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titleSagrada Família
locationBarcelona, Spain
sourcejarmoluk at Pixabay
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 4.00, total votes: 388
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CAPITALEÑO Nice city, but horrible skyline, sorry.  +1
Gazda I dont think, this banner is bad. Cant wait to see Sagrada finished. 3/5  
Deadeye Reloaded Sagrada Família - best church in the world! Amen. 5/5  
DanielFA 1/5 to this dingy banner (but 5/5 to Barcelona)... :(  
xchekox Beautiful city!  +1
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina  
Observador_SJC 2/5 - Arid  
C0nTainEr Beautiful Algiers, 5/5  
Architecture lover 5.5 for the beautiful Barcelona and its architectural jewels.  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
midrise Gaudi Great!!!!!......5/5  
aaabbbccc Very ugly banner However Barcelona is an amazing beautiful city  +7
venom6 My 2nd fav City of all time! Greetings from Budapest!  
FreeMyMind Definitely one of the best cities in the world, 5!  +4
sanjupalayat 1/5! not a good banner!  +4
NachoGomez 5  
Leonidych I put 5 out of respect for Spain  +1
wojtor 3/5 from Yoshkar Ola, Mari El  
alexss1987 5/5 I LOVE Barcelona!  
Victhor What a rare shot, i doesnt look like Barcelona, but it's amazing, 5!  
Smyrniotis Are we rating The City or the banner  +1
Preibiton 5 from Sofia. One of the most people friendly cities I've been to.  +1
Leonidych Beautiful! 5. From Russia.  +2
humancity 5/5 I LOVE BARCELONA  
SpiderBHZ 2  +1
Stazhar 5/5 from Belarus  
corvus_edin 5/5  
reapers 5/5 from Tyumen, Russia! I Love Spain and Barcelona city  +3
Tokei I thought it was hard to get a bad picture of Barcelona, but you guys made it possible. 0/5  +8
AUTOTHRILL a dusty slum? some people dont understand urbanity at all :(  
status I love this city. 5* from Oradea, Romania.  
Bhan Jojo Ngoi sept of baelor  
Apple. I love Barcelona but banner doesnt look good 5/5 from Turkey  +1
talya 1/5 looks like a dusty slum  +3
midrise I would love too call it home.