Bamboriú skyline
locationBalneario de Camboriu, Brazil
sourceEduardo Marquetti at Flickr
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 4.18, total votes: 476
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emilioary fail  
luancarpe Both the title and location are wrong. The corret is Balneário Camboriú. 5/5  
Jaguar 5  
EsCaNdIo Hermoso, 5 desde Buenos Aires  
Ozmx AHAH Error: 0 vote distribution error: cannot draw chart×  
PEiloveyou 1000 from the U.S.  
staso spectacular! out of slovakia  
luanasampa Beautiful  
rafael1312 5/5 from Castro, Brasil  
Limassoler Golden afternoon, my favourite time of the day.  
leonilsonjunior 5/5 from Recife, Brasil  +1
oltemont 5/5 from Russia  +1
3vallesgve From Guasave, Mexico, Brasil existen lugares que son sorprendentes y espectaculares como este  +1
Daortíz I am sorry because I like this city but the quality of the picture really sucks! 2.0  
Geovanne Angelo Awesome!  
Saavedra_LuisR 5/5 from Puerto Rico  
Vitaliy83 5 from Russia, VLG  +2
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +3
muckie 5 from Rio  
Scheo Me recuerda a Acapulco pero mas grande XD  
Euplio HDR? Bleach!!!! horrible  
Tiago Domiciano Bamboriú, you are really a destroyer. /destruidora.gif  +5
Naipesky the brazilian Panama City  +2
rafacolab Balneario Camboriu  
Maria_Helena JF Love this city, but the name is Balneário Camboriú!!!  +2
Geoce Bonita a foto. BC é espetacular.  
FelixMadero Divine!! 5 stars!  
Aerokicker Bamboriú? BAMBORIÚ?!  +4
Mesopotamico 5/5. Me encanta!  
franch no me gusto la edición 3/5  
diyjateng Nice, but too many skyscrapers  
missioneiro 5/5 Wow! Huge! And the +200m towers are not even ready! Imagine it with them!  +1
kokomo The proper name is CAMBORIU gentlemen!!!  +1
raffasoares 5/5 from Rio!  
Fortescue Wooww 5/5 from Brasilia  
sourierservice 4/5 from Karachi, Pakistan.. beautiful view with difficult name :D  
ro-man 5 from Gdynia  
alexss1987 Beautiful! 5/5  
Kozhedub 5/5 such a funny name  
tiagonunes PS: the correct is Balneário Camboriú, not Bamboriú...  
tiagonunes My birth city! love it... I miss you Balneário... 5/5  
dberg242 Beautiful Skyline !  
Beto-ura The best skyline from Brazil. Bamboriú? CAMBURIÚ  
tiagonunes Is CambOriú, man ;)  
frees Too much Photoshop and it should have been straighten up.  +2
Euplio You are right.  
Norton_adm Linda cidade! ^^  
manukarukail 5 from India :)  +3
Anápolis Goiás Beatiful. 5/5 from Anápolis, Brazil  +1
luis_hmp Very nice 5/5  
il fenomeno ballerman bamboriu ftw!  
stasiak top top top!  
chelsea_83 Beaultiful  
kc_3011 I like it! 5 points ;)  
zubuwood beatiful.. a green metropolis!  
thedurringtondoctor calneario surely????  
Evgeni60rus Bamboriú,? ahahaha!!! minha cidade favorita!!!5/5 da Rússia!!!  +1
Yo Soy El Super-YO! Bamboriú, capital of bambo! 4/5 from based Uruguay.  +1
erbse The view would easily have been a 5, but the photoshopping is just way too much. 3/5  +1
Aririto Bamboriú, 5 estrelas.  
Ludi love it! 5/5 I was there 2007, nice place! Greatings from Berlin  
Yuri Radd Bamboriú foi ótimo.  
Tiozão Bamboriú???  +3
Sr.Smih 5/5 FROM RUSSIAA!!!  +2
hack404 Title is wrong. Disappointed not to see the Christ with a sun hat.  
FloripaNation Such a masterpiece 5/5!!  
Jasonhouse I love big skylines that I barely know.  
Baitalon Balneário Camboriú will look amazing in 10 years  +5
Luc4s It's CAMBORIÚ, please fix the banner  
Kahars Wonderful Balneário Camboriú!  
Barriga-Verde Beautiful banner of Balneário ~Bamboriú~!  +1
LRenato o futuro melhor skyline da américa do Sul.!  +6
jffaraco Awesome BC! 5/5  +1
camboriu Balneario Camboriu beautiful skylyne !!  
phcg 5/5 BC é maravilhosa!!  
Joao Pedro - Fortal 5/5 Awesome!!  
Joao Pedro - Fortal By the way I think Dilma should ask to leave and stop shitting the whole country. #ForaDilma #ForaPT  +3
EMArg A special destination for the tourists of Argentina who go to Brazil. Of course it gets a 5/5  +3
beaniepotato Looks a lot like Benidorm.  +1
ekko 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  +4
Adpenturz 5  
helloween 1 Would give 4 but quality of the picture is bad so i`m going for 3  
Parravillian Now this is a beautiful skyline! 5/5  
Arestullah 5 from Palembang, Indonesia  +1
Reality7 Finally something impressive..  +1
NOMAD€ 2  +2
EmyJaraguá 5/5 BC é incrível!!  +1
Kanto 3/5  
blue zal really thats the beauty .. jst wow .. 5/5 from Cochin-India  +2
Papont Eh... Balneario Camboriu?  +2
Maledict Simply breathtaking!  +1