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titleBusan skyline
locationBusan, South Korea
sourceforum user Sr.Horn
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 3.70, total votes: 639
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eurico 5/5 excellent!!  
Adpenturz 5/5 . Beautiful! From Indonesia  
desiyogi Great image from best Korea ;)  
John20 Cada dia conosco nuevas ciudades que no conocía q existían 5/5  
JD47 3/5 from Dublin. Picture could be better. Really nice bridge though.  
mexmatt 3/5. I would hope there are better angles. The building on the left looks a little too massive and it tends to overpower the rest of the skyline.  
saiho 4/5 not bad but Haeundae complex really overpowers everything  
Метрополис 1/5 from pyongyang  
Sandro Bernardo 3/5  
fraBELGIUM I love S. Korea! (except the kimchi) :)  
Thanial Fantastic but will look a lot better in the near future! 4/5  
Skopje/Скопје 5/5  
Name user 1 5/5 from the HELL  
wkiehl101 3/5 it's okay but not great...  
Soteropolis1 Beautiful bridge. 4/5  
Tchokan 4/5 from portugal  
alexandre nice  
$h!nY G!rl Wo0o0oW...It's beautiful  
jar_007 Nice bridge!  
chennaidesi good city  
mtsbjm1 5|5 Nice combo between Bridge & Skyscrapers  
logi1509 Nice city but the photo quite boring 3/5  
The-s Great one  
Mr. Agent 1/5  
ArchitectureSerbian 2/5  
BarMNE 5/5 from Montenegro Europe.. great  
EceB what a massive skyline !  
netzen love love love, im from VietNam  
BeWiseMan sea, bridge and them  
masoud maj nothing special, 1/5  
Albinfo Nice 5 from Republic of Kosovo :)  
Gizzan 5/5 :) !!  
Azrain98 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5 !!  
anhcanem8897 Busan - My love. 5/5 from Vietnam.  
jome_omt Not the best view of this amazing city  
Pavle4488 best wishes to albanian forumers and their closest relatives from me. make love not war.  
Pavle4488 greetings to great country and kim jong personally from me and my family. nice banner 3/5, but great nation of korea deserves better.  
Solanojr23 4 from Costa Rica  
bets wow!  
jalanajak Beautiful beaches, nice people! 5/5! 4/5  
skybuildalb 5/5 from albania :)  
xvoidx 5/5 from Vladivostok  
Aliens Wow Busan!  
amza Excelent Skyscraper :) , but annoying pict Quality :(  
auguster 3/5.  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
UjaiDidida 5 nice density  
Franz SP isso que é um autentico skyline 5/5  
soteropolis25 Nice density of building and nice bridge. 5/5.  
Arestullah 4 from Palembang, Indonesia  
entreact333 5/5  
FAAN 5/5 from brazil!  
Kato nice!! 5/5  
miltao 5/5 perfect!  
IlhamBXT 3/5 Nice But The Bridge Boring.High Rise So fully and Glassy like us HR in USA  
Егзекутор 5/5 from Serbia.Косово је Србија.  
L.Q.T 5/5  
bloody bat 4.5 from Romania  
rokku_san WTF is that? Building standing together look like big ass castle -_-  
Himmelwärts 1/5 from north korea (i actually voted 3/5, please dont arrest me, ssc mods)  
smederevo991 4/5 from serbia,even if its not the best photo  
M.F.N. 1/5  
podgoricki 1/5 from North Korea  
tatesama China rules!  
Fabri88 5/5! With the hope, one day, to see such cityscapes in North Korea too! May them be free as soon as possible!  
Drenicaku wow .. 5/5 from Republic of Kosovo  
Gee Ens nice. 5/5 from Davao  
mrskoje very nice 5/5  
ArtZ 5/5 from Poland  
Che7779 5/5 from Ukraine =)  
Step_50081 so huge!!!)  
Step_50081 ыщ ргпу!!  
linoleym_01 Silvist, вы там упоролись что ли?  
Benckendorff с ума сойти  
Ritmo-F 5/5 from St. Petersburg  
junaidahmadj Excellent from Multan 5/5  
Silvist 5/5 from Vladivostok (Far-East Republic)  
Vrooms 4/5  
Kimiwind1184 Hell yeah! Great Busan! M