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titleIloílo City cityscape
locationIloilo, Philippines
sourceforum user habagatcentral1
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 2.72, total votes: 713
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Jeremy AC 5/5 pts nice  
Obamar94 5/5 from Santiago, Chile  
12jairien14 maka shock lng 5/5  
LCIII Boring  
swing_vote readytogo: NON SEQUITUR!!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!  
readytogo swing_vote: A brilliant and overwhelmingly successful person doesn't act like this. You can give your opinion and we all do respect that but OVER REACTING is a different story. I think you have a problem, and the source of that problem is within yourself. ouch again?  
Haldir07 ILOve ILOve  
qailord your so insecure and don't accept negative criticism, get a life readytogo  
"Adi" 5 for a city protecting a river. haters will point of argument.  
yvette29 harhar... NAKAKALOWKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)  
yvette29 anybody wants to meet me? i'm beautiful... :)  
swing_vote and by the way, I think you're ugly too. WAY TOO UGLY.  
swing_vote readytogo: O RLY??? You'll be surprised at how overwhelmingly satisfied I am of my life. I've had so many achievements and I am known to many as a brilliant young kid. Just look at how the ratings went: GOING DOWN. that speaks clearly. you need to bring up a better picture and stop lying to yourselves that this pic is beautiful because it is not. UGLY. FUGLY.  
readytogo @swing_vote. Well, actually the whole world is beautiful and the only ugly thing is you and your life. Ouch?  
yvette29 haterz gonna hate!!! swing_vote: die now, die!!!  
swing_vote I'm really sorry, hugodieking... it has turned into a pet peeve na kasi on my part... i'm always a huge critic of everything I see... i don't know if there's any relation b/w this and my frustration. i had a bad day yesterday, that could be the reason...  
swing_vote I don't have anything against Palawan Government's act of campaigning because the underground river is beautiful! But this one? Sorry but this is horrid. If you are campaigning to others to vote for something you support, it must, at least, be beautiful. this is but the opposite that's why kumulo ang dugo ko.  
CGMaurya P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C 0/5  
flyinfishjoe Beautiful  
EddieB317 I thought this was skyscraper city? Not small bloc era buildings city.  
hugodiekonig i commented on swing vote's post at wala lang thread (kindly read) before reading this page. I think @swing vote you must have a problem of frustration for losing some of your posts at the citizen's movement thread. I think your frustration has also boiled up to the rating system in this banner. i respect your point. kindly read my post  
Unregistered One more thing, swing those who promoted to vote 5 are simply campaigning for it. It is still up to the user to decide what score he/she is going to give. Well swing, since you dearly abhor those who are campaigning for 5 are you telling me that you are also abhor the Palawan government for campaigning all throughout the Philippines in voting the underground river as a natural wonder finalist? (which is a very similar case as we are having today) Do you discriminate their right to also express themselves? The mere fact that you freely expressed your own opinion, you yourself have to be open to other people's free reaction on your own comment.  
Unregistered mostly are from the philippines, and most of them are from iloilo...  
Rwarky I like the picture, and it looks like a great place to live.  
swing_vote mostly are from the philippines, and most of them are from iloilo...  
ferrersky Cute, unregistered and swing sung as one. Good luck to your abhorrence spree. BTW, who told you that the votes are mainly the product of regionalistic ego? Look at the location of those who rated 5 and gave comment. Well, thinkers are simply doers. I'm gonna enjoy this all night long!  
swing_vote that was me. heheh... just "unregistered." blame the server. heheh... anyhow, got nothing against ilonggos. they're always fun to be with. i have many ilonggo friends. what i'm just against is the act of lobbying to get a grade of 5. sorry, but i'm getting impatient with this kind of attitude. it has turned into one of my pet peeves. i've talked to the one who took the picture. He doesn't really give a damn about ratings. But I just want to be honest here and blunt because this has really turned into one of my pet peeves.  
Unregistered im not talking to you swing.. better check your eyes to an optalmologist or maybe you better sleep now.. :p  
rocketeer im not talking to you swing.. better check your eyes to an optalmologist or maybe you better sleep now.. :p  
Unregistered Me? Lolz. Just someone who is unbiased. unlike you guys who keep feeding your regionalistic egos each passing day...  
swing_vote Me? Lolz. Just someone who is unbiased. unlike you guys who keep feeding your regionalistic egos each passing day...  
rocketeer @unregistered who are you to describe that banner a horrible one? geez get a life  
swing_vote to be honest, that green-red ship totally ruined the photo. i've seen better looking photos of iloilo in SSC but giving this pic a 5??? :rolleyes:  
swing_vote likewise, i find it obnoxious when some people ask me to rate them 5 when I just don't see why I have to. Stop lobbying others to get a 5. Instead, face the criticisms and work harder for it.  
swing_vote i'm not saying that iloilo is ugly. i've never been there. what's upsetting me is that some people have the audacity to ask others to rate this photo a 5 when obviously, it doesn't deserve so. i'm just being real. if you want a 5, work extra hard for it so you'd get my 5. if not, i'd be honest with you that you don't deserve it.  
ferrersky To those who voted 1/5, I don't see any problem with it. It's your own opinion and everyone should respect it. I just can't tolerate those who want to strongly impose their opinions to others.  
Unregistered Deal with the fact that you are just biased about Iloilo being ugly :)  
detwis 1/5 sorry  
Unregistered won't keep my mouth shut for expressing my abhorrence over some people who like to feed their regionalistic ego by giving a much undeserving photo a 5. you better present better-looking pictures. this one is horribly-mediocre that's why i don't get why some people give it a 5. it's all a big joke!  
ferrersky @ swing - such a hipocrite! You're so sick with those lobbying for 5 stars with bias when you yourself are obviously being bias in promoting low votes. Who are you to say that those who gave 5 voted without bias? Do you think your opinion is above all-else? Are you omniscient? What's more sickening are hipocrites e.g. you, swing. It would be better if you had just voted and kept your mouth shut.  
swing_vote picture is UGLY. deal with it and stop feeding your regionalistic ego.  
ferrersky Poor Crabs, good luck. These 1-stared-crablets fail or repress to see the unique beauty of a certain place. They have a feeble-minded concept of beautiful cities having only highrises (huhuhuhu). Good luck also to your cities when it's your turn in the limelight!  
Unregistered 5/5 for iloilo city my pride..the city of LOVE! :) CRAB MENTALITY..ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! huhu only in the philippines..  
readytogo 5/5 Iloilo City is beautiful, deal with it, live with it, and die in envy with it (for the haters).  
rocketeer 5/5 for iloilo city my pride..the city of LOVE! :) CRAB MENTALITY..ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! huhu only in the philippines..  
Unregistered and yet some of you are so proud of it. just so sickening...  
virginmonkey Simple but beautiful. Not a picture montage! High structures don't appeal me but the nature: the river that looks clean. Anybody who can show the same?  
RaySthlm How can people give this 5 out of 5 haha, what a joke!  
RaySthlm horrible crap 1 out of 5  
swing_vote and yet some of you are so proud of it. just so sickening...  
swing_vote well, this is not to address the foreigners who gave it a 5. it is meant to address Filipinos to remove their biases and to shut up those who are lobbying others to give it a 5. give me a break. this picture should've been among the flop 15 if not for those others who mindlessly gave it a 5 just because they're from the Philippines. Nakakakulo ng dugo, nagpropromote na bigyan ito ng 5 when in truth and in fact, it is fugly. i just want to say, it doesn't deserve this high a rating. let me just quote one person, "wag kayo magreklamo kung maraming mababang vote nito. walang appeal e. cencya na po kabayan :l" I just want to shout that this is absolutely one of the ugliest banners I've ever seen and I can't believe others gave it a 5.  
karrlo martin awesome!  
gustokiddo Swing_vote, what about those foreigners that gave it a 5? And so what if they're filipino and they gave it a five? I don't think its any of your business if they like the picture.  
thegreenapple666 1/5 from jakarta!  
batusay 5...combination of old and new....  
STARofLIFE old charm blending with the modern world  
Oranje Strijder Boring and ugly, 1/5.  
Hawili Hurom it's not as grand as the other city... but this is my city so i give 5/5.. I LOVE ILOILO CITY!  
swing_vote it seems that the picture just tried to have so many objects captured in one shot. the green-red ship didn't jive well with what could've been a beautiful capitol. there are also so many unnecessary structures, etc etc. Yes, it is urban but one has to know how to make this "urban" appealing to the eyes...  
systemdownload looks ok 3/5  
Waldenstrom 5 from Japan :)  
swing_vote I removed all my biases so I ended up giving it a 1. I hope everyone votes wisely. just because you're from the Philippines, you're gonna give it a 5? No wonder, it seems that Filipinos are content with mere mediocrity. I'm giving it a 1 so you guys would see what is real... Don't expect everyone to give a 5 to something that doesn't deserve it. Sorry, kumulo lang dugo ko...  
Henz 5 for Iloilo City  
caloy nice scenery  
swing_vote 1/5. nothing extraordinary nor appealing...  
anthraxx synergy of the old and new!!  
mohit1 1  
Philerweb I Love ILoilo!  
babaylan my city, my pride! uswag iloilo!  
Gcorneja I love the old Iloilo Central Business District. I hope the city will preserve its low to midrise infras.  
leii_tomo The next big thing.. 5/5 ;)  
vincentvanhell interesting, but i don't see any highrise whatsoever, only midrise  
Disturbing Reality Old Iloilo! I hope to see more low to midrises built in traditional architecture in this part of the city and have the skyline grow in the new CBD in Mandurriao district! Cheers!  
lookma ให้ ห้า โคตรฟายยอ่ะ :D  
booms 5/5 from manila  
blu.sparks waswas Iloilo!  
john kevin i'll be bias ..i love iloilo.. :DD  
regjeex NICE  
dagyang_grandson very classic... iLove iLove!!!  
Dakpa ang akong tiil 5 stars! the home of MANG INASAL! from Compostela Valley ;)  
Jorungsi เหมือนหนองหมาว้อ  
The Vow like  
spacewagon0001 5 for my beloved city - from London  
Simgiov i like this photo, 4/5 from Italy  
palangga ko ang Iloi 5/5 my city my pride..  
Kimiwind1184 who gives this one 5 stars is an idiot. F**k yeah, 1/5 for good  
Azrain98 3/5 from Malaysian..nice river..clean..=)  
kay_r_5 My City, My Pride  
kay_r_5 I LOVE You ILOILO CITY  
rodz111 5 from gensan  
xxxriainxxx I LOve! I LOve! This is quite a pretty city.  
mark4051997 4 from the city of new horizons, QC  
Ping Gan my city, my pride  
entreact333 5/5  
ApoNiDatuPaiburong @hugodiekonig hwag mo silang banggitin... E report nila nyan, initiating CVC, tpos ma BAN ka kaagad... easy lang tol...  
ApoNiDatuPaiburong very clean river... good for dragon boat race...  
lex_99 5 for my beloved city! :)  
Iloilo_Guy 5/5 Iloilo city rock  
OldBoy137 2/5  
hugodiekonig at RioARCH, pinag-uusapan ka nila sa Thailand forum  
zeidderf river city!!! nice...  
ralph fiennes my hometown! high 5!  
Dr. Richard Espeno Iloilo is really a beautiful city, congratulations!  
tita01 5 nice  
RioARCHTQTO w-140s500l - current viewing activity: regional Thailand forum  
Blubinbin 5 from CDO :D  
arcabe ok lang yang 1...may kaya may kulob man a..  
twIco 5 from Cebu.  
mottymot_007 5 from CdeO Congratz and Halong :)  
w-140s500l 1  
jochval 5 from cebu city...congratz to our brothers in iloilo!!!  
avensis92 5 from Pagadian City, PH [+]  
steadyasweroll ILOILO!  
Mindavao 5 from TAGUM CITY, Phils...  
Dynomite From Davao.  
Generals 5/5 from GENSAN  
CebuMagigger 5/5 from CEBU  
Gee Ens 5 from Davao.  
poker.face wag kayo magreklamo kung maraming mababang vote nito. walang appeal e. cencya na po kabayan :l  
igor 1...  
qailord IMO, they should have chosen other shots like the skyline of Iloilo which is beautiful, but still 5!!  
arcabe 5 for my city, nice old and rustic ships..clean river  
Cuauhtemoc ?? Absolutely dull photo!  
qailord 5 from Samar  
skyskimmer yeah. iloilo! 5/5 from kalibo  
FlyThought 5 bituin galing Pasig City!  
kamranyeezy 5/5 from Baku  
R@ssim Colourful! 5 and 5 from Shymkent!!!  
SamwiseGamgee 5/5 for Iloilo City!  
hugodiekonig keep on voting for 5 stars mga kababayan!  
hugodiekonig @death yeah indeed, kung sana yung sistema dito sa SSC ay madetect ang mga bumobuto na taga kapitbahay at ma-ban silang bumoto rito (tagalog nalang ako para hindi nila maintindihan) whoa, the score stats to go down  
death327 @hugodiekonig... that's okay... we can't really please everyone :D  
hugodiekonig look at the chart. may bumoto nanaman ng 1. 4.33 lang kanina ang ave  
Walay Sapi 5 from cebu!  
hugodiekonig bumoto lang ng bumoto ng 5 mga kababayan!  
kianshi nice one iloilo! ILOveILOve!  
samsung22 iloilo!! cheers!  
hugodiekonig o sigurado iboboto nanaman yan ng mga kapitbahay iisang star nanaman ang mga ibibigay. haaay so crab!  
hugodiekonig limang mga tala para sa Iloilo!  
[nightfury] 5/5 from pangasinan