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titleSeattle waterfront
locationSeattle, United States
infoThe ferry arriving to town, with the downtown skyline and the Smith Tower (white one) which turns 100 years old this year!
sourceforum user xchekox
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 3.93, total votes: 372
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NW Mike One of the most beautiful cities in America!  
desiyogi This place is heaven on earth in the summer.  
SounderBruce Seattle isn't all about the Space Needle. The ferries are plenty iconic! 5/5  
thetophop Where's the Space Needle? Otherwise 5/5!  
Fire_Kot 5!  
BarMNE 5 from Montenegro!  
Velikoruss Свиньи пиндоские готовьтесь,скоро мы -Великороссы за Аляской придем. После,заберем нашу Калифорнию и гавайи. Мир будет Русским или безлюдным.  +1
Биссектрис однополярный мир уже давно рухнул! теперь россия правит бал в этом мире!  +3
Mr.Cage Ты в слове "великороссы" допустил ряд ошибок. Правильно так: "Великоотсоссы". И главное, с большой буквы!  +1
Velikoruss про отсосы это же про вас монголохохлы. Вы же всю вашу недоисторию сосали у всех кому не лень.унтерменши без роду и племени  
Mr.Cage Еще раз, долбоватник. При чем тут монголы к "хохлам"?)) Монголы это скорее про вас, ватанов))  +1
Velikoruss обосранный шароварник так ты же как и все монголохохлятское племя потомок монголов. Это доказанно генетиками и антрополагами.Я тебе могу исследование скинуть. Выблядок ты не слаявнский.  
Ginkgo My favorite skyline (I am lucky to actually live here!)  
Биссектрис Там в тех домах на фото 90% русских живут, просто госдеп умалчивает это, все люди в мире русские практически и придумано все русскими. За то, что там все дома полны русскими людьми - ставлю пятерку!  +5
uchassneg Если там живут русские, то это что же получается? Однополярному миру пришел конец, да?  +2
Velikoruss Ну вообще то ты прав. В этом мире почти все придумано Русскими  +1
Morrov555 Beautiful!  
GatsbyGatz Absolutely wonderful city and skyline! 5/5  
RobH 3/5 - I don't like the cropping xchekox!!! I prefer the cropping on some of your other banners, looking in the banner thread.  +1
Stonka US 5 from poland NATO friends ;)  +2
P3run Laskę im jeszcze zrób jak sikorski.  
Velikoruss polska kurwa  +1
richard manaba Ilove it , great seafront. nice city. 5 from Manta city Ecuador  
xchekox If anyone is interested in the original, here it is..  
xchekox [link]  
Daortíz sin duda, una de las ciudades mas fotogenicas de Estados Unidos, aunque la imagen truncada le resta puntos 5.0  
galum hermoso lugar me encanta 5/5 desde el salvador  
bets УУУУУУУУУУУ ПИНДОСЫ!1!!!!!!111!!!!  +1
urbandesigner14 5/5 Such an amazing skyline! I miss Seattle!  
Trex-md Bring on the 12th man and the legion of boom 5  
ChuckScraperMiami#1 I really Gave Seattle a 5/5, But I would of voted lower for the Cut off Photo of the REAL Tall SkyAcraperCity Towers not showing their Great Heights that could have been included in This Beautiful Great and Really Nice city of North America !! Smiles and Happiness to Every SSC Friendly Family Friend !!  +2
ChuckScraperMiami#1 and I did spell SkyScraperCity wrong, Keyboard lost all of the letters, needs replaced soon, almost 5 years old , LOL.  
catcha ^^ no worries man, I'm rolling too ;)  
Ward Been there. Nice city. :)  +1
Josedc one of the coolest cities in the US  +1
raeidh WOW!  
velbujd 5 from BG  
noRTH1212 5 stars from free world  
Gerald Lewis ?? Skyline banner with tops of the buildings cut off??  +2
7hertz_creator bOom)  
Arseny 5 for the world-famous Central Library by OMA  
Cujas Why some people are so spiteful and give a 1/5 just because it is a US skyline. We are not on SSC to make politic but to talk about building.  +8
Cujas 5 from Paris :okay:  
URBAN BEAUTY Hello Seattle, I'm Listening!!! 5/5!  
RussoPartizano 5/5 from Moscow. I like Seattle!  
P3run 1 to terrorists from USrael from Poland(zionist state).  +1
jcastro805 take your bullshit politics somewhere else! This is a skyscraper website!  +1
artemka crop (facepalm)  +1
Биссектрис Отличній снимок Екатеринбурга!  +5
Radiokott 1/5 from Ukraine. Stop supporting neo-nazi regime of Poroshenko!  +3
Sheridan LOL WTF? Voting for some IMAGE on the internet = supporting (not neo-nazi) regime???????  +16
catcha @Sheridan Russia is a state of mind ;)  
Marriarty never mind. Drunk russian Ivan pretends ukrainian and writes bullshit  +2
Jasonhouse It's all cropped off and no Space Needle? 2/5  +1
ekko 5/5 from Ufa, Russia!  
destruz i remembered greys anatomy! 4 stars to the banner!  
Vitall Perfect, +5 from Khabarovsk the Republic of China, russia the best region of China  +8
russianroberto 5/5 from Russia very bright-mooded banner  
pepeu2010 5 from Natal /Brazil. I love Seattle.  
JamieUK I'm sure the city is nice but this banner isn't doing anything for me.  +1
Baumgarten1 1 for Russia. i hate putin, i hate balalaika  +1
Vadon Yes, 1 FOR Russia)))))))  +5
Suburbanist why has the banner chopped out all tops of skyscrapers?  +3
Tchokan 5/5 from Portugal  
Arestullah 5 from Palembang, Indonesia  
deadhead262 When someone rates a banner 1 simply because they dislike the country I immediately assume they have the IQ of a neanderthal.  +9
deadhead262 Seriously people, RATE THE FUCKING BANNER NOT THE FUCKING COUNTRY!!!  +4
beaniepotato Couldn't have said it better myself.  
Tchokan Or the banner is an absolute shit... but today, isn't the case...  +1
Fundator 5/5 from Moscow region, Kievan Rus' (Ukraine)  +10
тон 1/0 из Владивостока  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
RegioManio Beautiful city... beautiful landscape... amazing skyline... awful weather 5/5  
Sheridan And then ruisians asking why do we (normal humans) score 1/5 to dull russian cities.  +5
Jasse James never mind, it is russian... they are like a very special kids. We have to treat them with patience and understanding  +9
Volodmr 5 from Yekaterinburg, Huy-lo Region,China  +7
Marriarty 1/100 from Russia with love  +2
Vadon 1 from Saransk, Russia. boring  +5
Mr.Cage 5/5 from Kyiv, Ukraine. Fuck drunk, stupid russian pigs.  +15
Fire_Kot Pig is an Ukrainian national symbol, not Russian!:)  +9
Vadon No, pigs - is ukrainian national food. Go studying the material part)  +14
SashOk 1 from Pidor-burg  +3
Andriyk▢ Рамзан Ахматович, а что случилось с русней? Русня утонуль.  +3
a.e.r. 1 from Dnepropetrovsk, Novorussia  +5
gfol ахахахахах  +1
vartal 1  +2
megajack Great skyline. 5|5  
Druid4ever 5/5 from Yekaterinburg  +2
sezha ok  
VantriFC Great town, 5/5  +2