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titleSendai skyline
locationSendai, Japan
sourceforum user ukiyo
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 3.00, total votes: 275
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GdlMty 5/5 from Mexico City.  
matheussinara bem densa....  
mokusei 5/5 from Cagliari, Sardinia.  
zaphod Cool. To me northern Japan looks sort of similar to Canada because of the types of trees. Also I get the feeling from looking at pictures that northern Japanese cities are more suburban than the big, dense cities in the central part of the country.  
KafkaOnTheShore Diverse skyline, looks like a mosaic.  
Nightsky 4/5. I know large parts of this city were destroyed by the earthquake that hit Japan several years ago, hopefully it has been rebuilt well.  
viat I'm sorry, not that good. I generally love Japan, but this photo there is just too much 60s modernism, not kind to the eye, 3/5  
HansCity Kawaii city  
martinalagui 4/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  
Houshmman 4/5 from Munich, Germany  
Kozhedub 5 from Ukraine  
SpiderBHZ 3  
Príncipe Sorry, but Sendai does not look nice here,at first I thought it was some random city in India !  
Voorish-Gdansk really good 4/5  
BadgerCT I'm going there in September!  
Braillard Thank you Ukiyo!  
BLACK_CAT 5 from Minsk twin city  
ukiyo this is my picture, so I with no bias whatsoever entirely objectively vote for a 5/5 lol!  +2
redcode 5/5 from Danang, Vietnam  
Beomnaegol 5/5 from Vladivostok, a neighbouring city across the Sea of Japan.  +1
luclasaw The city where all highrises building survived a 7 degree earthquake.  +3
QN Ширше бы: [link]  +1