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titleSalt Lake City from LDS Conference Center
locationSalt Lake City, United States
infoSalt Lake City is the capital and most populous city in the state of Utah, with a population of over 190,000 within city limits and 1.1 million in its metropolitan area. The city was founded in 1847 by followers of the Mormon faith and still serves as the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), who own a significant amount of land within the city's central core. Recently, the city has seen a surge in recreational tourism and was able to host the 2002 Winter Olympics.
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Panslavism fck you usrael - 1  
yucca 5 stars from Moskva, Avganistan  
Alex KZN What about a bribe given from the U.S. to the members of the IOC to get the 2002 winter Olympics in Salt Lake City?  
HansCity Mormon capital city!  
Gardel Awful picture of a beautiful place  
kuznetskiy not the best photo of SLC. but 5 stars anyway, because I know how it actually looks like  
keepthepast Great city and its site place in the arid plains against the foothills rising to the great Rocky Mountains is spectacular. Solid looking, interesting buildings form a notable skyline especially when the fantastic Mormon Temple is in view.  
Ampsicora mormons buid towns everywhere.  +2
AlexDemens 3/5 from Constantinople, former Istanbul, Russia  +6
vittorio tauber 5/5 anyway - neat scape.  
vittorio tauber So what about Moron-i? A sort of mac retard?  
luci203 1/5 - that temple is an abomination  +1
аndrіykо 4 from Crimea, Ukraine  +1
Davidinho Cool, you have electricity?  
SpiderBHZ I love this dramatic skyline  
news99999 5/5.I love USA.  +1
AmoreUrbs What a poverimadonnagrad.. Norilsk is more lively than that.. 1/5 from Elazığ, Republic of Kurdistan, Russian Federation  +2
dox74 Что это за дерьмо. 1/5 из Милана, Россия  +8
news99999 envious???  +1
superfan Simple ... 4  
Shard-on 3/5 because Mormons  
Ampsicora Russia cannot into USandA. Cesmic picture BTW.  +3
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
fserges Думал я туда съездить 2 месяца назад, но показалось что там мало достопримечательностей ...  +1
loit2007 Насчёт достопримечательностей, сгоняй в Бостон не пожалеешь  
muck308 I'd agree. But there is top notch natural beauty nearby. Lots of outdoor sports type of stuff. Beyond that, there doesn't seem to be much nightlife.