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titleKiel harbour
locationKiel, Germany
sourceMarkus Schinke at Flickr
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 3.74, total votes: 229
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Aujen 3/5. Colourful lamp posts don't make a skyline ...  
stesus85 ))) I've been living there for 4 years!  
Vojvoda Deutschland ist uberkool, 5/5 from Bulgaria!  
Maturion 5/5 ausm Süden. / from Southern Germany  
mike_blum beautiful!! 5 from Russia  +1
Chipkiz Wow!....5/5...from Vietnam  +1
erbse Mecklenbburg is so beautiful!! Everyone needs to visit, now! Don't wait! Book your tickets! You can take a cruise from Kiel to Rostock.  
`Mateusz 4/5 ,nice Las Vegas look !  
Oberhafenjunge represents the city way better than it really is! awfull litle town!  
Ji-Ja-Jot gimme five  +1
Kleist D 5 Punkte für Kiel, sehr schönes Foto, Gruß in den Norden  +2
Alumann Nice and clean town! 5/5  +1
LondonTubeBrad 4/5 from england  
SturmBeobachter 10/5  +1
Urban Legend Beautiful! 5/5 from Israel.  +2
Nordowy Great view. Nice city. 5  +1
Nando_ros 5/5  +1
loit2007 5/5 from Russia! Look excellent!  +4
Tchokan 3/5 from Porto, Portugal!  
Zyrkon Looks good. 4 from PL.  
gorkill Kiel is not Kiev. Therefore, only four  +2
Kozhedub 5 from Ukraine  +3
Sechou Very nice! 5/5 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia  +2
Tande Great city and great country. 5/5 from Finland.  +3
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1