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titleÁvila, the walled city
infoThe birthplace of St Teresa and the burial place of the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada has a complete medieval wall with 2,516 metres.
sourceforum user buho
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Rauch M. Amazing!  
DouglasV Obvious 5/5 for Orson Welles' favorite town.  
AbnerGzz So precious place!  
FreeMyMind Was there just 2 weeks ago, what an amazing town! Deserves to be at #1, also buho thanks for the "Ancha is Castilla" thread, it really helps me on my trips round this amazing land ;)  +1
Lucas R 5/5 for my other motherland  
desatento It seems to be nice and beautiful town.  
SevenSlavicTribes 5/5 from Varna, Bulgaria  +1
Jasonzed Fantastic  +1
Skyscraper12345 Boring 2/5  
Muergano A true marvel.  +1
brick84 Beautiful. 5/5 from Italy  +1
SpiderBHZ 5  +1
Alexsal Exquisite. Settled the summer holiday plans. Viva Espania!  +3
Towersla Long live España!  +2
RegioManio One of the most well preserved and beautiful walled cities in the World! 5/5  +2
Gabriel900 Wow now I am rethinking my Europe trip this summer! you might just have gave me an extra destination ;)  +2
playmannn Wow, why did nobody tell me about it when I was in Madrid last week... Anyway, 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria!  +2
Jules92 Nice town! 5/5  +1
radiks 5/5 great view  +1
Ysh 5 from Russia  +3
Exethalion It's all nice until someone brings Trebuchets  +8
Fluxit Love it! 5/5 from Denmark.  +1
quadamage76 fantastic!  +1
aenigma Just perfect! Great shot, 5/5 from Rome.  +1
Donsace Nice view from '4 stick' area  +1
dadobordini Nice view. And people nowadays say the world is coming to an end because of violence. What to say about walled cities to protect their inhabitants? Terrorists are nothing!  +1
asterixobelix Wow! 5/5 from Intramuros, Manila. Viva España!  +5
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +3
Cyaxares Very nice.  +2
jjdns me like !  +2
dox74 Lovely town at over 1000 meter above sea level, with blue sh  +1
dox74 Blue sky I meant, and good food. Next banner, the astonishing Segovia!  +1
Gutmensch One should extend this wall to southeast Europe. Borders can be very beautiful. :)  +2
Drenicaku Amazing! 5/5  +2
Viva_Bulgaria 5/5 desde Bulgaria. Muy buena toma, buho :):)  +3
username unnecessary Holly cr@p that's fantastic! 5*!  +1
mashine1984 5/5 from Sofia!  +4
zahid111 5/5 from Baku,Azerbaijan!  +2