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titleRiga skyline
locationRiga, Latvia
sourceforum user Nomels
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 2.10, total votes: 658
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TehnologY Dark  
entreact333 5/5  
sandiego fail  
auguster What is the right?  
tim1807 1/5  
belisario Blocky shit rising 1/5  
eminencia average, disappointment  
DominoCity 1/5: Where's the skyline?!  
igor 1...  
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  
Granični Proizvod Not a very good banner :)  
TRANCER_Kh поганий банер. Рига варта більшого!!!  
rjd2 Love Riga, dislike the photo  
Alex KZN nice!  
Val_project i'ts sunny day but why dark?  
Simgiov sort of "ok". 3/5 from Milan Italy  
Arestullah I think Riga would have very much better view. Sorry only 1  
Soteropolis1 Dark and bad photo. Skyline too far. Nothing to see. Shame for a such beautiful city.  
V_Power 5 only for that it was USSR  
abutarda I love Riga but this photo is very boring  
x-type wonderful city, horrible banner. Platvians, please send immidiately the new one in few weeks and show the beauty of that city :)  
ArtZ 3/5  
uralural really ugly....  
Oranje Strijder Beautiful city, bad photo. 2/5  
AR.BN 5 for wonderful Riga and respect to latvian people  
Dmitriy RND Wonderful  
Wesoły Romek SUPER MIASTO!  
arkoro lol 2/5  
Bakuman The photo does not do justice at the city. 2/5  
licenseplateman 2/5 from Växjö, Sweden... Great city but picture could have been much better  
mimol I know it's a beautiful city, but photo is terrible. 1/5 from POZnan*  
Junk 5/5 I don't see the bad in this picture.  
VI@CHESL@V 4/5 from Ukraine  
new art riot good city, bad banner  
xxxriainxxx Looks depressing.  
Kiboko 1/5 from Holland  
tur beautiful city, but very poor photo :/  
singoone Nice city !  
mikhal77 I am giving 5 because i was there and the city looks much better than on this poor picture  
wino i can imagine zombies walking around the city.. it looks really dead. 1/5  
Star2007 I like this city but photo is too bad. 4/5  
Ress A very sad view of a bewtiful city  
nawat001 cool  
leofriends OMG!! wew.. ok i give 5  
zaguric2 1/5 or can I give zero?  
GIM The sky is so brilliant, but the I cant see!  
balu-bog не видно ж ничего  
lukaszek89 5 from Poland  
croomm банер неудачный, но 5 для поддержки штанов  
ivonne pt UGLY BORING 1/5  
CarltonHill can't see the buildings clearly... 1/5  
Poloniy_210 Баннер ужасен, будто специально выбирали худшую фотографию Риги. 1/5  
eduardoviedo Frias is a fantastic medieval village in Burgos and the fotograph is fantastic too  
hif uglyyyy!!  
Ksenofob Beautiful city, ugly banner: 3/5  
Evrasia 99911 pffffff ... bad banner  
Singidunum 5/5 from Serbia  
io_bg One simply doesn't take landscape shots at noon.  
edox_ boooooring  
Mr.Freeman да, город отличный. за город 5. но баннер даже хуже чем УГ(  
Che7779 Город прекрасный, но фото ужасное... 2/5 от Украины :(  
santacruz2050 :( mmmm  
Brad This banner is very good for Riga. All talll buildings are shown)  
kamranyeezy 5/5 от Баку и Москвы :)  
Ctulhu Каша а не баннер, поставил 3/5 из за уважение к этому городу.  
ikeamen и, да, свободу русскому языку! гражданство "негражданам"!  
ikeamen хороший город. плохой баннер. 3/5  
osmant бедная Рига... за что ей такой баннер...  
RagazzoSiberiano Стоит баннер "и тихонько себе в Ригу едет".  
R@ssim Скучновато... Солнце сбивает цветовую гамму, его лучи заглушают всю картинку. Хотя красивые здания... Но я поставлю 5. Во-первых, знаю, что шквал хороших оценок баннер не ждет, во-вторых, знаю, что Рига - красивый город. В третьих, все-таки бывшая братская республика... :)  
teu_gableg_ngaran PERTAMAX