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titleMidwest USA at night with Aurora Borealis
locationChicago, United States
infoCheers guys, have a good one! :)
sourceNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
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 3.79, total votes: 1059
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Camila Figueiredo 3 / 5  
masoud maj nice  
Lord Waltasar 5/5 л. su  
AleXKRW Very expensive photo :-)  
M.F.N. Bom  
bozkurd very nice from tabriz  
Thanial Happy New Year!  
Kanto 5/5  
Róka Hát ez odabasz!  
entreact333 5/5 Happy New Year from Morocco  
Jules92 5/5 Happy New Year from Guatemala!  
Libidito Looks good!  
angel_kaido Feliz año nuevo :)  
GENGIBRE12 Love you !! Everybody!!! From El salvador (U.S.A)  
rixvt beautiful :)  
HeitorRocha Happy new year to all !!!  
ericrocio HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!! 5/5  
velbujd 5/5  
Thanial Spectacular image to ring in the New Year!  
Aliens Hellow Earth! Happy New Year! Great Sky City in China!  
Sotnas I don't like this  
bikedude1994 5! Happy New Year from North Bay, Canada :))  
Che7779 5/5 from Ukraine =)  
LeKemono Happy New Year from BAHRAIN  
Tchokan 4/5 from portugal  
CARLANGAS81 The best for this new year! From Ecuador.  
Zorro123 Szczęśliwgo Nowego 2013 Roku from Poland!!!  
coolfeet77 Hello 2013!  
Belch bb 1012  
corvus_edin best banner in 2012  
jimPUNKZ January 1 2013  
HKG Happy New Year China, goodbye 2012!  
EshE Happy new year from Sri Lanka!!  
AAEORD Happy New Year... from Chicago!  
L.Q.T bye :P  
TheReconstructer amazing picture....  
Bauer-Ewald 1/5 This banner is pathetic. I can't see any interesting buildings! :(  
rasc_rodrigo Our home is beautiful! 5/5  
DaiTengu I can see my house from here!  
jose l. perfect banner for the last day of the year, i can see chicago, miineapolis-st paul, and of course the auroras makes wonderful  
Denjiro Happy New Year!  
auguster Feliz ano novo a todos.Happy New Year!  
Avemano Bonne année ! :)  
jose eliseo buena foto! feliz año a todos!  
Edil Arda Best banner ever! Happy new year from Kadıköy, Türkiye. 2/5  
angelexousia1980 Super 2013 desde Honduras!  
CAPMAT Happy New Year from Kyiv!  
Llukaa Happy New Year from Split, Croatia  
Pegula.00 Happy New Year from Croatia!  
Lukazz brazil  
gorkill Happy New Year from Perm!  
y2koh Happy New Year from Singapore!  
VDB Happy New Year from Manchester!  
Arreis Amazing image! Happy New Year.  
Allan Fonseca Happy new year Belo Horizonte, Brazil and earth planet.  
Star2007 Happy New Year from Saint Petersburg!  
jonathaninATX Happy New Year from Texas.  
TGN2010 Happy new year! from Russia.  
mwahmed Happy new year from Karachi, Pakistan  
SumerianKing Peace and love from Iraq  
Oranje Strijder Happy new year everyone. Let's hope for peace and freedom.  
apaloh happy new year!! from Indonesia  
Willrocks10 nice  
selters Thank you 2012. Welcome 2013! GOD BLESS!  
Kopacz Damn, it's in Chicago ? :D Quite a nice view from up there !  
kenken94 The beautiful pale blue planet in the solar system. The earth is my home and to me it has the best skyline than everything else. :) Happy new year.  
Arestullah amazing world  
Buffalo Soldier The best skyline of them all  
mmv78 The Year is ending. Welcome New Year!  
TuzlaBoy 5/5 From Bosnia  
prisma Harry New Year to all !!!!  
Grvl finally this year ends  
cenzura Happy New Year to all.. from Belgrade, Serbia  
lFer glückliches neues Jahr/ Buon anno/ Happy new year/ Feliz año nuevo!/ heureuse nouvelle année/ с Новым годом/ 明けましておめでとうございます/ masaya bagong taon, FROM Nicaragua :)  
CxIxMaN bye bye doomsday! the world shall not end on 20121 Welcome 2013!  
makkesev bye bye  
rakun bye bye ssc  
juonliners 5/5 from Antartica  
Mairena eraser Happy New Year from Nicaragua!!  
FANDANGO!! Uff!!  
Dubrovnik 5  
lalejandro88 Happy New Year to all.. from Guatemala City  
a_edin Happy New Year from Sarajevo... Wish a better, than 2012y to all and good luck to our Earth!  
Occit Bye 2012...and finally the world did not end.  
ZeroUm Lucky 2013 for you, World!!!  
Bruno_Maciel Happy New Year! From São Paulo, Brasil.  
Mariscalito Happy new year! :) from Paraguay  
Victor.besa Just hope there weren´t so many lights, SAD  
Daniel_Sousa 5/5 from São Paulo, Brasil. Happy New Year  
Andrezito 5/5 from Cuiabá, Brasil. Happy 2013.  
V_Power I can see my house from here  
Leonardo M. Gaz 5/5 from Brazil  
Guajiro1 Bye 2012. I wonder what wonderful and horrifying things will happen on 2013.  
Lucas_Wild Bye 2012! I wish a 2013 better than this year to all  
Sandro Bernardo Goodbye 2012 and welcome 2013. :)  
n20 Breathtaking banner! 5/5  
Lino may 2013 be better than 2012!! :)  
Samir7 Great photo!!!  
Ping Gan Malipayon nga bag-ong tuig! 5/5 from the Philippines  
hem2mars Goodluck 2013 :)  
mtsbjm1 4/5, cheers  
ssplayer Happy new year! :)  
YorkTown Excellent!  
deusto amazing! from bilbao, spain  
lornova Astonishing!!! 5/5 ftom Turin, Piedmont  
Sarcastic Saracen where be skjscrapers? 1/5  
makkillottu Baumgartner's around there...  
TheInformant Happy 2013 from the country that welcomes in the New Year first with the best celebartion (Sydney AUSTRALIA)  
Urban Legend 5/5 from mars.  
@ripperius WOW! Nice one!  
rankons happy new year  
Union.SLO That's Chicago in the centre! ;)  
Equario Go to hell 2012!!!  
Spider_pig God bye 2012  
potiz81 Go to hell 2012!!!  
deadhead262 Crap year, good riddance!  
igor Подпись на банере забавная, а картинка подкачала((  
Azrain98 5/5 star based on my mom lol.  
ikeamen пользуясь случаем продам 5 кило соли, 300 коробков спичек и мешок гречки  
Alexenergy Bye bye, I will miss you, my dear 2012 :)  
osmant Очередной "тематический" баннер, который будет нас радовать в верхушке топа... 1/5  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City and Happy New Year!  
pizdeczkij Perfect! Shoked! Fairy! Happy New Year My friends! Happy New Year World! Happy New Year God and all Angels around us! I want gift you all music of Tchaikovsky [link]  
drie 5 from RIAU, indonesia  
daynielizham yeah i'm still alive ! syukran..  
humaidy Bye Bye :'( , say goodbye to 2012, thank u 2012, i am not come back to u again, you in my album photo 2012,, From Makassar, INA  
RasyidOchmann Happy New Year |East Malaysia|  
hugodiekonig Happy New Year from the Philippines!  
Dimas89 Happy New Year!!!  
Dimas89 5 from Vladivostok