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titleRouen, capital of the Normandy, Rue Ganterie in th
locationRouen, France
sourceJörg Dietrich at PanoramaStreetline
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fieldsofdreams Having banners like this remind me that cities don't have to have skyscrapers or tall structures to be beautifully aesthetic; sometimes, the simplest of buildings can provoke a sense of community and harmony, especially in small cities like this.  
7rani :rofl:  
mecanico242 0/5  +1
PalestinaVive shit 0/5  
LeitoStafe Uno.  
kokomo 0/5 What a 2 year old collage!!!!  
desatento 3/5. Ugly old buildings.  
playmannn Hey, old buildings are the best, just not in this case.  +3
Taxi.driver.KG Nice (in future) Syrian town  +3
Blazar no comment  
SpiderBHZ 2  
Stravinsky Wonderful city  
Avemano Ugly. B to the Y to the E.  
son_of_the_sun Which buildings on photo are oldest ones? I suppose it's two on left with triangle roofs, but not sure. I  
Reality7 Seems there is no quality control on these images. 1/5  +2
Davidinho I like the mix of styles. Though this is not the best banner for Rouen. And not the best one showing its mix of cultures. 3/5  
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  
Balkanada I think it's cute and while I can usually understand why people might hate something I like, I really don't in this situation. 4/5  +1
Arthur Baz 5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil  +2
archifect OMG.. next banner please..  +4
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
doguorsi2 Again Jorg Dietrich.. Again a horrible photo of a gorgeous town. Somehow he is very successful at capturing the most beautiful places in the worst possible way. He the owner of the horrific Istanbul photo we have seen last week. I guess there is something seriously wrong with his perception of photography. All of his photos are catastrophic.  +5
Fluxit Looks kind of cozy actually. I like it.  +1
Geoffroi One of the biggest Medieval oldtowns in Europe. The banner though is pathetic.  +4
Hapower Où est la flêche de 151mètre de la cathédrale de Rouen ?  +1
najlepsejsejsi wow thats mess :)