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titleSingapore skyline
locationSingapore, Singapore
sourcegreen_kermit at Flickr
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 4.20, total votes: 206
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RegioManio Very organised city and beautiful skyline 5/5  
Scottx Mr Lee Kuan Yew, may you rest in peace.  
NellyUSA 5!!  
Andrezinho Singapore never let`s you down when it comes to skylines  
nick.english.dept Beautiful !  
owner24 i love it !  
Seoul_Korea 5/5 from Seoul, Seouth Korea  
xvbvcv 5 stars from PÅ‚ock, Poland.  
rubiopr27 5/5 from Toronto and Manila. Eternal sleep to the founder and visionary of this first world oasis, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.  
mrocramf R.I.P Lee Kuan Yew. From; Fairland Sarawak, Borneo  
RedLion727 One of the best cities in the world - but honestly this banner is meh.  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  +1
zahid111 5 from Azerbaijan  +1
redcode 5/5 from Danang, Vietnam  
Tchokan 5/5 from Porto, Portugal!  
FirzDaurens_ A deepest condolence to Lee Kuan Yew's family and SG citizens. Btw, 5/5 from Twin Tower City, Malaysia.  +1
minza_6124 5 From Asia.  +2
Dean_14 #RIPLKW, 5  
R.K.Teck Ah, I see, a tribute banner. Nice skyline.  
R.K.Teck Singapore? Should be Sepang instead. ;)  
Hamster333 2/2  +1
golobokov 5 from Moscow  +1
farhan2202 RIP LKY, Thank you sir  
rebbel13 RIP LKY  
Raj20 5 I guess  
Edil Arda 5 For Lee Kuan Yew.  +1
exxzite Nice!  
Kanto 2/5  +1
Federation2014 5/5 from Moscow!  +1
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +1
majulah Rest in peace, Lee Kuan Yew  
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan  +1
WingWing RIP our dear Lee Kuan Yew