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titleDoha skyline
locationDoha, Qatar
sourceMarc Desbordes at Flickr
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 3.45, total votes: 213
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John-DR 5/5 wow, wow  
Cujas 5 from Paris! Very good pic, it inspire me power and tranquility ;-)  
sheytanElKebir the capital of islamic terrorism.  
dzscorpion 5/5  
dzscorpion from Algeria  
Mony Vi More like Whoha, amirighte? 1/5 for ISIS supporters  +1
Bulanek 8 for our Slavic brothers  
Kangaroo MZ The hypocrisy being displayed here is astonishing. There are many buildings which were built by slaves yet are celebrated around the world. The pyramids in Egypt, slaves helped construct the U.S. Capitol in DC, and many other infrastructures in Europe were done thanks to colonialism. Nobody mentions that when there are banners from those countries. Hypocrisy  
Kangaroo MZ And the Great wall of China. ^  
afrikanerboy Immature comment. Doha was constructed in the last 10 years by slave labour while those you mention were built hundreds and thousands of years ago. We like to pretend we live in a more civilised time, so why do you defend the uncivil?  +1
RegioManio Very nice skyline, but boring city. In this picture, the common desert sand blurs the buildings. 4/5  
the ro0ok 5/5 from the USA  
afrikanerboy 1/5 Capital of terrorism.  +3
AFL I do like the skyline proportion and the ship on the foreground really makes the picture a whole lot more 'romantic'.  
Seoul_Korea 5/5 from Seoul  
mwahmed 5/5 From Pakistan  
VantriFC 3/5 from Hanoi  
informcbo En mi opinión, es uno de los horizontes urbanos más futuristas del mundo en la actualidad, sobre todo por los originales diseños de sus edificios y sus grandes alturas además del entorno paisajístico y urbanístico que posee.  
Jasonhouse The skyline's growth over the past 15 years is stunning. 4/5  
bicoccagio what's it? NY? 5/5 fronte Milano  
russianroberto My brother lives in Qatar so I'll have to give this a 5/5 for sure  
LuisClaudio eita giovana 5/5 Brazil  
Cratus I read once about the enslavement behind those "Skyline".  
redcode 3  
Mateus Goloni Amazing skyline, 5 from Brazil.  
EdnilsonQ 10/5 *-*  
ALEXEJ majestik! 5 from Kyev, Somali  +2
Euphrates 1.  
JamieUK Great pic, little misty though.  
FirzDaurens_ 5/5 my fav city skyline in Asia after HK, Shanghai, Dubai, SG & KL :D  
tsvika 1/5 for all the thousands of Asian workers that were killed in order to build that terror city, home for heads of terror organizations...  +5
Seoul_Korea Qatar is one of the least terrorist countries in Arabia...  +1
afrikanerboy shiny oil skyscrapers built on the bones and skeletons of thousands of slaves  
mrjomaled flashy skyline  
Suburbanist it would be a 2/5 banner, then I give -1 point for use of precarious semi-slave labor to build shiny skycrapers. It's no fun a skyline built upon abused migrant workers :( So 1/5.  +6
Tchokan 4/5 from Portugal  
NellyUSA WOW !!  
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan