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titleShinjuku by night
locationTokyo, Japan
sourcemaddercarmine st
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 3.17, total votes: 558
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TroiQuangMayTanh 5  
Joulupukki opa gangnam style!  
jowmatrix Cyberpunk!  
entreact333 5/5  
skybuildalb 5/5 from albania :)  
skybuildalb largest city in the world and greatest.  
il fenomeno where is city?  
johnny_machine Love Tokyo! 5/5 from Portugal!  
Kanto 1/5  
Urban Legend 1/5  
andreicukapp what's this?  
M.F.N. 1 de 5  
sidney_jec stupid. really stupid 1/5  
ANONIMNIQ 5/5 from Bulgaria  
indefinite banner sucks  
WonderlandPark Going to Tokyo in 5 days!  
Rocky031 One of worst banners I have seen on forum 1/5  
lamc60 Shinjuku is great! This banner not so much.  
Ksykncacpfpta Should be a skyscraper, this is only a bit // 4 from BKK  
Alejandro24 Really great city [link] 5/5  
velbujd 5 from BG  
Libidito 5/5  
Libidito Amazing city!  
xvo city, sorry  
xvo 5/5 from Concepción, Chile congratulatios for this beautifull and modern coty.  
gla_c trury Tokyo 5/5  
Che7779 1/5  
redcode 5  
NickNN что за отстой?  
Danielbisogno Tokyo is THE best  
Arestullah 3 from Palembang, Indonesia  
Allan Fonseca 2/5 from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Good city, bad pic.  
iaafosc 3/5  
iaafosc great city...poor banner !  
mtsbjm1 2.5 | more like a hoarding :D  
ProdayuSlona My favorite! 5/5, of course!  
yujinn Tokyo, of course! 5/5  
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  
RafaelMeireles2 5/5 from Brazil, Tokyo is a perfect city  
Aliens Tokyo the BEST!!!  
RyanWolf 4/5 from brazil  
Метрополис 5 stars for my city of Dreams  
Tchokan 4/5 from azores  
eminencia for me it catches the atmosphere 5/5  
QuantumX And I thought this website was SkyscraperCity!  
Braillard very bad picture  
xRyan 5* for the future  
Godius 5/5 damn  
eurico 3/5  
susamuruago Tokyo always has 5 *  
Xtreminal Poor photo. 2  
Pythagoras Well, it could have been much better, but I can't give anything less than 5  
Baboulinet 5 stars for tokyo.  
r1MM0n 5/5  
ArtZ 5/5  
Mike____ 5/5  
Stanislav. 4/5  
thefernandoreza WTH. :|  
MrCitiesXl plenty of billboards/10  
daynielizham look like Mumbai not Tokyo.... not the best angle. 1/5  
xvoidx 5/5