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titleChicago skyline
locationChicago, United States
sourceforum user SkyscraperSuperman
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 4.20, total votes: 275
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SOLOMON Just 5 Stars!  
Observador_SJC 5/5 from Brazil  
Сисястый Дыра. 1/5  
Reiser 5 from Russia  +2
Uaarkson Best banner in quite a while.  +1
Kanto 5/5  
mAiNsTrEaMhunter imo chicago as a prettier skyline than newyork but i luv both cities. 5/5 from Cebu  
Fire_Kot 5/5 from Russia, but let bullshit Obama stuff his sanctions up into his ass!  +5
Vargas 5!!  
Zlat Palonsky 5/5 from Moscow, RUSSIA  +6
RobH woooah.....5/5  
gerwaz 5/5 TAKE POLISH FIVE!  
Mony Vi I love Dubai  
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
lezgotolondon the wendy's city 10/10  
Voorish-Gdansk Chicago=iconic skyline 5/5  +1
Saken007 5/5 From Kazakhstan  +2
worldcities This looks sexier than New York! 5/5 from Kolkata, India  
NaRc0t1c 5* Romania....  
Bassik Jennifer Psaki 5 for you =) and one for the United States  
Dzhigga 5/5 from Russia. Great skyline!  +3
singoone excellent  
Wolfowitsch this banner is absolutely stunning! one of the world's best!!!! 5/5 from Russia!  +3
Roberto1 5/5 from Palermo. I love Chicago. Unfortunately the weather is not great ...  
bicoccagio 5/5 from Milano!  
redcode 5/5 from Danang, Vietnam  
P3run Damn. 5 for USrael from Poland. I should give 1 because they're killing Palestinian Civils but banner deserve for 5.  +1
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  +1
ENJINEER 5 from Saint-Petersburg  +3
URBAN BEAUTY 5/5 The Miami of Canada!!!  
Xavimvd 5/5 from Uruguay!  
loit2007 5/5 from Russia мощный скайлайн у Чикаго  +4
ekko wooow... There are no words to describe how cool this skyline looks like... Dizzy, amazing, stunning! 5/5 from Ufa, Russia  +3
nick_1212 love it  
Deymos 1 fascists  
lafreak84 5/5 my kind of town chicago is  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
Morrov555 Beautiful!  
alserrod Gorgeous! 5/5  
SAE United Very beautiful. 5 from Russia with love. Peace to all ;)  +6
Kelsnoopy Love that city. 5 from Russia  +6
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan. Very beautiful city.  +3
CENTILION санкции вам в виде кола!  +4
vartal Аналогично )  
loit2007 Пойми, они не очень расстроятся от таких санкций  +2
Stonka US यी रूसी हाइरोग्लिफ्स के हो  
loit2007 [link]  
ovnours 5 from moscow. I wish there was no sun though... But the skyline is f*ckin awesome.  +3
Ringforce адын  +5
666 Aka 14_RUS Pure american skyline. 4/5  +1
russianroberto Gave it a 5 despite being Russian because the banner is exceptionally breathtaking and because politics shouldn't alter one's opinion on a country  +17
BlurredLines Just wait for the Russians giving this beauty a 1 because it's in America  +1
Diar93 Man just wait another russian banner for ranked its 1 because it Russian banner, so now banner from usa so put 1) quits  +7
Wolfowitsch ahhh really? just look at the comments above ;)