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titleFlorida Gold Coast
locationMiami, United States
sourceforum user QuantumX
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 3.32, total votes: 501
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gjergjkastrioti 1 from Albania  
eurico 5/5  
entreact333 5/5  
TroiQuangMayTanh 5  
SAP QuantumX, GTA means “Grand Theft Auto” and is a video game set in “Vice City”, a fictional city modeled after Miami. Congratulation, great banner.  
skyscraperhighrise This is so cool.  
QuantumX Sunny Isles Beach on the right can't be as tall as Australia's Gold Coast because of height limitations imposed by the FAA.  
Tchokan 5/5 from azores  
abrandao RIP Niemeyer...  
GENGIBRE12 lovei from El salvador (U.S)  
JohnFlint1985 Perfect job!  
davaoeagle Awesome! Now I miss FL and Miami.  
Paul305 Ask and you shall receive. Thanks Q for posting this. Never thought it would get approved so fast. Imagine what this skyline will look like in a couple of years with at least ten more skyscrapers on the beach (3 of which will be over 600 ft tall) and several others in Aventura.  
Vanaheim I thought that pic is from China 2/5  
QuantumX I wasn't expecting this to be up so soon. Jan said December 8th. This is looking up the Florida coast from Sunny Isles Beach to Fort Lauderdale. In between, you have Hallandale Beach and Hollywood Beach. Off to the left in the middle of the photo is Aventura. The southeast coast of Florida is known as the Florida Gold Coast, northwest Florida is the Emerald Coast, and so on. Yes, the Australian Gold Coast is a lot better, but there are 9 buildings in this photo over 500 feet tall with several more over 400 feet tall. They are a little more than commie blocks, though Sunny Isles Beach has quite a Russian population. Miami Beach is to the right out of the frame. What is GTA city?  
Makonza Nice!  
Róka Szép!  
MarcelloNYC It is time for Brasilia and Neymeier's work  
rene1234 Beautiful, 5/5:)  
Xtreminal 1/5 from UK  
soteropolis25 And Brasília?  
valdiclei When is a tribute to the great architect Oscar Niemeyer?  
ftlauddude Aventura, Sunny Isles, Hallandale, and Hollywood. Great shot!  
M.F.N. 3/5  
Urban Legend 5/5  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
SOLOMON totally agree, looks like GTA city!  
SOLOMON totally agre, looks like GTA city!  
juonliners looks like GTA city :D  
otsootso this is just a small section of the coast - miami is not even shown  
bbq this is FLORIDA, guys!!! 5 star from BATAM, INDONESIA :)  
Mr. Agent 1/5  
neigeternel Commie blocks district ;p  
Kanto 2/5  
mwahmed 5 from Karachi, Pakistan  
mwahmed This is nice city 5  
Albinfo WOW, 5 from albania :)  
Euplio :/ 4/5  
Woonsocket54 Hate to speak ill of the dead, but Brasilia is one of the textbook examples of urban planning mistakes.  
mtsbjm1 Great skyline of that part of South Florida :cheers2: | 5/5 From Indonesia  
Adpenturz 5/5 remind me of vung tau city in Viet Nam...  
Zfrex Bad skyline  
mOnEyCONDO88 nice view!!! ("",,)  
DannyelBrazil Miami is always 5/5  
sujaw queensland gold cost looks way better  
Arestullah 3 from Palembang, Indonesia  
Lino Niemayer deserves a banner today!!  
VGonzaga Oscar Niemeyer is dead and Brasilia is not the banner?  
hesitancy Beatyful ....  
redcode 5  
Dubrovnik 5  
k% it looks like Russia with commieblocks.  
Grejv GTA Vice City :)  
kotipot aussie rip-off meh?!! lol. Just joking.  
ArtZ 4/5  
Murci Aventura and Sunny Isles . Very nice .  
Sheridan It's Sunny Isles Beach.  
fserges Похоже на Питер, Ваську :)  
embassyofaudrey awesome....