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titleSan Salvador
locationSan Salvador, El Salvador
sourceforum user Kenni
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 3.70, total votes: 738
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Adpenturz 4/ beautiful!  
josesv16 city of San Salvador, El Salvador beautiful at night  
josesv16 city of San Salvador, El Salvador beautiful at night  
scarpio Que linda ciudad!!! The best !!  
NietoDelJaguar Nice shot - 5/5  
wino nice capture.. the moon sure makes a big difference 3/5  
AleAlejandro que luna!!! hermosa!  
Aztecgoddess 1/5 cute skyline!  
24days Really bad !!  
Geocarlos Excellent view, congrats!!  
SAN SALVADOR I love San Salvador!!!  
Sivarman Still the best!  
Unregistered Hermoso!!!  
scarpio Hermoso!!!  
scarpio Mas que hermoso!!!! Excelente foto!!!  
CEC2K8 Just tell me?? Who ever said that the banner has to be a skyline??? That is not an argument to vote 1/5... that is beeing troll ;)  
sergiokaguero Not a skyline!  
Marlon Flores No puedo decir que San Salvador NO es una ciudad única y bella. Para mi es única é irrepetible  
Marlon Flores Quiero corregir lomencionado antes:  
DixLoquo where is skyline?  
osote great view of the city and great moon shot  
Unregistered skyscrapers or streetscrapes? :P  
M. Yorch skyscrapers or streetscrapes? :P  
orinoco_man Great banner  
Coquito Potter Spectacular!! Proud of my city!  
staind the best, tank you kenni...  
ulicesx 5/5 EL SALVADOR IMPRESIONANTE!!!!!!!  
Adonay García M Que clase de paisaje fundido con urbanidad... Belleza!!!  
maximus gladius excelent view  
tech2 Espectacular...La torre Citi resalta con sus lineas azules  
Jamedirk Que linda se ve mi querida ciudad capital!!!!  
DarkLite ^^ pero si singular y autentica  
Mip10 Viva El Salvador  
Marlon Flores No puedo decir que San Salvador es una ciudad única y bella.  
camaleão a beautiful moon!  
Trustvainer Linda!! :D  
YifTa7 5/5!!!!  
Sivarman 5/5 By far the best!!  
Euro-Maracay Excelente, nunca vi a el San Salvador tan linda. :)  
Ale512 5/5 Beautiful Banner (:  
Vencedoresdesierto Excelente la Capital Salvadoreña, el baner está padrísimo!!!  
Ale512 5/5 Beautiful Banner (:  
Ale512 5/5 Beautiful Banner (:  
osote outstanding pic of San Salvador.  
Carlosx UN 5 SIN DUDA!  
Vlad89 Excelente banner de la ciudad capital salvadoreña  
I(L)WTC Beautiful! :D  
jereser Great  
SOLOMON great!  
FEDO superrrr!!!! felicitaciones  
ElCrioyo Darklite...You dont understand the point...This could have been any other city. Nothing that makes it Unique. Large moon? Yes...Mountain Valleys? yes. A lot of Light shining over the city? yes...but how is this unique? 1/5...  
kArLiToS 5/5 Unique atmosphere, a great city, just beautiful, great view of San Salvador  
MariaYS fly me to the moon San Salvador  
Adonay García M Excelente...muy lindo!!!  
Oporto Beautiful!!!!!  
aiglebleu Hermosa San Salvador. 5/5  
Oporto Beautiful!!!!!  
Oporto Beautiful!!!!!  
fernandoalexiss Hermosa la foto!! está mas que perfecta! ♥  
niztnanot Amazing! 5/5  
Charles SJBV Maravilhosa foto e cidade!!!  
jonny00rage Gorgeous  
CEC2K8 5/5 Just IMPRESSIVE! I love the Volcano in the background  
Torrz amazing view!  
DarkLite lol nice joke roro ;)  
roro987 what a ugly banner!!! 5/5  
DarkLite Who needs a manmade skyline when you have a huge natural one?  
PEPEJOSE and the skyline?????  
marfig Simplemente, hermoso.  
Bon Vivant Fabuloso banner! Felicidades por su capital!  
airita_ntc91 great!  
ronnyfv kenni, mis respetos. 5/5  
francocolombiano33 nice view  
parismatch Beautiful picture, but not much of a skyline.  
casau_hs So romantic X-)  
Baartt unbelivable! 5/5  
REAPER666 94 like it!  
CEC2K8 Where are the rules about banners?? Where is estipulated that it has to be a Skyline :S!! THIS IS A GREAT BANNER  
CEC2K8 Where are the rules about banners?? Where is estipulated that it has to be a Skyline :S!! THIS IS A GREAT BANNER  
DarkLite You do realize there have been about 20 banners before with night time shots of cities in valleys?  
ElCrioyo The only reason i said that is because a banner should be about skyscrapers of different cities not about cities in valleys at night time...  
ElCrioyo @ Alejandro Ortiz: Why so offended, i didnt say anything wrong. wtf?  
HOLABETO jaja se nota la Torre Cuscatlán. Me gusta la combinación Luna-Volcán-Ciudad.  
ronnyfv 5/5 Felicidades hermanos salvadoreños  
ronnyfv 5/5 El mejor banner en mucho tiempo!  
Adjavi Excelente banner!! que bella san salvador!!  
Edif Guad Fabuloso, esa vista nocturna y esa luna llena cercana al horizonte!!!  
madek buena vista nocturna, 5!!!  
etc Great banner, San Salvador looks just amazing in this pic. The city itself, the volcano in the horizon and the full moon [5/5]  
CEC2K8 5/5 Just IMPRESSIVE! I love the Volcano in the background  
AuriRojo Impactante! 5/5  
TXSkyWatcher Beautiful!  
Alejandro Ortiz ElCrioyo: atleast we can get the message across: there is electricity in your brain, but no inteligence whatsoever.  
ChapinUrbano que bella se ve San Salvador, nice!!!  
FAVAustinTX @ElCrioyo, your comment is plane stupid.  
DarkLite We get it, there are smart-asses in Skyscrapercity but few genuine members  
ElCrioyo atleast we can get the message across: there is electricity in El Salvador but not Skyscrapers...  
LaaN93 BIG MOON ??? WTF ?!?!?  
RogerioAndrade I like it  
antoniagraza1962 saw one like this before the site crashed...Makati, Philippines. It once had the top spot...oh, well. Great pic!  
Uaarkson Awesome banner. I love the atmosphere on this one.  
LUCHO_CASTOR Beautiful night view of San Salvador, congratulations friends from El Salvador...  
OmarD muy linda alfombra de luces. La Luna, genial  
ericrocio What a beautiful valley and the moon looks just like I remembered closed enough to touch. Miss you my lovely Cuscatlán.  
Espasa Un clasico...Unos de lo mejores banner de nuestras tierras. 5/5. Felicitaciones.  
alek_os looks great, like a light up lake :D  
GAM@ que vista..  
velbujd byutiful  
short_gladiator simply owesome!!!!!!!!!  
mriganka nice  
betocalo 5/5 I like this banner  
100%catracho bello san salvador!!  
hamilton05001 Hermosa fotografia lindo San Salvador!!  
nixy [link] :) 5 !  
NgelM amazing! you dont need skyscrapers to be on skyscrapercity :)  
mecanico242 muy bonito!  
Gea&asociados me gusta  
rojecco Great pic!!  
Luisma 5/5 Love it!  
D@zuero Linda vista y con esa luna fabuloso, saludos desde Panamá.5/5  
EsCaNdIo Hermoso, 5  
Ribarca Nice view!! Only that moon does seem way too big.  
DarkLite 5 :) Hermoso paisaje  
Lulamann Holá amigos del San Salvador, El Salvador. Felicidad y prosperidad! De Salvador - Bahia - Brasil  
DarkLite 5 :) Hermoso paisaje  
Leandrix SSC Hermoso :) 5/5  
Jaru123 Felicidades Amigos del El Salvador.  
Jaru123 Excelente banner un 5.  
Jaguar lindo, y que luna!!  
Guaribayo Cool, what a beautiful moon, It looks big !  
alfombro beautiful horizon, hills & moon in a special way... cool pic  
hec2r-hec2r-activa8 Bed of lights! awesome!  
Guille76 hermosa panoramica de la ciudad! 5/5  
Skeltar Not very original or San Salvador-ish, but very impressive view in any case!  
Lydon Nothing special at all. It could be one of a million cities in the banner.  
FAVAustinTX 5/5 Just beautiful and romantic.