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titleLondon skylines
locationLondon, United Kingdom
sourceforum user gothicform
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 2.46, total votes: 739
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stop that cool  
vietnamno.1 1/5. Mù mịt  
oriontrail Where is London?  
mastodon this pic has its beauty  
hugodiekonig not a good banner for london. This banner must be unfair to London's built skyline  
tatesama Epic fail  
Joulupukki someone hates London..  
Val_project london better than this  
Pablo323 Seen better. For god's sake, it's London. 2/5  
GarfieldPark Can't see anything. Bad picture.  
AuriRojo horrible  
llerena1127 ugly!  
SOLOMON Not great  
Gotcha poor  
Unregistered Typical chinese quality... 1/5  
Rumors Awesome photo.  
gars129 I actually lile this pic  
Starscraper Nice to see a different side of the city  
auguster Ugly banner,wonderful city.  
mamelux cant see shit  
luiiss 5/5 from Guadalajara, México.  
Seyzmo 5/5 from Croatia  
maniacoargento One of the worst banners I've seen. 1/5  
shuvro lot better than this. More of the suburbs that you see from the eye than the skyline itself. Does not do justice. 2/5.  
shuvro lot better than thiss  
stormwatchforever 1000000000000000000/5 LONDON FOREVER!  
alphaxion Nice to see an uncommon view, the BT tower is oft maligned and the Wembley arch on the horizon hints at more.  
Sandro Bernardo 3/5  
Euphrates seen the better side of London skyscrapers. 2/5  
Pistolero I like it. 4/5.  
DRUFUS Awful photo  
entreact333 5/5  
narflc Looks like a Mad Max Movie  
Ondro I cant see naything?!  
il fenomeno bad sykline this city  
cloud32 I didn't even recognise this as London... The only visible landmark is BT Tower and Wembily... I just want to say that London is better then this picture  
olenevod 3/5 from Moscow  
Enabulele Picture = Fail. London = Beautiful 5/5  
TimeAndTide London sucks.  
LCIII Crap photo of an amazing city  
edutj16 feio  
Underlondonskies Makes a change not to see the Shard on a London skyline...!  
MarkO Beautiful pic of London - bravo to photographer  
MuyPacense Creo que Londrés tiene skyline para un banner mucho más vistoso. 3 porque pese a todo, es Londres.  
UrbanIntervention Sorry, but I don't like that shot.. London is a great city, but...  
WilfBurnsFan Doesn't show the Shard = good banner.  
kbh94 słabiutko- 2/5  
Italiano95 5/5 from Sweden!  
Endless810 same tokyo  
leofriends why its very dark.. sigh..  
Voorish-Gdansk 4/5 nic pic, though not many actual skyscrapers there  
Lugovoy Igor Ребята, ну зачем же вы так Лондон?...  
Almansiniko ugly  
AlexsAmazingIpad Can't you get a proper picture of london? There hasn't been a good one yet, and this is completely missing ALL of its skyscrapers, shard, gherkin, heron, t42, canary wharf etc... >:(  
shard97 siamu maharaj, london does have a skyline, don't assume that because this banner doesn't show one, doesn't mean that london hasn't got one...... end of rant  
shard97 c'mon SSC, London looks better than that. the pic is good, but it is missing: the shard, the city, cw ect  
Babel_ambitions Cmon, the dystopian sprawl has to be worth a few points!  
chrissus83 Why do we get such rubbish banners?????????  
Thanial the picture itself actually isn't bad, but that is the one angle of the London skyline that doesn't look fantastic, 3/5.  
thun Great motive, but the bottom half is too dark  
R7pl London is beautiful city, but I don't like this photo  
Zlat Palonsky 3/5  
Arda_1923 Nice colours.  
Himmelwärts wow! bullshit!!  
prisma What a lousy picture for a great city!  
JFK. omg, London as a major EU city certainly deserves a better picture, rather than this post-apocalyptic shit  
Kiboko Very nice apocalyptic picture. Too bad people in here don't know shit about good photography.  
ArtZ 3/5 from PL  
R.K.Teck Not the best one for breaking the idea that London doesn't have a skyline. It has BT Tower and Wembley on it, but we should have showed them The Shard; The City towers like T42, Gherkin and the Heron; and the Canary Wharf towers. 2/5 for this picture today.  
Miguel S Needs moar Shard.  
siamu maharaj 1/5 - London - the shittiest skyline in the world. Oh wait, it doesn't HAVE a skyline to begin with...  
radiankeller eww  
GTR99 look like Tokyo sky tree. Who responsible for this is really dumb  
mwahmed What a stupid Attemp  
mwahmed London is Nice, But not in This Banner  
Xtreminal Stupidest banner of London  
FromBaghdadWithLove cmon man, that looks like it went through a baghdad dust storm.  
purty_trash post apocalyptic London :o  
SE1 John needs more of the skyscrapers in the shot  
тон лажовый банер  
w-140s500l miss you London.  
Odoaker At least it is overall so dark, you can't see ugly.  
SO143 @Tiaren it is still better than berlin skyline :yes:  
kalimantanku from Borneo, Indonesia.. 4/5  
CarltonHill 1. sorry but there's nothing special here.  
Arestullah 3 from Palembang  
Copperknickers 1/5, that's London 40 years ago when we have a load of beautiful new skyscrapers to show off.  
Tiaren SO143 must be all "FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!" right now, because of the bad choice of banner. XD  
kamranyeezy 5/5 from Baku =)  
Fabri88 London deserves much more!!! 1/5!!!  
Crash_N There are a million better views of London's skyline, many of them 5 stars worth. This one gets 2 stars  
Sheridan 1 and no more.  
Kiboko Wow surreal! 5/5  
Ctulhu = [link]  
igor 1...  
vita42 This banner has resembled me Tehran's one.  
vita42 5 from Shymkent, Kazakhstan!