banner of April 6, 2011

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titleNew National Stadium at Costa Rica
locationSan Jose, Costa Rica
sourceforum user luisen
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 2.63, total votes: 638
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S.J. Capital superb!!! amazing!!!  
mecanico242 4/5  
mau1689 Exc el estadio nacional!!!  
GENGIBRE12 Esta bonito el estadio chino  
ulicesx excelente banner. 5  
HQ horrible, this is not a rigth picture for this site, 1  
itzcazu HERMOSO!!!  
rolarcch88 Muy bonito nuestro estadio nacional  
JoseCamposRojas Great picture of a great moment in Costa Rican history!  
tevnalan objective, nice banner!!  
gonzabar_77 no city here  
Euro-Maracay Un 3 bonito estadio  
Sivarman ??? What are we rating concerts settings?  
RigoStar Chinese National Stadium in Costa Rica...  
lacrosseman25 amazing scene!!  
Tillor87 En Mercurio :D  
paranoidandroid ¿Y donde está San José? 0/5  
LIR Hello, stunning and wonderful Stadium...thanks Chinese People...!!! From Liberia, Costa Rica  
D@zuero Bonito estadio tico, 5/5  
Sicalis Great pic! Thank you China!  
Charles SJBV Beatiful stadium!!! 5/5 from Brazil  
Travispluma buen estadio me encanta el mejor de centroamerica...  
(E.G.O.S.)® Bonito juguete nuevo.  
Occit good 4/5  
robertomel skyline please.  
GoldenAGe muy colorido 5/5 desde Guate  
Mik3 Sorry! Bad banner 1/5 It really looks like a circus!  
IRAZU Congrats Costa Rica & the new Stadium!  
DKNY81 :)  
Soteropolis1 Skyline?  
FranLorduy 5/5  
DudyMako Great banner :) Lovely infrastructure 5/5 from China  
MexicoNarcos third world banner  
JESGER66 this picture is not the most suitable for this banner, great stadium  
MEMC0282 @ NietoDelJaguar, San Jose, Costa Rica  
MEMC0282 @ NietoDelJaguar  
MEMC0282 @ NietoDelJaguar  
ChapinUrbano great stadium, poor banner.  
PanaManiac What is it and which San Jose?  
Bosancero f...... town  
CrazyForID not impressed  
Cafetëro Congrats Ticos!! great stadium! 5... from Colombia.  
NietoDelJaguar San Jose California? :0)  
gljiba awful!!!!!  
emas22 Very bad banner: 1/5  
emas22 Very bad banner: 1/5  
MonsterPug Are they showing the "Monster Cave" because of the Saprissa v. Real Salt Lake game?  
Evil Empire Saludos desde Serbia y Argentina! 5  
Antoniojbl Viva Costa Rica-5/5 do Brasil  
Alnitak 5/5  
likeluis Very nice!  
Tillor87 5/5 !! :)  
Mutiix123 5/5  
cardona parece un verdadero circo  
VirDiligo Flop 15. 1/5  
Adorm ElCrioyo, you do realise that this forum covers more than just skyscrapers right? Its about the built environment... Nice picture, not so great as a banner though  
CHI3 Great banner Ticos, saludos desde Panamà! 5/5  
ElCrioyo are u kidding me? this could just be any other stadium... people forgot that this SKYSCRAPERcity...1/5  
ElCrioyo are u kidding me? this could just be any other stadium... people forgot that this SKYSCRAPERcity...1/5  
omelette du fromage 1/5 ugg  
Ballota Poljud Stadium copycat! :D  
Servitium Shakira again -_- waka waka  
entreact333 wow 5/5  
oriontrail 5/5 because I clicked on MURMANSK banner, obviously it has just changel LOL...this banner is 1/5, worst ever