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titleBatam cityscape
locationBatam, Indonesia
infoBatam is a Free Trade Zone city in Indonesia
sourceforum user fredzse11
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 2.33, total votes: 654
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aan_mustafa 1/5  
oriontrail Flop of the month  
luiiss 5/5 from Guadalajara, México.  
bbq I love Batam! My 2nd home...  
entreact333 5/5  
riadylicious my hometown now.. 5/5  
topan_febrinata good lah buat new city , go batam  
WYZ Can't even complain that green building. Nothing to see, really!  
radeoNko just wow  
soteropolis25 1/5 from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil  
auguster Ugly.2/5 from Curitiba,Brazil.  
Houshmman Baaaad... 1/5 from Belo Horizonte, Brazil  
Bambarema 4/5 Nice banner  
bisco_ale hideous! 1/5  
ValeryiPhil 2/5 from Kyiv, not nice look...  
aries shinobi beutiful city  
radiankeller i like it,  
adhinanda lovable city :)  
licenseplateman 3/5 from Växjö, Sweden  
eurico nice picture of Batam  
Venantio It's a developing city....  
purty_trash what?where? Why am I seeing this picture?  
damarsinyo excellent! 5/5  
jhojockey not bad for industrial area. 2/5  
Simgiov this banner is too slow to load, every SSC page i open this banner is the last thing to load, a couple of minutes after i open the page. 1/5  
uspaorkoo honestly, I don't like it 1/5 sorry  
nthbeach So many fives, 2/5 from me. This is not a good look.  
Oranje Strijder Really ugly. 1/5  
rokku_san What's the hell is this? this is deserve to be banner LMAO, looks like shit ^^  
dariannk really good for a city in Indonesia n outside of Jakarta. Ive been there and it's clean. 5/5 from Jakarta  
WilfBurnsFan Not the most gripping of banners - sorry, Batamites  
novian thanks all...Batam will be growing up dan rising for the future.....  
RasyidOchmann 5 from East Malaysia :D  
Raffo 5/5 for batman city  
ArtZ 4/5  
Budi_anduk 5/5 from pekanbaru  
Rovinjac City of the future! 5/5 from Croatia.  
Schuldi beauty  
jonathanterbang sing ngerate 5 kuwi solidaritas cinta bangsa lan negara...  
kang rey 5/5  
inBaliTimur typo to comments below: why I vote that  
inBaliTimur 3/5 don't ask why I said that  
5ilham let's growing up!!  
Leonardo M. Gaz 0/5 sorry  
Adpenturz @Raymondzhydra : why don't you submit the cities in your country to Jan, instead complained. i'm waiting for your banners  
Adpenturz @Raymondzhydra : why don't you submit the cities in your country to Jan, instead complained. i'm waiting your banners  
Raymondzhydra I am getting sick of Indonesian banners! this is the 3rd or 4th in April, Come on guys, give it a break! 1/5 from me  
yudibali2008 5/5, i like the city! from Indonesia  
shrimpcitizent 5/5 bagus, makin banyak aja kota kita yg masuk Banner! :) from Cirebon  
Hadi Next Expanding of Singapore :)  
RonnieR I have been to Batam once. I love it there - industrial city, clean and near to Singapore. 5 from Manila.  
sunsunsun luv it  
atmada Batam deserves a better skyline..4/5 :)  
w-140s500l okey. from hatyai city thailand. 3/5  
Birsen nanana batman  
catuira very bad  
Adpenturz 5 from Yogyakarta..:okay:  
hermawan 5/5 from Bumi Arema  
D3Y 5/10 from cisapi  
BATAMANIA my beloved city  
Erran nice growing city  
fajarmuhasan nice batam  
medanku.ayomaju nice  
voxario Nice City of Indonesia  
jar_007 terible  
novian city view...  
White Bear -5/5  
Che7779 0/5  
bharadya lovely!  
masaguseka28 nice view of batam 3/10 from plm!  
eugene333 5 from Novosibirsk. 'Ve been there few times :) Love that place  
Val_project neighbor city of singapore 5/5  
rahul medan 5/5 i love Batam  
arif doank this banner so cool........ I Like the landscape  
Seloloving For some reason, this reminds me of Pyongyang.