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titleGeorgetown at night
locationPenang, Malaysia
infoGeorgetown night scenery showing the tallest building in northern Malaysia - Komtar & Gurney drive
sourceforum user ps5
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 3.79, total votes: 299
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kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
xvbvcv 4 stars from Płock, Poland.  
Dean_14 The most livable city in Malaysia! Great food and Great culture!  
alan3000 The photo taken not really reflects the whole Penang but only parts of it, but also have sparkling view.  
Elixiro 5/5 from Algeria ;)  
Zerg Ooooh Penang! I remember pumping heroin in my veins in one of those apartments :banana:  +2
huevietnam 5/5  
Voorish-Gdansk 5/5 from PL  
alexxxxx Nice people, excellent (street) food, cheap prices! 5***** from Romania.  +1
Edil Arda very clear photo, nice view, 5 from Kadıköy, Türkiye.  +1
SLASH_2 5 from Khabarovsk! I rest in Gidropenang hotel!!! Selamat pagi!! Terima Kasih!!  +1
aenigma Great composition and great light. Congrats! 5/5 from Rome (Italy)  
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
uN90D1y I like Penang. Next month will go there again. 5*  
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +1
Askario 5/5 from Kazan  +1
Harisson Souza 5/5 from Brasil  
Lw25 Nice view.  
Ivan the Immigrant 5/5 for Georgetown or Penang(what ever the name is)  +1
CxIxMaN beautiful  
EdnilsonQ 4/5  
AndrewLall Pearl of the Orient  
sezha 5/5 from Ekaterinburg  +2
THT-United Gold Coast of Malaysia - minus the beach! XD  
vagsantos Very beaultiful city!!!! Excellent!!!  +3
entreact333 5*  
Xenophon Why do you call it Penang? This is actually Georgetown, Penang is the name of the island on which it is located (incidentally, there was already a banner of it about a month ago)  +1
lotfi31 5 from Algeria !  
disposal Excellent! Bright colors and professional illumination! 5 stars!  +1
FirzDaurens_ 5/5. The most beautiful 2nd cities in South East Asia!  +3
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan. Beautiful and perspective city. I've been there )  +2