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titleCity of Wine
locationBordeaux, France
infoCity of wine crossed by the Garonne river. Pont Chaban Delmas, highest lift bridge in Europe, and the Cité des Vins.
sourceforum user Parikaa
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 2.91, total votes: 207
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Avemano Meh view of a beautiful city. Bordeaux must be seen as a pedestrian.  +1
cinoeye You have to love French spelling-Bordeauxyzx....pronaunced Bordo;)  +1
sammyh Très belle ville. Merci Juppé!!! ;) 5/5 From Algiers  +1
Parisian75 Well, regarding the beauty of the real city, this banner is truly not the best to show it... 3/5  +1
mashine1984 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria!  
alexi1982 Great city! Horrible banner.  +1
peter038 5/5 for one of the most underrated city's in europe  
Axelferis 5/5 Bordeaux rules!  
JmRijsel 5/5 for the city of Bordeaux.  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
D K Ugly picture of an incredibly beautiful city  +1
aredo Not the best pic for Bordeaux.... lovely city, from Bilbao.  +2
SpiderBHZ 1  +1
parcdesprinces 5/5 From "le petit Bordeaux" (aka Paris) ;)  +1
Minnesotan in Chile 1/5 -This is a picture of a river on a site called "Skyscaper" city. Are rivers "skyscrapers"?  +1
Bardia Saeedi You must be new here. Up to 50% of the banners on SSC are of old towns, bridges or other things that aren't considered Skyscrapers.  +1
soluço I hope to study french there soon, lovely city  
SDriver 5/5 nice  
JamieUK Not a great pic but I am sure the city is much nicer.  
Suburbanist Brisavoine's hometown featured again. Nice city.  
Skyline Art 5/5 Beautiful skyline. The river and the light (time of day is stunning).  +1