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titleCity Of Mountains
locationMonterrey, Mexico
infoView of Monterrey and it's surrounding mountains. From left to right: Sierra Madre, Cerro de las Mitras, Cerro del Fraile, Cerro del Topo Chico, Cerro del Mirador and Cerro de la Silla.
sourceforum user ..Polkator..
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 3.62, total votes: 267
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eduardoazul -1 Very ugly, there are better photos!  
Luis Tapatío hermosa  
Mascabrother Puff  
La Repuvlica Y'all, it's very dry, kind of almost like your vagina okurrrr .  +2
regio.boy. Monterrey actually have one of the best skylines in latin america, they just wanted to show a different side of it  
S_a_l_t_M_e_x La bella sultana 5/5  
Davorotten Shelbyville  +2
theftp My darling forum users, this site is about cities, not about skyscrapers only. So don't blame banners for absence of tall buildings please.  +3
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
building demolisher Amazing and proud city of Shelbyville NL, 5/5 from Guadalajara!  +1
ELKINFIMA surprising!!! 5 from Bucaramanga Colombia.  
building demolisher OMG are you Bucaro? nice, saludos!  
Antonio J Paixao Beautiful...Monterrey ...5...from Brasil  
exacrom I live there!!  
WiChOk Mty tiene muchos mejores lugares que pudieron haber usado en lugar de esta foto tan sencilla 1/5 de Torreón  +2
SkyJeff 1 from Brazil  +1
SpiderBHZ 1  
e_lio_90 Sublimes montañas  +1
JerryZen I was expecting more like...the skyscrapers  +5
redcode 4  
Leonidych We assume the mountains for skyscrapers. 4