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titleUtrecht skyline
locationUtrecht, Netherlands
infoCity of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France. On the 4th of July the individual time trial will take place, and on 5th of July stage nr. 2 from Utrecht to Zeeland.
sourceforum user ill-b
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 3.79, total votes: 194
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Fluxit 5/5 I love Utrecht! Especially the area around the old canals is a a lovely place! But most of all the people of Utrecht are the best! Best wishes from Denmark.  
Ermir 5/5 from Tar Valon.  
MarseillePL Been there. 5 for Netherlands but sorry Amsterdam isn't drug capital, Marseille is.  
Омич 1/5  
Theo Paijmans Utrecht host a big University, many students and a lively cultural envirement  
Skynuts this city is booming!  
Amien balam Sewu Bagus...  
indefinite nice and lovely city. been there once and got good impression. 5 from Ukraine for NL cities  
Skyhold Host of the Tour de France Grand Départ en my hometown! Proud!  
Mr. Landmark Lovely and lively city!  +2
usernametaken Travelled the world but this remains my favorite city  +2
vw Utrecht, the most underestimated city n North Europe. Wen jou viset the Netherlands, skip Amsterdam, Utrecht wil realy suprise jou  +5
Rokugatsu Since when is The Netherlands in the north of Europe? :D  
3tmk Utrecht will host the start of the Tour de France saturday!  +5
3tmk Vive le Tour!  +1
RCP030 Nice !  
ekko 5/5 from Ufa, Яussia  +1
JorgeORandall who? where? XD  
JorgeORandall who? where? XD  
Ijen Suites Malang great!  
Urbanova Cozy and vibrant city with a very old skyline. The highest building is from 1254! Almost 250 years before the discovery of America.  +11
Kleist D 5/5 I like it / Heel leuk / unspektakulär schön, Groeten uit Berlijn  +4