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titleLa Paz from the plane
locationLa Paz, Bolivia
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 3.78, total votes: 774
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alex090 just great ;)  
elekurban this is amazing city OMG La Paz espectacular!!  
eurico 3 not my kind of banner  
Quintina great pic!  
Franz SP tem gente com inveja kkk  
AliicoxD 4/5 from Lima -Perú C:  
Leonardo M. Gaz 1/5 from Brazil  
UNIXX Que buena foto 5/5  
Carlosx arrechisima!  
mirai Great  
Jos-alb15 5/5 is atonishing!!  
edgood just amazing...  
Pablito28 Fascinante, 5  
entreact333 5/5  
Axel76 Excelente una ciudad increíble..  
Marquitecto Exelente Hermosa mi tierra!!  
Sandro Bernardo 5/5  
perez2 ugly  
CARLANGAS81 5/5 =)  
sC-rD.010 5/5  
novascorpius 5/5  
d1360 lml 5/5  
Stockwell Very cool! 5/5  
Max Righter Что это такое? Где скайлайны города? 1/5 from NN, Russia  
Franz SP pena que nao da pra perceber as pontes.  
pablojt A view from the top of the world  
luis_de_bolivia 5!  
LaPaz Urbanismo 5/5 from Saudi Arabia!!  
FANDANGO!! La paz is sooooo... diferent... I love this country...  
Zanovijetalo very interesting view  
rakcancer amazing!  
IraGlacialis The terrain gives an almost fantasy quality to it. Nice.  
Rago 5 hoy si la hicieron con esa foto!  
Nelsmat buena foto... 4/5 desde nicaragua  
guileite 5/5 Foto hermosa! Desde Uberlândia, Brasil.  
adEB excelente!! amazing!!  
Tchokan 5 from portugal  
Andrezito 5/5 desde Cuiabá, Brasil. Muy bueno.  
gm2263 Never been there but I like Latin America :)  
priko Muy lindo! 5/5  
Peregrin Tuk 5...excelent from chile!  
ruifo 5/5 from Brazil  
FastDriver terrible  
Libidito 5, nice city!  
partenos 5/5 to the world's highest capital city 4/5  
BR 364 Nice pic! 5/5 from Porto Velho, Brasil.  
0scart Looks like everything's at the same level but that's not the case, great pic!  
GustavoGuedes 5/5. From Belo Horizonte.  
Dhuks looks like burning trash  
Soteropolis1 NIce shot! Fantastic view. 4/5  
PatronBR 2/5  
Deet21 La ciudad mas alta del mundo  
Lukaares 5 from Belgrade, Serbia  
ST_dasa wow, 5 from croatia!  
curious.sle Bella Chuquiago Marka - from switzerland  
santacruz2050 No olvida jamás...  
santacruz2050 5/5 Oh linda La Paz! Oh linda ciudad! Quien te conoce no olvia jamás...  
smederevo991 5 from Serbia :)  
Tego 5/5 desde Sofia, Bulgaria.  
Neon87 Really nice city and picture! 5/5 :)  
Din Sevenn Extraordinary! 5 from Bydgoszcz ,Poland.  
raeidh amazing :)  
tita01 5 from quezon city philippines  
Arestullah Very vast, amazing. 5 from Palembang, Indonesia  
passat1717 5 from Croatia  
alarhu Saludos a los amigos bolivianos desde Aguascalientes, México ;)  
alarhu Saludos a los amigos bolivianos desde Agascalientes, México ;)  
redcode 5 from Danang city, Vietnam  
Jennifat La Paz looks like an earthquake-ravaged moonscape. Is there no greenery there? Does not look like a pleasant place from above. 1/5  
lFer Hermosa!, saludos desde Nicaragua  
Yefry Our Lady of Peace Nuestra Señora de La Paz 5/5  
YifTa7 Hermosa ciudad 5/5  
Antoniojbl 5/5 com abracos do Brasil  
PRIMEVAL Frumos! (hermoso)  
Mangiang strange view, good job!!  
FAAN 5/5 from Brazil ;)  
Marcelo Jiménez muy hermoso!!!  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
rudital bolivia keeps on amazing people around the world! 5/5  
soylomass Nice view from ugly city. 5/5  
auguster 2/5 Ugly.  
OldKool 5/5 from my heart  
Loro. 5/5 Nice!  
amado Awesome view from a awesome city.  
xvoidx Interesting city. It's located at very high elevation. Is it dificult to live at such height? Is there enough oxigent for breath there?  
chipheob3 5/5 from Hue city, Viet Nam  
Soliter 5 from Belgrade, Serbia!  
@ripperius 5/5 Cool banner  
pipistrel 5 FROM SERBIA!  
deusto wow! really nice 5* from Bilbao, Spain  
Andrex Cool picture! Saludos desde Madrid  
ArchitectureSerbian Beatiful. 5 from one Serb. :)  
Kanto 2/5  
ZZZ Top Cool 5!  
Augustines just like some shot from 2012 hahaha  
thefernandoreza WOW! STUNNING! 5/5 from Indonesia!  
Neungz beautiful aerial photo 5/5 from Chiang Mai  
wertyroy 5 for the capital with the highest elevation in the world! greetings from the Philippines! :D