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titleSvätý Jur townscape
locationSvaty Jur, Slovakia
infoSvätý Jur is a cozy Slovak town that lies in the hillside landscape of Little Carpathians in the vicinity of Bratislava. It is known for its winemaking, rural architecture and beautiful surrounding nature that includes the unique Šúr swamps, a protected area. The town's most remarkable historical monument is the Gothic church of St. George, built in the 13th century and seen on the photo.
sourceIvan Šefčík at DeviantArt
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 4.29, total votes: 312
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Skiff MC milujem vaš štat, mesta a kulturu! 5/5  
vitacit 5/5. i've just came back from sv.jur to bratislave, i was there to buy wine)))) what's nice on this banner is that on the right horizon one can see tall buildings of bratislava but it still has very rural feeling. sv.jur is great !  +1
Silent soul 5/5 from Kirov, Russia!  
Stazhar 5/5 ad Belarusi!  
RobH What a stunning photo, amazing colours, fits the panoramic space beautifully... easily 5/5  +1
Trex-md No. This is a pretty picture.. But this doesn't scream civilization. This picture reminds me of all things rural and " getting away from it all " today's banner should have been somewhere in Transylvania or Salem Massachusetts. Happy Halloween!  
LaPaz Urbanismo WTF .. 1 from France  +1
GJP 5/5 from Kraków!  
staso fiva out of slovakia. love the sun in the pic.b  
PAM3AH AXMATOBИЧ Первого руского я убиль вшеснацат лет  +1
baleadasena :')  
ekko Only 5/5 from Ufa, Russia :)  
kapturek Slovakia is beautiful!! Polan approves 5*  +1
Andriyk0 Петро Олексійович, а що сталося з українцями? вони вимерзли нахуй  
Andriykø Рамзан Ахматович, что вы делаете с русней? В роть ибу.  +1
Fasterovich 5 stars from Saint Petersburg for slavic brothers  +1
Stonka US slavic brothers from NATO :)  +1
realbizkit Nice photo, nice town Svätý Jur (Szentgyörgy), 5 points from Hungary :)  
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  
noRTH1212 5/5 from the moon, Poland  
jaceq nice photo  
P3run This zionist propagand against Russia... Jews want go back to Poland. Mother Russia we need your help!  +1
Stonka US do psychiatry !!  +2
P3run Wpisz sobie "ruch odrodzenia żydowskiego w Polsce". Postulują, żeby hebrajski został drugim urzędowym językiem w Polsce. Obudź się z letargu polaczku, póki jeszcze istnieje naród polski.  
hif amazing colours :) 5 from Poland.  
russianroberto for fuck's sake just cause' they're Slovakian doesn't mean we should rate the banner 1/5 I understand you all now have beef with Russians but please save a conscious mind and rate the image not the fucking country  +1
Andriykø why are you crying? Banner has quite a high rating, only Russians are putting 1.  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
nord_musician 5/5 From Venezuela!  
loit2007 5 for slavic brothers  
NaRc0t1c 5/5 romania....Beautiful ...  
raisonnable 5 from New York, Ukraine.  +2
Andriyk0 весь світ - це Україна. ми арійциц і істинні слов'яни  +1
Andriyk0 сала хероям! сала в шоколаді!  +2
Ross1967 городишко уютный .5 поставлю  +1
tiojuli Muy bonito! 5/5 From Argentina.  
тон 5/5 из Владивостока(Россия)  +5
reapers 5/5 from Tyumen, Russia!  +4
Stazx Can't see any skyscraper, but still very nice photo! 4/5.  +2
EUSERB 5 from Serbia :)  
Amrafel 5/5 :D There is also the skyline of Bratislava in the distance.  
DalliKK love it 5/5 from Kezmarok  +1
Fundator Amazing! 5/5 from Konigsberg, Germany  +5
Lukaares 5 from Serbia  +1
Anuris Someone screwed the source link again, so here you can find the original photo: [link]  +1
Zanovijetalo awww 5  
aenigma Beautiful! 5/5 from Rome, Italy  +1
Marriarty 5/5 from Grozny, Chechnya (not russia).  +5
Air@t Слава Дуркаине, тупорылым сала!  +1
MarioSky 4/5 from Recife/Brazil  
gfol 5 from Kyiv for slavic brothers :)  +4
AndriySH 5/5 from Krasnodar, Kuban, Ukraine  +4
Air@t Сала тупорылым! Дуркаине слава!  +3
MerCha 5/5 from BelaRUS  +1
Sheridan OK I dig that on another site this would be a nice banner but here it's SKYSCRAPERcity. 1  
RobH There are forums on this site about other forms of architecture besides talls.  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Baumgarten1 русские опять соснули. ха-ха! слава Украине!  +7
Andriykø Рамзан Ахматович, а что случилось с русней? Она сдохла.  +5
ВОДА The best city ever! 5 stars from Bulgaria!  
Baumgarten1 3 for Russiastan and russian idiots.  
Andriykø 3 for Russia but 5 for Slovakia ;)  +3
Air@t Сала Дуркаине, тупорылым слава.  +3
Vadon 5 from Sochi, Georgia  +12
Yarami 5/5 from Moscow, Russia  +2
Yarami Народ, да будет мир! Задолбали политсрачи!  +2
Mr.Cage Да будет мир! Пизда Москве!  +13
Ross1967 И кто долбанутый?  
Air@t Nice! 5/5 from Kazan,Russia  +2
disposal What a beautiful set of colors! Each hue so gently covers another one. Idyllic picture! It deserves maximal score.  +3