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titleThe Hague skyline
locationThe Hague, Netherlands
infoView on downtown, picture taken form the main churchtower
sourceforum user emmer
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 4.04, total votes: 190
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NVIDIA MAN 5/5 from Tbilisi, Georgia  
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  
Vargas 5  
SpiderBHZ 5  
vegorv it looks like the United States. 4.  
rd77 5/5 from me, the cluster with the two Kolhoff-designed ministry towers and the residential tower (De Kroon) still looks great!  
CharmCity1 Beautiful city skyline looks very American.  +2
Josedc The Netherlands never ceases to amaze me  
Axelferis sounds to be a nice city from what i've heard 4/5  
playmannn What we see here is Europe losing identity.  
PeterManc Love the Hague - only passed through on the train, but I always get a kick out of seeing that somehow distinctly Dutch skyline  
Alvaro95 I dont like this city, bur this sktyscrapers looking really fresh!  
Just build the thing yes looks like a US city  +2
Thelis City of birth looks great nowadays!  
THT-United 5/5 - never knew Netherland's seat of government has a modern American skyline!  +4
polkolor 5/5 from Warsaw!  +2
self Awesome.  +1
treebeard3 5/5 from Brazil very pretty and neat buildings  +2
peterski Great city 5/5  +2
AxArq Awful.  
Suseł oh oh Den Haag!  +5
Grejv 1/5 from Serbia, free Mladic and Karadzic!  +5
peterski Do all Serbs look at the architecture through politics? Poor guys.  +27