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titleHappy end of the world!
locationTikal, Guatemala
sourceGOC53 at
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 3.77, total votes: 635
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TroiQuangMayTanh 5/5 for Maya civilization. 0/5 for silly so-called "doomsday".  
Yarami Всех с новой эрой! :D  
GENGIBRE12 like  
eros21 un orgullo para Guatemala  
entreact333 5/5  
mcochegrus Star Wars!! Dantoine  
FlavioZona5 Beautiful piece of art!! 5/5 from USA.  
johannguate Excelent, magnificent ancient city!  
salko i knew that today´s picture will be linked with mayans ;)  
Kenny Very refreshing, some of the first skyscrapers and skylines of the world.  
Thanial So the world hasn't yet ended, I probably should have done some Christmas shopping after all.  
Azrain98 Mayan is fake ! :)  
hijo de DIos nice view, history and legacy to the world  
A380B747A340B777 Saludos a la hermana república de Guatemala desde México /  
memo1556 Guatemala, corazon del mundo maya.....Chichicastenango, cuna del Popol Vuh  
hamilton05001 Nice landscape!!  
duh_and_rey 5/5 from Russia with love!  
M.F.N. 1 de 5  
Sivar74 the most importan skyline in long long time ago.  
TETA for nation destroyed by us...  
ruifo 5/5 from Brazil  
King of Construction 21st December no end  
Tchokan 4/5 from portugal  
LeonGuizar 5/5 from Mexico =)  
Ifig it's not the end, i'ts a beginning of a new era. :cheers:  
Another VLL Muy bueno  
Lucio LOL  
Leonardo M. Gaz 2/5 from Brazil  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
pablo speed Y que la nueva era de 5000 años empieze bien para toda la humanidad  
pablo speed Guatemala Its a beatiful country, and gautemala city is very modern  
L.Q.T kool !!!  
the man from k-town beautiful scenery!  
d1e9o11 Feliz comienzo de la nueva era! 1/5  
rene1234 beautiful, 5/5  
VIKATOR cheers por los grandes MAYAS!!!  
anemomylos unforgettable tikal.......  
Dubrovnik 5  
joluve Please Maya start the doomsday. See you in hell, 5/5  
rigonzalez Excelente, feliz inicio de la nueva era.  
lalejandro88 A new era.... Happy New Baktun to all¡¡¡  
Kopacz Wow that's the place where the Rebels had their base in Star Wars A New Hope :D 5 stars !  
kubel 5/5 from indonesia  
mtsbjm1 Nope, the end is wrong !.  
EdgarsSTAR NO DOOMSDAY?!?!?!? :(  
Loro. 5/5 from Brazil!  
xelos lovely  
Guajará Perfeito. 5/5 de Belém do Pará.  
kozorog 2/5 from the sunny side of the Alps  
wjfox Haha, very appropriate :-)  
LaPaz Urbanismo Je suis assis en attendant la grosse vague et rien se passe, merde!!  
roi95 Конец света. :)  
jome_omt I'm disappointed... this world seems not to end today ¬¬  
jonio Ci sono stato, un sito affascnante.  
Travispluma Welcome to the new mayan age...  
Dar-io amazing ancient stones  
miguelquirarte 5/5 from Piedras Negras, México  
mOnEyCONDO88 very very ancient!!!  
juanpa.296 en lugar de votar el fin del mundo por que no votan una ciudad y edificios diseñados perfectamente para armonizar con el entorno haciendo que sus edificios sobresalgan de la copa de los arboles pero sin romper la armonia de la selva eso es hermoso y es algo que se a olvidado..  
Radosvh es una indirecta? jajajaja  
albertobusy Happy Doomsday!  
Antoniojbl 5/5 com abracos do Brasil  
Euplio 21-12-2012... nice idea!  
wins90 tuyet voi da nang oi!  
Skysteel end of world? I lol'd  
Evrasia 99911 Раздули мелкую мышь до размеров слона! :D  
NickNN nice  
Murali Bala It would be great if people think everyday is dooms day do only good things  
தமிழன் well Happy Mayan New year...Have a blast..  
ftcr92 Jajajaja, fine!  
Miguel S Oh, you.  
Dazon -5/5  
mtsbjm1 I Dont Think today is Doomsday :D | 5/5 BTW.  
Wey Haha, appropriate!  
apaloh well... this is already december 21 in Indonesia.. and nothing happen :p  
LanceDriver The last banner we'll ever see! It's not a joke, this is real !!  
Servitium Comet is so close...bye everyone ... buaaaaaa  
Mr. Agent The end is near! :crazy:  
vo.mvac December, 21st :D  
Cosmin Worst apocalypse EVAH! -_-  
VictorBND The Rebel Base. The only safe place on Earth right now.  
Balansiyí hana!  
Arnorian Kukulkan!  
Benonie The most wonderful place I've ever visited.  
Kanto 3/5  
pichuneke I see.. The Death Star is going to end the world today 21s of December...  
Robi_damian Ha-ha-ha, I see what you did there!  
Edil Arda Interesting :)  
xvoidx I don't see any apocalypse, thus 0/5.  
dochan It's 21st of December!!