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titleLondon City aerial
locationLondon, United Kingdom
infoCentral London looking north across the Thames
sourceforum user geoffloftus
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 2.39, total votes: 415
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SOLOMON 5 for LONDON. 1 for the banner.  
username unnecessary Great idea to have an air photo but not such a great result. The picture is a big blur.  
midrise Kinda like your name????  
DecoF7 WutFace for this banner  
Splish london 5/5 falklands r british  +1
eduardoazul Did not like! horrible this banner!  +1
LeitoStafe Bloody horrible banner.  +1
Gutmensch Oho, I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien, I'm an English man in Londonistan.  +1
potto With a name like that?  
corvus_edin Go Sadiq Khan ;)  
Forza_imperial very poor 2/5  +1
Su34 Congrats London on your first sunni muslim mayor in history!  
geoffloftus original hi-res pictures is here [link]  +3
irane-azad Not a well deserving banner for a supercity. London and New York in another league than the rest of the cities of the world.  +2
midrise No it is not. But we do know it is a Global or Alpha, like NY. And they both stand tall....in ways that can not be mesured in height alone.....easily a 10/5 for this "supercity".  +1
WasabiHoney Enough already with that London and NYC obsession!  
Exethalion London deserves a better banner...  +3
winiciusnet Bad picture 1/5  +2
Bachy Soletanche London again? Didn't we have one of those 2 weeks ago?  
mashine1984 5/5 from Sofia!  
Edil Arda Londons is cool but the banner is not.  +3
kokomo 1/5 is this really London?  +3
IgoryokOmsk London is the capital of Britain  
Amen weak  
catcha surely it could be also Kolkata's slums... great city but the picture...  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +2
potto @dilmohanklm Careful what you say seeing as 50% of the population are foreign nationals and tourists ;)  
megajack London! You know, fish, chips, cup of tea... bad food, worse weather, Mary-fking-Poppins.. .LONDON!!!  +3
Quicksilver Bad food is back to 90s, now London is truly one of world's culinary capitals with better choices than Paris, etc  +5
Quicksilver Weather has been brilliant as well in the past 10 years or so.  +4
potto are you from the 1950s?  +1
alexss1987 5 to London, but the picture is really not ok for a banner...  +1
Voorish-Gdansk Awesome,as usual. 5/5 for London, EU!  +1
IgoryokOmsk Sorry, but 1  
Axilleas nice city - bad picture.  +2
RobH 2/5 - doesn't really work as a banner..would like to see the hi res original though!  +3
A.s.78rus 1/5  +2
Fluxit London is awesome! 5 from Denmark!  +1
Architecture lover 5 from Architecture lover for the extremely beautiful, authentic and charming London .  +2
Nightsky 2/5. This doesn't work as a small banner and it's hard to see it is London.  +2
Ufimets whats village?))  +1
potto This is a city in a far away land, try to imagine your village, even counting all those goats, and multiply by a million  +1
shard97 What is this tripe?  
potiz81 Awful.  
INFLAMES уныло (((:  +2
eighty4 Have you met all the people in the uk dilmohanklm? Cunt  +2
marcogiso Lovely 5/5 from ROME Caput Mundi  +2
capslock Great city - not the best picture of it.  +3
on_the_run London nearly without clouds or rain...pretty rare :)  +1
dilmohanklm 1/5. The city is beautiful I guess. But, the attitude of the people ( British) ?! Very much bad !!!  +7
staso Invokes a garbage in me.  +3
staso Looking crazy dense! 5 from Slovakia for the pic but I'm not sure about London I guess I could call it dirty city. It kinda  
JmRijsel 4/5 for the second agglomeration of Europe after Paris  +1
ken2000ac Shite photo of a shite city.  +2
Charlesp Don't you mean Shi'ite city?  
DDyT 1 from DR  
616Homeboy ''There is no place like London''  +2
Avemano Thanks God.  +8
Askario 1  +5
nachop666 Uno  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  
NEGRITO Upps!!, is this london?.. So confused... OK so 4/5 for this London pic just because the picture doesn't do justice to the beauty and magnificence that is London.  +1
NEGRITO 5/5 for mexico city... from the city that defeated the French invading army under Napoleon III in 5 de mayo at PUEBLA baby♡  +2
Avemano Great banner presenting the most beautiful side of this cute city. I mean, beauty can be everywhere, even ... Well, not ALL the cities around the world HAVE to be beautiful in the sense of pure beauty so ... I think we should appreciate what we have ... *cough* ...  
potto Perished before he could get to travel. So sad.  
amarato Truly bad.1/5  +5
JamieUK England always gets crappy banners.  
Gutmensch The Borg have entered London! Resistance is futile!  +3
delija90 outstanding 1/5  +6
Evil78 London? Where?  +1
deutscherI Baghdad is that you? London is really beautiful, but this banner isn't.. 2/5  +2
ovnours wtf?  +4
ill tonkso ???  
Dyrrachium Londonistan  +24
Shard-on Oh bore off. It's the 21st century, didn't you get the memo  +6
@.@ Londonistan xD so true by this banner  +8
potto yes only Muslim cities are visible from the sky  
HunDeX Yeah, 21st century with a growing religion stuck in the 7th century. So progressive!  
prahovaploiesti 3/5  
Falshivomonetchick 2/5  +2
Омич This is not London 1/5  +9
ill tonkso Yes, it is.  +2