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titleVigan City
locationVigan, Philippines
infoA UNESCO world heritage city well known for its unique European colonial architecture.
sourceFung Yu
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 3.27, total votes: 613
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geloboi0830 My City! :D  
jonathanterbang elek !!  
future_proof time travel.It's more fun in the Philipppines!  
oriontrail source: FUNG YOU :D lol  
future_proof a gem of philippine tourism. it's more fun in the Philippines!  
Van Loon "LOL!! flop 15? envious people are those who voted 1 star.." If this is a beautiful banner! :bash:  
hugodiekonig this is one of the few cities in the philippines wherein as if you are in Spanish cities like Seville and Madrid  
gagaism georgeous :D 5/5 from Herzeg-Bosnia :)  
luiiss 5/5 from Guadalajara, México.  
entreact333 5/5  
snakeydubai do snakes live their????????????????????????  
Coragem Amazing! 5/5 from Salvador, Brazil  
HKG 5/5  
newperm1 5  
alexander2000 5 points from Vancouver  
SFC Great colonial architecture 5/5 from Spain  
boy8293 4/5 from bkk  
phoenixboi08 I need to go...Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore  
808 state lovely  
DRUFUS Wow! It's a very interesting place!  
Sandro Bernardo 5/5  
Loro. 5/5  
r0mm3l mabuhay ang pinas!  
jaysan81286 With ♥ from Cagayan de Oro City! :)  
Gcorneja 5/5 from Iloilo, Philippines  
PTAAG Asia which looks like Portugal)  
PTAAG 5 from Ukraine!  
Kiboko Where is the skyline?  
Encyclopedia25 With a strong taste of old European architecture. 5/5  
gaea03 LOL!! flop 15? envious people are those who voted 1 star..  
gaea03 voted 5/5 from Antipolo City  
gaea03 it do not deserve 1 star!! envious people losers!!  
ArtZ 5/5 from Bydgoszcz, Poland  
Citruseae In my bucketlist to visit! 5/5 -davao, phils.  
jdcwave 5/5 for this Spanish architecture-influenced city!  
BeeRLeO 5/5 from Thailand  
adhinanda wow, eurpe in asia!  
cebuboi 5/5 cebu, philippines  
Ephesus29 Stunningly European influenced, and proud of. 5/5  
tita01 5 nice from philippines :)))))))  
licenseplateman 3/5 from Växjö, Sweden  
joeff 5/5 from Bacolod City, Philippines!  
capricorn2000 5/5 from canada  
jome_omt Nice, a 5 from Spain  
superfan This picture looks strange.  
Alinghi UNESCO World Heritage Site. VIVA FILIPINAS!  
CebuMagigger 5/5 from the Queen City Of The South - CEBU  
zazianza 5/5 from Rosario-Argentina  
tatesama We expect better pictures, I'm sure this city has better shot angles.  
tatesama We vote 1 because we believe the picture deserves 1. That's all. There's is a combination of factors: picture quality, graphic composition, harmonious colours, wow factor and country. The city is nice, I acknowledge it but other factors made me rate it with 1/5 and no regrets.  
BCFeet Zigan rules!  
skyion Five!  
leofriends A UNESCO world heritage city well known for its unique European colonial architecture.  
Papont Nothing special but nice. 4/5 from Russia  
Adpenturz 4/5 from Indonesia  
blu.sparks old world charm.  
FromBaghdadWithLove for christ sake, why do people vote 1!! retards  
jaygold06 world heritage..  
dadiv@n old world charm! 5/5  
davaobred wonderful vigan 5/5 from davao city  
catuira classic! 5/5  
hugodiekonig Agbiag ti Suidad ti Vigan!  
alexbam2006 The Historic Vigan! :)  
habagatcentral1 UNESCO World Heritage City of Vigan! Viva Ciudad Fernandina! Viva Vigan!  
Che7779 5/5 from Ukraine!  
hugodiekonig viva vigan! 5/5!  
Kaltehitze Red Blade From iloilo, 5/5!  
тон Вези меня извозчик по пыльной мостовой! +5  
kalimantanku from Indonesia, 2/5  
Odoaker Colonialism rules!  
Van Loon Olé! A new picture for FLOP 15!  
LanceDriver It good sea another banner of the Sydney - by far the greatest on the human earthlings!  
kamranyeezy 5/5 from Azerbaijan !  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
vita42 Fine! 5 from Shymkent, Kazakhstan!  
-shan- white sky and blue sky :D 1/5  
jonathanterbang 1/5.... will be flop 15..  
[nightfury] 5/5 :) it's more fun in PH  
alheaine wow vigan..i wanna see u sooner..  
tatesama Thought it was European. Nice, but 1/5.