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titleThe Iloilo Esplanade and the Molo District
locationIloilo, Philippines
infoCelebrating Dinagyang Festival on January 25 - 27, 2013. The Iloilo Esplanade is an eco-park, recreational and fun area of Iloilo City residents and visitors. Molo is one of the districts of Iloilo City Between the Iloilo Esplande and Molo District is the Iloilo River.
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 2.39, total votes: 655
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eurico 1/5 baaddddd  
ERNM bad :/  
kianshi beautiful iloilo..the heart of the philippines!~  
hugodiekonig not this time a good banner of Ilo Ilo  
FlyThought Urban Oasis!  
Adobo Lover From Pasig City 5/5  
jar_007 3/5 naciągane  
METROPOLITAN_ILOILO Internationally Award Winning River - Iloilo River!  
Răng Đông Ri ?????????????  
oldworld 5/5 City of the future in the philippines. It needs to be visited to appreciate its natural beauty.  
deoch.leann My Home!  
M.F.N. 1/5  
Kanto 3/5  
Tchokan 2/5 from portugal  
taga uma01 Way to go Iloilo!!!  
landrea Huh? Where's the city? The worse picture ever.  
Apteryx Bad picture :(  
Vic of Iloilo I vote for 5/5 because of recreational park , Discoteque nearby , symbiosis component , the restaurant and workplace is adjacent , the easy commute or walking-distance 3 hospitals .  
Adpenturz 4 /5 beautiful City...from Indonesia :)  
Blue Des. 2/5  
Denjiro nice 0/5  
chief1 so cool, highrises the soonest....  
kiawzzzzzzxxxy 0/5 skyline or not?  
Crunchtime splendid 1/1  
Atiso nice 3/5  
cebuboi so serene!!! #5  
digitalscribe Hala Bira ILOILO! river + ayala technohub + MMC! great banner  
mrsuave pilit?1/5  
mirror747 Clean river  
Influence All i see is nothingness! 1/5  
allrytsrsrv Beautiful Iloilo city  
wiljamesc1979 One of the cleanest rivers in the world... Development is rapidly rising in that area... 5/5  
FANDANGO!! Skyscraper????  
bulabog jalaur Home of the Philippine First International River Summit, the emerging urban center of the Philippines, the city is on renaissance mode.  
dynamicRoxas Beautiful Iloilo River! An emerging skyline in the Visayas  
thekonil need more skyscrapers 3/5  
SamwiseGamgee Very clean urban river - a rarity in the world nowadays. 5/5  
dagyang_grandson Beautiful river!  
skyflake hello iloilo city.......... hello world.............  
senoholic09 poor banner -1  
CalbayogCity_Samar 3/5 from Samar  
Fiot1 a lot of skyscrapers! 1/5  
shakilur_06 City Of Love  
roydex 3/5 still an emerging city in Visayas, Philippines :)  
prisma 2/5. I like the clouds and the sun rising. The rest is really boring.  
palangga ko ang Iloi 5/5  
steadyasweroll love it!  
lemuria worship the sun! 3/5 from batangas, philippines  
partenos WTheck ..are u kidding me skyscrapercity?  
Euromax da heckk  
L.Q.T co ve dang phat trien day, 3/5.  
hailua36 romantic, 3/5 from Vietnam  
greaterbacolod it is so boring  
Омич 1  
gebaryan jpeg noise...  
DEADBORED IS DEAD My City, My Pride! *****  
deusto bad:/  +1
batusay 5/5  
rokku_san Bad...  
chipheob3 so bad banner! :(  
bacolodsugar not bad,congrats iloilo 1/5  
entreact333 5/5  
ArchitectureSerbian 2/5  
Balansiyí saludos desde España!  
mOnEyCONDO88 love the sun..... (""..)  
petrosnatevara Bed picture...  
Vadon Та ну...  
samsung22 5. City of love  
Yarami 0/5  
barbas_bigote my home city of love  
nelly83 Actually, very romantique and gentle! 5 stars. cheers  
death327 My home City!  
Kim Bol Jon 5/5 from CamSur, Philippines!  
wapogwapo the city on the rise yet so tranquil  
blu.sparks lovely :)