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titleTaipei cityscape
locationTaipei, Taiwan
sourceDave Wilson at Flickr
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 2.81, total votes: 224
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K3v1n GL 5/5 from Nicaragua  
João Marcos This is view from Taipei 101? Awesome  
Kleist D 5/5 metropolitan flair , Regards to South China Island  
AlexDemens 5 from Toronto, New Ukraine  
аndrіykо 4 from Crimea, Ukraine  
franch mal ángulo creo yo  
FloripaNation Really bad  
PunnaWich Look like tokyo.  +1
Andre Goth Bad, very bad pic  +2
Andre Goth The same city?  
SpiderBHZ 2  
hmmwv Good city, crappy photo  
Antiroca Horrid.-  
AmoreUrbs CESM.. Nichelino 1st metropolitan area in Italy (inc. Turin and Milan) and 1st in Italy for figaaddicted flower sellers looks less gritty and with more fregna.. 1/5 from Thessaloniki, from THE only real Macedonia, Russia  
Shard-on Someone get this guy a doctor  +5
AmoreUrbs Stop CESMing around, please  
HansCity Awesome  
helloween 1 Taipei got a great skyline but this picture is not good  +3
diyjateng Boring skyline, sorry  
RalphGuy 5/5 from Birmingham, England.  
*mustafa* finally a city