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titleBalneario Camboriu skyline
locationBalneario de Camboriu, Brazil
sourceforum user fewg
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 4.46, total votes: 241
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Wolfowitsch WOW O.o 5/5 from Russia! BRICS!!!!  
WalterFLowers23 Brazil, the jewel of the BRICs  +1
P3run Excellent 5 from Poland.  +1
Sicmaggot 5!  +1
Hps95 Brazil again......  
wander-udi [link]  
alserrod Quite nice. I think it was once in the guess the city too.  
wander-udi 5/5 Amazing banner  
Riq-10 5/5 Amazing banner. One of the best i've seen so far. Good job! I like the contrast between hight/low rises  +1
ekko 5/5 from Russia! I've never heard about thise city but it's so BIG and IMPRESSIVE!  +2
ekko *this  
loit2007 5/5 from Russia  +3
Antoniojbl Camboriu,,,,,  
Antoniojbl Camboriu,,,,,  
RAYMON The tallest buildings in Brazil! Amazing picture!  +1
jffaraco 5/5 for BC!  +1
LuísPodestá BC is amazing! Nice beaches. Beautiful people.  +1
ultras_haiphongfc good 5/5  +1
Loro. 5/5 Oh yes, we hate Dilma.  +3
TandG фантастика! 5/5) от России  +4
LuisClaudio i love BC  
sergiomazzi Fantástico!  
phcg Lindo! 5/5  +1
FAAN Breathtaking! 5/5  +1
Marcos6010Vinicius A verdadeira alma de um skyline !!! 5/5  +1
Hector_of_Troy Country with the best World Cup of the new century! Olympics 2016 next!  +3
marut very impressive that the city has population only 94,000 but have more skyscraper than another larger cities...  +7
Union Man Love the contrast between high rise and low rise! 5*  +4
Ludi Nice city! I was there 2008! nice beach and food! Greats from Berlin  +2
EUSERB 5 from Serbia :)  +2
huevietnam So amazing, 5/5  +1
redcode 5/5 from Danang, Vietnam  +2
тон Охуенно!  +1
Дisiдent wow beautiful.... whatever city  +1
Dubrovnik Balneario Camboriu 5  
dedonja damn... nice...  +1
irmscher9 5 from Jupiter  
adir nice  
Kanto 5/5  +1
archifect totally awsome!!!! 5/5  +1
kamranyeezy O_O wow ! 5 from Baku and Moscow  +3
mwahmed 5 From Karachi, Pakistan.  +2
engineer.akash from India 5/5 As a BRICian  +8