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titleTehran bridges
locationTehran, Iran
sourceforum user Cyrus
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skylark 5/5 from canada  
chafid wahyudi OMG. it's realy awesome. and you know, this banner is a bit similar with the next day banner, budhapest. haha..... love this. 5/5 from surabaya, indonesia  
Jbte cool picture!  
Raffael Rocha PERFECT! 6/5, from CEARÁ-BRASIL  
Falcon Land Amazing Tabiat bridge with awesome scenery, 5/5 from USA  
Ysh 5 from Russia  
davi-mcp 5/5 from Curitiba, Brasil  
Kovak_UKR7 5 from Kharkiv (Ukraine)  
DanielFA Weird but nice... 5/5  
axov 5 from Kraków/Cracow (Poland)  
urbastar 5/5!!  
sofarfromhere Superb! 10 from Brasil  
Chess 5/5 from London  
Gordion 5/5  
mike_blum 5!!!!  
Sheikh23 Awesome pic! Never seen Tehran before, but now i see i need to check it out! 5 Fromn Wrocław, Poland  
persian cat beatiful  
xchekox Beautiful city!  
Edil Arda 5 From Kadıköy, Türkiye =)  
Andrew24 5 from Spain.  
Maks33 5 from the city of Vladimir, Russia.  
PRIMEVAL Lately watched photos with the entire structure and became a little disapointed. While impressive by size and lacking aesthetical errors, this program doesn't come with anything new, original on the artistic side. I know many would contradict me but I know what I'm saying. I have an intuition built on hundreds of hours of study at Romania's #1 architectural institution  +1
ThomasJensen 5 from PL  
3vallesgve From Guasave, Mexico ¡Orale!  
LINCS OWL Looks interesting. Get cars off the road.  
TEHR_IR Excellent!  
Boris_54 panj, heile hub  
Phcg 5/5 from São Gonçalo,Brazil  
616Homeboy 5* BTW  
616Homeboy Am I only one who can see Milenium Walk here :)  
jakobnguyen 10/5 from Odense, DK!  
jinka sreekanth 5/5 from india  
mecanico242 5/5 from México  
Slartibartfas 5/5 pretty cool bridge  
cameronxdegziade bahaleh  
exacrom 5/5 from Monterrey, Mexico  
kokomo What a strange but pretty bridge! 5/5  
nabati.pl Iran 5 stars country for travellers.  
Kozhedub Brutal and beautiful 5/5  
Bardia Saeedi 5/5 4 1r4n  
Voorish-Gdansk Impressive 5/5  
Persian_Gulf 5/5 for the good memories I have there!  +1
Rafael Narvaja 5/5 from Paraguay...  
riveraconde Impressive, more than I expected. Congrats from Mexico City!  
jalanajak Dolkunlu köpir. Güzel. Tatarstan'dan 55!  +1
Petruha 5/5 from St. Petersburg, Russia  +2
Neem Cool !!! 5+  
Arestullah 5 from Palembang, Indonesia  
Unregistered 5 from Italy!  
vegorv 5 from Russia!  +2
NOMAD€ ciao mario  
djoledjole 5 from Serbia  
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  
Georicky 5 from Italy!  
SpiderBHZ 3  
Saint-Petersburg 5 from Russia :)  +1
maxbj 1 star for mariocesso  
Maucin 5 from Polska Poland, Poznań :)  +1
afim7 5/5 from Los Angeles  
VariousArtist 5 from meeeee :)  
indefinite 5 stars from Western Ukraine. Impressive!  
corvus_edin 5/5  
Zaro A country and a city thar deserve more focus.  
Askario 5/5 from Tatarstan!  +1
chambre12 5/5 from Mexico City!  
Danny Tan nice design  
Seoul_Korea Beautiful banner, 5/5 from Italy  +1
Bobdreamz The bridge + the skyline is amazing ! Ah the Persians designing such beauty !  +5
UnHavrais 5/5 from Le Havre, Normandy, France !  
wkiehl101 5/5 from the USA...nice backdrop  
DR.SHREJMAN very bad from kuwait  
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  
RickC Great...from Philippines.....  
eomer beautifull bridge  
aan_mustafa Excellent 5 #indonesian  +1
towerpower123 That is a beautiful bridge AND it was designed by a woman named Leila Araghian!  +3
alveinus good bitch  +1
Vagamundo. Excellent!  
Igor622015 5 from Novosibirsk, Russia  +3
PRIMEVAL Finnaly, a cool photo!  
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg, Russia  +4
F-ian such an eye opener.. the photo made me google and read alot about Tehran 5/5  +1
KAMITY37 5 beautiful.  
*mustafa* nice view ,, marhaba from Iraq ,Basra :)  
daniarl 5 from Barcelona!  
BARTzZABŁOCIA BigCity&Mountains :) 5 from Krakow  
roydex 5 from Philippines :)  
Raschet 5 from Russia  +4
gjergjkastrioti 5 from Albania  +1
CactusLord Wow that structure looks good  
Ondro Where is Tehran? I only know Teheran...  
NFZANMNIM cest la meme chose, prag, prague, Beograd, Belgrade, Baki, Baku  +3
Cyaxares Beautiful! 5/5. A country with a true culture and identity of its own, not stolen and faked like a certain neighbouring country. Would love to visit Tehran one day :).  +5
doguorsi2 :)) Kurds are free deport themselves from Turkey, if they don't like it. Iran, culturally, would be a better fit for you anyway.  +1
Cyaxares @doguorsi2, huh? Why did you feel addressed? Do you feel like "fake culture and identity" applies to your country, Turkey? I mean, I didn't mention "Turkey" anywhere in my post! Guess I hit a weak spot. Want me to kiss it for you, poor baby!?  +1
doguorsi2 You won't believe me but I think we can be good friends. :) Come by the Turkish forum sometime.  
Cyaxares @doguorsi2, thank you for the invitation, but I don't feel like being genocided from this forum yet.  +1
Pop Bogdan 5/5  
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +3
igor 5 from Russia  +4
username unnecessary great photo! 5*!  
iği interesting  
Cyrus Built on three large pillars, the 270-metre curved structure has broad entrances, multiple pathways and three floors of restaurants and cafes and sitting areas. It was recently named among the winners of the Architizer A+ awards, a global architectural competition based in New York. Take it to the bridge: the Tehran architect striking the right chord in Iran and beyond: [link]  +13
ikeamen off the beaten path. 5 from Russia  +6
croomm Kruto! 5 stars from Russia  +5