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titleSurabaya skyline
locationSurabaya, Java, Indonesia
sourceRobertho ponomban at Flickr
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 3.40, total votes: 166
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SpiderBHZ 3  
ericcando lil bit dark.. but still good anyway  
Fluxit REally nice colors of the evening sky with one monster building rising. What is that btw. ?  +1
cak cuk this is mixed use building , mall, office, and apartment in this building  
vioranda 4/5, Good enough. Waiting for TP 6 towers  +2
Jos998 not 200m but 201m  +2
WingWing The tallest in the city @200m  +3
Fluxit but what is it? Office building of sorts ?  
eurico good  
da noor Nice Pic i wanna to go there, 5/5 from Bukittinggi City of Indonesia ,  +2
joeylen 4 from samarinda city of indonesia  +2
RickyFebriand 5/5 from Medan, Indonesia  +2
Baitalon 1/5 from Brazil  +1
Erran Fast growing city of Surabaya. Nice ...  
zakieeh superb! 5/5!!  
Jordan Tan 5/5 for "Los Angeles of South East Asia"  +2
Tchokan 3/5 from the Azores, Portugal  
Green_love No more HR building inside but nice banner. 5 from Bandung  
xvbvcv 5 stars from Płock, Poland.  +2
NOMAD€ Poor skyline but good banner and nice city. 3.  +2
GunaOne suroboyo... 5/5  +1
ekko 5 from Ufa!! Russian Middle West!!  +2
SLASH_2 5 from Khabarovsk!! Russian Far East!!  +2