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titlePalembang, Indonesia
locationPalembang, Sumatra, Indonesia
sourceforum user paradyto
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 1.82, total votes: 1163
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aan_mustafa  +2
thewolf434 good  
thewolf434 goog  
groodery Nice  
emabcr Pene  
Suburban Knight UGLY  
IrilWorld good  
Fayeddd will be very cozy there  
kddr95 exotic..  
edensor nice  
teu_gableg_ngaran jelex  
TujuhEnam malah promosi  
ooh It's pretty awful... Looks like a bad hotel advertising campaign  
hugodiekonig Horison horrible Palembang  
xxxriainxxx Tae. Just returning the favour.  
fadlifplg97 Jembatan Ampera lebih keren nih  
beryDS banner yg bukan "palembang" banget  
okiazr halah nomer 2 terbawah?  
pekerja_proyek dalam satu pulaunya ada 3 kota yang lebih kereen (biasa aja)  
magelang worthy of being the city of Palembang Internatioanl  
langit_biru 3/5  
yudibali2008 Indonesia not only Jakarta, Palembang is one of future city in Indonesia....go Palembang!!!  
GoldenPark™ -100?  
DSP CHAMP No good  
marching I like this banner.. awesome pic!  
hem2mars LOL, you're funny.  
dmarney ?!  
rosario_arq marketing (?) horrible  
ariqtopalovic WOW ! AMAZING ! love this city. nice to meet you everyone!! im from Venezuela.  
elrusodan Looks more like an ad for an apartment complex... 3/5  
Anak-tij foristas de indones, a los d otros paises no les gusta los collage, y menos y si no lo saben acomodar  
tevnalan I have been there, and it is the city, and I heard will be a host of SEA GAMES 2011, The bridge is proud og it had been u here in SSC, I saw the banner twice time. so let them show another side of this city... GOOD!  
amza This does not show the actual city of Palembang, where the bridge is proud of it? ckckcckkk ... really the worst banner  
Jarvy94 Eso es un banner???  
Usanmart -1000000 horrible  
sC-rD.010 Feooo 1/5  
AQPTavO Horrible!  
cardona q porkeria jejejeje  
jesusRGR el letrero que se ve en el centro del banner debe decir en ves de horison "horribleee"  
Bauer-Ewald horrible  
Zbignich Hotel postcard.  
FranLorduy Baaad! Baaad!  
fragel congrats for getting the top position in the ranking  
Waddler Elmo what has been seen... cannot be unseen D:  
ROMEIB wtf????? 1/5  
_Mort_ the worst ever  
nenea_hartia Palembang deserves a better one. Sadly, 1/5.  
Offspring Probably the worst banner ever  
menelaos horrible  
NiltonCba terrible  
Jack Danis very bad  
Yurka52rus make me unsee it  
M@rtoc Pretty bad... 1/5  
[Prinny Man] What the hell is this ?  
Simgiov lol? 1/5  
Junk Are you serious?!  
Junk ?!?!?!  
Sir Costa What the hell is this?  
Xeno Axe banner????  
Wisch hideous  
Suburban Knight anyone giving this a 5 (or even a 2) needs glasses!  
emas22 Piece of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...  
JF97 FLOP 15 !! 1/5  
hoody Hmmmm hotels. 1  
AleXandrA23 oh dear. i kinda like the left part of the baner but thats all. sorry 3  
Dubai Skyscraper i hope this is the VERY LAST collage now! almost everyone hates them!  
entreact333 5/5  
Blazar horrible banner  
montesky omg  
Poul_ sorry but this ugly  
Raymondzhydra @ Suburban Knight, LOL!!! and I agree with the majority on this one.  
musa90 yuk...  
Babel_ambitions I can only concur with the consensus of the good Sky Scraper City users.  
jar_007 sad... 1  
jingene.wong !?  
Pegula.00 The worst rated banner ever... xD  
Zerg WTF?!  
Suburban Knight is this a hotel brochure??  
asotUA I though that was a mobile phone at first.haha  
ikhlas001 really nice.. :)  
JJose bad 1/5  
Tillor87 1/5 :(  
Mutiix123 Poor banner. 1/5  
BG_PATRIOT This really has the potential to become one of the flop 15 :(  
Novalis88 WTF IS THIS? 1  
shyman159 it will a best day  
join_zulfian excellent  
Antoniojbl Very nice, 5/5 from Brazil  
VinicioHB Expectacular  
mecanico242 1/5  
rY17 1/5  
goschio wtf. Looks like some hotel ad.  
arquitekto FLOP 15. 1/5  
paranoidandroid Crap -999/5  
WesleyL8 wtf²  
nachop666 1/5 una poronga atada  
GanEden muslim country = bad  
smg820 nice city :D  
Andrezito What it means?  
fut13 bad  
Erran very nice city, just bad quality pic  
Karlin Love it, love it! 5/5...saludos de Lima  
Botswana Piece of shit banner. Who submitted this trash? 1/5  
marching Very nice, and nice shoot! and nice camera too.. poor if You said this is an ad?? SEA GAMES 2011 on this city.  
paradyto excelent!!  
gunny.gunason verry Nice!  
Keni GM Is this some advertisement, lol, 1/5!  
Cuauhtemoc Who chose this as a banner??  
raeidh terrible!  
vittorio tauber Dreadful banner. What on earth was it supposed to show? 1/5  
OldBoy137 1/5  
Arestullah ketigax  
P0ezhai 1!  
Lord_Arantir wtf!??