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titleGuangzhou skyline
locationGuangzhou, China
sourceKevin Ho at Flickr
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 4.30, total votes: 445
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prahovaploiesti 5/5  
João Marcos Nice pick, From Brazil  
farazilu *****  
Andre Goth 5/5 from Brazil (BRIC)  +1
Pop Bogdan 5/5  
hmmwv Looking good, keep that sky like that and we have a winner!  
markuwangi New Order! 5/5 from Switzerland  
William.freire 5/5 from Brazil  +1
jawz Looking good! San Jose, USA  
Rago another impressive Chinese city. take that western world  +2
R!ck Yeah, but they still live under a dictatorship, no thanks, I prefer the western world with small buildings...  
Joulupukki who's is the dictator there?? lol but your dictator is obama  +2
Echter Berliner I prefer USA with Guantanamo, death penalty, NSA, racism, illegitimate wars and other funny things like christian fundamentalists and crazy gun laws. Chinese democracy.  
mike_blum good view! 5 from Russia  +2
Pals_RGB very nice 5/5  
Lexo77 5 from Ekaterinburg!  +2
Daortíz Thnaks for the information AFL I didn't know that...5.0  
Vitaliy83 Ха, только сейчас заметил, одни from russia. Прямо русская окупация skyscrapercity.com :)  +1
oltemont 5/5 from Russia  +2
Vitaliy83 5 from Russia, VLG  +2
Sechou Super! 5/5 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  +3
Ritmo-F 5 from St.Petersburg, Russia  +4
Ritmo-F 5 from St.Petersburg, Russia  +3
BarMNE 5 from Montenegro!  
brandpb 5/5  
Anticalaca Wow! Now, that's a banner!! 5/5  
kmjamal 5/5 from Hyderabad, India  
DUBAI10000 4 stars, I did not realise chow tai fook was so large already  
AFL 5/5. For those of you who love history, the city was known in the West as Canton.  +2
John-DR 5/5  
arhimed2050 3/5 The best Guanzhou city in China!  
LeitoStafe Manhattan, is that you?  
Amtrak96 Impressive Skyline!  
JotaPe Impressive.  
rrrjp Incredible China!  +1
Zig_Zag 5 from St.Petersburg ;)  +4
RestfulDon 5 from Russia!  +5
loit2007 5&5 from Russia  +4
Voorish-Gdansk At last excellent banner with proper buildings. China is rising 5/5  +4
Zlat Palonsky Amazing!  +1
united pakistan 5 from Lahore Pakistan :)  +1
Askario 5/5 to the largest metropolis in the world)  +2
doctor_doc 5 from Rivne, Ukraine  +1
Echter Berliner I see the new world trade center in the middle and the brooklyn bridge on the right.  +1
Stephen-vumnik 5/5 to brother-city from Yekaterinburg  +3
CENTILION 5/5 from Russia  +4
Naipesky You get this view from the Canton Tower side of river  
reapers 5! from Tyumen, Russia  +4
Beomnaegol 5/5 from Vladivostok, Russia. Dinamic Guangzhou!)))  +3
Arestullah 5 from Palembang, Indonesia. Anyway what banner yesterday???  
Federation2014 5/5 from Moscow  +5
xxxriainxxx How do you fake a blue sky? Now I am curious.  +1
Chinesekiwi I been here - never once seen blue sky like that!! - nice photo 3/5  
duh_and_rey 5/5 from Russia with love)  +5
jose valderama 5/5 from Solpol  +5
Pan spięty skyscrapers! 5/5  
Dubai Skyscraper Oh look, we can still have great banners! 5/5  
Sasza Oh shit I accidentaly hit 1 star, because i still got in mind yeasterday banner. Sorry folks :(  +10
Vanaheim After what I saw yesterday: 5/5  +12
Kanto 5/5  
phil_leemon Five points from Yekaterinburg!  +4
vegorv Russia and China are brothers forever! 5  +5
Turbulences 5/5 from Samara, Russia!  +4
sourierservice 5/5 from Karachi, Pakistan  
minza_6124 5/5 From Asia.  
dust_bro 5 from Russia! :)  +4
croomm Wow, Wow!! 5stars to Guangzhou from Guangzhou!  
RasyidOchmann Gorgeous skyline in the making. 5 stars from Miri, Borneo  
SLASH_2 when $ drop down i can visit this beautiful city! 5 from Khabarovsk!  +4
Sunkid That means never.  +2