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titleParis cityscape
locationParis, France
infoAerial view from Eiffel tower: Tuileries, Louvre Museum, Nôtre Dame Cathedral, Orsay Museum, Invalides, St. Sulpice church, Pantheon, Seine river and... half Paris cityscape
sourceforum user alserrod
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Bailbondssh Keep having fun in getting rammed by trucks over there. You've made your decision, don't complain when your beloved refugees decide to show their kindness.  
Baboulinet A lto of haters and sore looser here... Enjoy your brexit and your autistic politic alone  
kokomo 5/5 the prettiest city in the world by far  +1
SooL Фотограф явно не любит Париж.  
naruciakk 3/5, there're better landscapes from Paris  
spring3 I've been in Paris when it was great! Make Paris Great Again and then I will come AGAIN, otherwise, I'll only be in Paris in CDG (again) on route to somewhere else!  +2
smoothuser Vote Marine Le Pen or French women will live to see the horror of a true patriarchy.  +1
keepthepast Make Paris Great Again!  +4
ill tonkso Was fine when I went there last...  
Ranko SuNS!! 1 ovo je ništa poljana  
Parisian75 A troll battle down here... lol @LDN N7 / gerwaz / lezgotolondon ... :D  
LDN N7 Is this Islamabad?  +4
Parisian75 are u talking about tower hamlets :p  +1
gerwaz Romantic Paris doesn't exist. Ther is Islamic Paris, Islamic France. It's so sad that you are in that place today. IMO all in all you deserved for it. Truth hurts.  +6
darkie_one Is it safe to walk on Paris streets? In Moscow I can walk everywhere and any hour of day and night completely safe  +6
Parisian75 If u can do that in Moscow, u will do the same in Paris easily... Paris is safe. It is important to make a differenciation btw terrorism and criminality. Paris is facing terrorism : Yes. Paris criminality is very low for a 11 millions inhab. agglomeration.  +3
darkie_one Nothing to see here, come along  
Su34 Al Parisadad  +2
Pan spięty Vive la France! 5/5  
SpiderBHZ 5  
aaabbbccc I mean a horrible women ( correction )  +3
aaabbbccc Le Pen is a horrible man !!! Do not vote for him . VIVE LA FRANCE !  +5
ill tonkso Correction Le Pen is a horrible WOMAN.  +1
Voorish-Gdansk Epic 5/5  
gryfita Vive la France, Vive Macron, Vive Paris!  +3
DespoT.кr Russian people support all NAZI in the world, Kim Jong-un, Le Pen, сriminals people in DNR... Russia - fascists of the 21st century!  +9
willman87 stars for my favorite capital in Europe and I hope its still in the European Union. Saludos desde España  +1
willman87 5 stars!  
alserrod banner is mine. I am not French, nor wonder about policits. I just visited the city and loved those views. Picture was taken on a sunny afternoon. Maybe in the evening (sun on back) light would be different to that corner  +2
lezgotolondon Don't vote that banker puppet who doesn't care about French people Vote Marine  +6
Brookleen Don't vote for that NAZI Le Pen! She don't care of people, she is a populist like Hitler!  +4
lezgotolondon Everyone that disagree with you is hitler. You don't like her because she's a woman!  +4
Brenn86 I will proudly vote for Macron , lephaine is just a whore  +3
lezgotolondon a sexist slur. Told ya that you are misognynist  +1
chevyvolt 5 from Sofia for Macron and my favourite city!  +4
tom_lodz Congratulations Mr. Macron from Poland!  +7
pizzaplanet Marine Le Pen for president or else Paris is going to be under Muslim rule.  +14
Parisian75 you are in Paris thread, not London one... Take a look at London before saying bullshits about Paris... best regards  +2
lezgotolondon there were people with Isis flag around the streets of Paris a couple of days ago. London is in a better situation but both cities are at risk  +4
Parisian75 Been to London many times. Don't think so... whatever... Isis Flags in Paris... sources? I live in and sorry never seen demos such as "Europe go to hell" or other stuffs such as "Europe is a cance, islam is the solution"... Anymore comments London?  +2
lezgotolondon [link]  +1
Parisian75 this was July 2016 dear... "3 days ago" an information from Reedit site (and maybe others), a very credible "news site".. well done...  
Parisian75 London : [link]  
lezgotolondon it's a photo. It happened. Deal with it  +2
Parisian75 Deal with London instead of Paris. The photo is fact yes but just compare both : in paris u get 4 fuckers that wouldn't be tolerate by police for hate speech... and then u get London : islamic demos with state benediction... compare compare... End of subject...  +1
WasabiHoney Guys, the truth is, both cities have been having a problem with pockets of radical Islam for years now. The difference is that many French are reacting to this now by voting for Marine Le Pen, while I get the impression that most British are still lying down with their legs open.I get the have been laying down with their  +1
WasabiHoney Sorry, the last sentence is a typo.  
Alvaro95 One of my favorite cities!! Paris! the beauty of europe  +6
JamieUK It's too far away, you don't see much detail.  +4
RajaZ I can't believe Paris has such an awful aeriel view... maybe because it has been taken in morning and from huge height, but still, it seems not so good.  +3
3tmk What else is an aerial view supposed to look like?  +2
lezgotolondon Please go check you eyes  
ikeamen MARINE!  +20
Brookleen FASCIST! Only 5% of Parisians voted for that Nazi!  +8
lezgotolondon She's not a nazi, she's far right. 95% of Parisians didn't vote for her because they hate women! #ImWithHer  +5
Brookleen She is a NAZI! Parisians don't hate women, they hate Nazis!  +5
lezgotolondon You don't? Them vote for her. First woman president. She wants to protect women in the street of Paris  +4
fabien66 If the Parisians hate women, how do you explain the Paris mayor is a women ! Paris is not dangerous ...