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titleBeale Street
locationMemphis, United States
sourceTom Magliery at Flickr
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 2.27, total votes: 186
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SpiderBHZ 2  
Nikom Lovely 5/5  
Antiroca WTF?!! Is it a joke?!?! 1!!!  
Nightjar Why would it be a joke? This is Beale Street in Memphis, probably the most important single place in the history of blues music and, ergo, all subsequent music that could be termed rock & roll and rock. That it's no longer what it is (as has been alluded to below) is beside the point. Not all SSC banners need to be majestic vistas of bland skyscrapers.  
EZE 2/5  
avto_trest Кол вам, безбожники!111  
Matei Deleanu 5/5 Touchdown in the land of the Delta Blues in the middle of the pouring rain  
Davidinho 1/5  
Askario 1  
son_of_the_sun You should add this to description: "Today, the blues clubs and restaurants that line Beale Street are major tourist attractions in Memphis."  
v-sun ugly banner 1/5  
FelipeCR 1/5  
EMArg Pretty original banner 5/5  +2
archifect flop 15  +2
podgoricki Alfred Jonathan Kwak  
Nightjar [link]  
Slartibartfas Beale street has become something so fake, you have to see it to believe it. Picture is great though 5/5  
Andrus 5/5 for lovely neon signs  +1
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
gagapg 4/5 From Montenegro  
pyataki 2 from Crimea, Russia  +2