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titleLondon flickscrapers
locationLondon, United Kingdom
infoStill from the upcoming movie High-Rise. Book and movie review here.
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 2.51, total votes: 279
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olsib Looks very interesting from the trailer. Can't wait to watch it.  
kokomo 0/5 ugly ugly  +2
Splish 1/5 skopje best city all time  
Kaski you guys are different :-) 5/5  
lok1999 1/5, Not even a real picture of London.  +1
Дisiдent I was hoping this would be built... shame..  
vitacit quite dystopian/postapocalyptic photo))) 4/5  
arthur.leao Preparing for Quidditch World Cup?  +2
Mplsuptown Folks it's not real, it's from an upcoming movie called High-Rise.  +1
mpeculea looks like a set from a doomsday SciFi movie  
IgoryokOmsk Quidditch pitch  +3
ill tonkso Why do people always shit on it whenever ANYTHING British comes on?  
Fluxit Looks scary.  
Rivaille -1  +2
Birmingham I don't think that's London guys.  
SpiderBHZ 1  +1
jaceq wtf?  +1
Victhor Yep, I know very well that part of London...  
Proterra Please go 400 miles north for the cultural capital of the British Isles.  
Ufimets If there wasn't word 'London', I can think that its village)  
Ufimets ugly, 1  +2
aan_mustafa 3/5 from Singapore :)  +1
archifect flop 15 please..  +1
R-Stan это же из фильма Высотка  +1
ArrowHead30 what is this?  
Seoul_Korea You're all wrong!! This is a scene from a movie, they're not real!!  
Trances Where is this ? Why the distortion ? But Golden hour and Clouds give it higher rank  
andreicukapp I gave it a 2/5 just cause is London.. Otherwise I would've give it a 1/5  
v-sun so bad.. 1/5  +1
HansCity [link]  
erissonv ugly  
5ilham Oh, look! Another ugly building from London pretends to be futuristic!  +2
ill tonkso It's a film, set in London. That isn't actually London.  
CurlzerUK I am not familiar with any of those buildings. Is that even London?  
Nightjar [link]  
Copperknickers What does that picture have to do with London? It's a fictional cityscape from a sci-fi novel.  
Shard-on Are these actually real? And also, another poor representation of London :/ 3/5  
MetroSilesia f*****g ugly! That is no banner!  +1
Dyrrachium 5* for the Emirate of London  +2
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
potiz81 Awful banner  +1