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titleSevilla cityscape
locationSeville, Spain
sourceforum user Jujo
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 3.69, total votes: 583
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entreact333 5/5  
MexicanBoy Que buen banner 5/5 y muy bella ciudad  
aoz1974 ¡¡¡Qué ciudad más guapa!!!! 5/5 desde Chile  
Albinfo 5/5 from albania :)  
LaDyMaRTa My country Spain is simply beautiful!  
yucca ★★★★★ iz Sarajeva  
Almansiniko Seville has got a special colour....  
Arestullah Classic view. I love it. 5 from Palembang  
landrea Wonderfull Sevilla, I love it. (from Padany)  
persona753 Por fin Sevilla en el banner!  
Libidito Great!  
Zaro My favourite city in Spain!  
licenseplateman 4/5 from Växjö, Sweden  
newen Stop the Cajasol tower!  
dosmundos 5. I can't wait to see a banner of Sevilla with Cjasol Tower and La Giralda.  
DominoCity very classic; 2/5  
hndnsg classic  
SFC Beautiful City!!! 5/5  
jumping_jack 5/5  
JoHaN 15 A mi me encantaaaaa!!  
Om81 5 de Moscu  
jome_omt 'Sevilla, tan sonriente, yo me lleno de alegría cuando hablo con su gente...' Oh, Seville! Of course 5 points from the other part of Andalusia (Jaén) for this beautiful photo and city!  
garzland tres  
NickNN 5 from Russia  
maylie Sevilla is the most stunning city I've ever been. Absolutely fantastic. However this banner doesn't show all it beauty but I will vote 5/5 nevertheless. I adore Sevilla! Greetings from Bulgaria!  
chipheob3 4/5...  
Mando`ad 5/5 from Kędzierzyn-Koźle ,Poland  
Quintina 5/5 desde Tucumán! Amo Sevilla con todo mi corazón!  
CF221 beautiful towers  
artemka what's the crop? :ohno:  
Coragem My city is 5 in SSC  
Cbr Domes 5/5 from Coimbra, Portugal to Sevile, Spain  
minichori Beautiful city in the world.. My city. 5/5  
Aaronj09 Finally.. a city that is not butt ugly  
HKG Nice looking city, 5/5 from China.  
stormwatchforever 5/5  
Viva_Bulgaria Una ciudad maravillosa y monumental; 5/5 desde Bulgaria  
Che7779 5/5 from Ukraine!  
hugodiekonig cuatro