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locationPerast, Montenegro
infoPerast and Our Lady of the Rocks in Bay of Kotor - celebrating 5 years of the Serbian language forum.
sourceDanijel Jovanovic
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 3.79, total votes: 1091
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M.F.N. 2/5  
DinoJ 5 stars from Sweden!  +1
Cristian G. Excelent! 5++  
Tomo1308 Na slici je Perast i prirodno ostrvo Sveti Djordje a u pozadini Lovcen,a malo se vidi i Stoliv  +1
Tomo1308 Perasto I love him  
Unregistered hvala milo, mugi svaka cast nema sto! o.O  
Diwali233 Beautiful Boka, Beautiful Montenegro !  +1
Jovan69 Prelijepi Perast!  +1
Gile 5/5 Awesome Montenegro!  +1
runolist beautiful Montenegro  
pablo121 5/5 from Poland. Slavic countries are the best ;]  
vfrka1 Serb sea!  
newperm1 5/5, Perm  +1
thegreenapple111 where's the skyline? this is skyscrapercity! 1/5 from indonesia.  
kingwel Nice view. I wanna go there.  
hugodiekonig 3  
oriontrail Haters gonna hate... :( 5/5  
RonRodex 5/5 from Ukraine  +1
mAiNsTrEaMhunter 5/5 pretty perast!  
Леонид wow beautiful 5/5 from Honduras  
dnh310 4/5 From Argentina.  
Pegula.00 But where are the skyscrapers?!?! Just kidding... xD  
ArtZ 5/5 from Poland.  +1
delija90 Why so serious?  
Al3XaNd4R kako su sad poceli jedinice da udaraju kad su vidjeli da je otisao baner na prvo mjesto..  
Jules92 :D  
auguster UOUUUU.5/5  
Mali V/V of course  
kokomo 5/5 really awesome place  +1
ilyassmos amazing place  
angelexousia1980 5/5  +1
entreact333 5/5  +1
Balkanada @HDZ zove se Kotorska Boka  
HDZ Prelijep pesaž Hercegove Boke.  
Deusdies 5, iz Kragujevca! Prelepo, bio sam u Prcnju/Stolivu xxxx puta, i naravno na gospi!  
QuarterMileSidewalk Montenegro is just fine. 5!  
Carlosx 4/5 hermoso!  
Aladar This summer I was here a holiday. 5/5 from Pécs, Hungary! :)  
94rocket Amazing! 5  
BiH-x Petica iz BiH;-)  
poseta1 @ Split, Serb queen Jelena, mother of Serb kings Milutin and Dragutin has raised many orthodox and catholic churches wide Serb kingdom, as well as in Zeta (today's Montenegro), including i.e. Ratac monastery, as she got that part of Serb kingdom to rule in the 14th cen.  
montesky petica naravno  
tazZ 5 za Perast :)  
Raymondzhydra This is beautiful, I mean it fellows. Definitely in my All-Time Top 5  
Mesopotamico 5/5 from Argentina. Excelent!!  
World8115 Beauty 4/5  
[NL] Mr.Mit. [NL] Fantastic scenery! A skyscraper has yet to be found but what a great banner!  
100%catracho Wowww!!!  
dooonut 5/5 from Thailand :)  
LCIII Gorgeous scenery!  
OldBoy137 4/5  
brise soleil nothing special  
jooxel 5/5 from Ags. Mex.  
Natanael Macdonald Just Amazing!! 5 from Cancun!  
Rago amazing  
Gardel 5/5 from Argentina  
Keni GM this is Sveti Đorđe, not Our Lady of the Rocks!  
Ivo Andrić @ Split3 There is many catholic heritage in the Serbian speaking area, it is nothing unusual ;-) Since the Bay of Kotor was under Venetian & Austrian (two catholic empires) rule. This banner should represent Montenegro, one out of three member states of the Serbian language forum here :-)  
ussagus Amazing banner !!  
reQuiem4adream beautiful!!!!!!!!!!  
jffaraco Stunning! 5/5 from Brazil  
HOLABETO great  
jimmy spong split3 : nothing funny , catholic monasterys are rightfull heritage of boka bay history  
LeitoStafe Perfect! 6/5  
Split3 @ Ivo Andric: "funny" is not ofending. Or, it didn't mean to be. Just reading an image. This is a catholic monastery, isn't it?  
Vrachar 5/5  
Ivo Andrić @ Split3 Your comment is stupid ;-)  
flyinfishjoe 5/5  
timonass 5 from Sofia  
BORMOT Pozdrav iz Rusije. Sto posto 5 za Crnu Goru. Perast je božestvennyj grad. Ali na slike je nie Gospa od Škrpjela  
Julio Rocha 5/5 from Brazil. Very beautiful place.  
Nort 5/5 :P  
Nort Cool Banner!  
Split3 Sv. Juraj, a Benedictine monastery! Funny to celebrate the Serbian language form with an image of a catholic monastery. Beautiful place!  
BR 364 Amazing place! 5/5 from Porto Velho, Brazil  
Unregistered Pozdrav iz Rusije. Sto posto 5 za Crnu Goru. Perast je božestvennyj grad. Ali na slike je nie Gospa od Škrpjela  
oriontrail Susjedima petica.  
Honest_John Magicno mesto!  
UrbanIntervention Beautiful shot... amazing place!  
zazianza 5/5 from Rosario, Argentina  
benjamin.tjong 5/5 DREAMY.....  
TuzlaBoy 5 zvjezdica od Bosanaca  
smrdoljub 5 of course :)  
Singidunum e-1 yes, as pointed out in comment 12  
FredPerry 5  
mihai5 5/5 ....  
E-1 This is Saint George island, not Our Lady of the Rock  
disciple9 5/5 from Dresden, Germany  
DusanPodgorica Gorgeous! Predivno li je. :)  
jonix4 5  
JloKyM 5/5 Super banner :)  
nowan picturesque  
Tony Tv 10! I live in this bay - Boka Kotorska. Regards from Montenegro!  
SokoX For our southern brothers 5/5 with my fully heart!  
Eddard Stark nu con ti e ti con nu, the last piece of Venice to fall to the austrians. Still now it looks an italian town  
nixy 5 za susede...  
stormwatchforever Nice, shame the front subject is in the complete shade.  
chibetogdl paradaise 5/5  
tialap Perfect 5/5 from Thailand  
Ivo Andrić 5***** from RS :-)  
0918181818 great island..,around the mountains.awesome...5/5 frpm VN  
Le Clerk Been there. Awesome place! 5/5 from Bucharest  
Albinfo 5/5 from albania :) amazing  
EceB 5/5 from Brazil ! amazing pic !  
terrakom2 5/5 from Russia, Volgograd  
oompaloompa Amazing!!!! 5/5 from Chile  
Espasa cool 5/5  
andrehrg *o* ----- 5/5 from Brazil  
maniacoargento Amazing banner. 5/5 from Argentina  
FG-BR 5 from Brazil (Lindo)  
EsCaNdIo 5 from Argentina  
EsCaNdIo relax  
boom_box Something that is totally hidden in Serbia.. Gave 5/5 from Philippines  
ericcando like the city on a fairy tale, so mesmerizing !  
Ady001 It's like Battleship Island.  
damarsinyo 5/5 from semarang.  
R.K.Teck That place looks so cool, I'd love to visit someday!  
Alexpilsen It Rocks! 5/5 from Brazil  
poseta1 Montenegrinking Nikola Petrovic, the 19th cen:"Follow me Montenegrins onto Bar our Serb Bar, onto Serb sea" :)  
fabrikausa I just went to Belgrade last week and I can say the city looks amazing now.  
Delmat 5 for Montenegrin and Croatian sea  
daj_pan_spokoj 5! and it still looks better live.  
FREKI Very cool! 4/5  
CrazySerb Not as pretty as my Prcanj but I'll give it a five ;)  
EagleX 5/5 From SU!  
podvodni vrh!  
Floydian simply beautiful 5/5  
Bez_imena 5 *****  
filip__pg 5 for Perast  
Servitium Cooooool ! 5/5 from Las Gradiskas  
Читач-КГ Nice!  
prolaznikSRB Boka Kotorska rules!!!! *****  
poseta1 5 from Serbia for Serb sea, a piece of land of roots of mine. Cheers :)  
Singidunum Btw I made a small mistake, it should be Saint George island, not Our Lady of the Rocks :)  
Che7779 4 from Ukraine :)  
Dubrovnik Perast 5  
Singidunum Congratulations everyone! 5/5 for Perast, Gospa and Bay of Kotor!  
Buddy Holly Nice, 4/5  
igor 5 весьма красиво!  
Union.SLO Boka Kotorska is amazing. Regards from Slovenia.  
Mutiix123 5 * from Denmark  
rosulje 5/5  
Vitosha Magnificent scenery! 5 stars from Bulgaria.  
Accel weird  
FAVAustinTX 5/5, beautiful location, nice photo.  
W-Hawk Дивный пейзаж, 5 из Владивостока!