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titleMiami skyline
locationMiami, United States
sourceKim Seng at Flickr
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 4.03, total votes: 176
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Druid4ever 5/5 from Yekaterinburg  
Mr.Mojo Risin Miami Vice :)  
DannyelBrazil Miami always 5/5  +2
Mr.Cage Five. Kyiv  +1
desertpunk Go Miami cranes!!  +2
ChuckScraperMiami#1 OMG !! What a Fantastic Photo, , My Magic City for Over 50 Years this past Summer, 1964, My Family Moved to Miami For the Sun and Fun Capital of the World, It never stopped growing since and Now and Forever the Gateway To The America's 5/5 From my Magic City , This Is the Best Miami Banner Yet Thanks Kim,and Our # Miami Moderator QuantimX, Who has Built the Miami Forum To a Top of the Rest of the Most beautiful Cities Of the World, Happy 12th Anniversary Our # 1 SkyscraperCity.com Website and Here's To 12 Years More to Everyone Here , Smiles and Happiness to all # 1 To all Our Administrators and Moderators and All The Great Forums Members and Guests all around the SSC World Website, Now I need to calm , excited " Just a Little " and I Need a good cup of Coffee !! LOL  +1
hpal3 Sweet!! I give it a 5.  +1
AceN If only there is Horatio there, I would give it 5/5... #yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh  +1
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
Jenoir 5  +1
GarfieldPark Thats the best skyline shot of Miami I've ever seen Fantastic! 5/5 from Indianapolis.  +3
URBAN BEAUTY This only shows a third of the skyline. But good nonetheless 5/5  +1
ovnours 5 from moscow  +2
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +5
russianroberto I think this is the 7th time in the past 25 days that and American city has been on the daily banner... I also frankly think this is outrageous  +2
kosmosdemon What do you want to see? Russian cities? They look like shit.  +3
ekko oh, u r so rude. We r want to see, for example, chinese, latin american, european cities and other...  +1
Zack Fair ^^ Then get your ass up and submit a banner in the proper forum section instead to keep whining.  +2
RedLion727 Even medium-sized US cities have quite a few skyscrapers, unlike the majority of the world.  +2
FirzDaurens_ 5/5 from Kuala Lumpur  +1
JonnyE97 nice skyline, nice image 5/5  +1
INFLAMES 5/5  +1
vartal Тьфу ты, опять Америка... Избалуете нас видами оттуда )  +1
Moravak 5/5 From Brno  +2
Che7779 5/5 from UKRAINE!))  +5
Vadon А вообще 5/5)  +1
Vadon Ко ко ко ко ко ко ко!!!!! Апять американци!!! Ко ко ко ко ко!!!!!!!!!!!!  +5
MyTho so nice 5/5 from Vietnam  +2
disposal So colorful!  +1