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titleBonifacio Global City
locationManila, Philippines
sourceforum user Davao
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 3.73, total votes: 691
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Jeremy AC 5/5 pts nice BGC  
abounaroti BeLogical, I think you're not being logical by repeating whatever you've been saying. I'm sure you can never afford a unit in the blue-glass twin condo towers on the right side of the banner where units start at $5 million.  
12jairien14 great skyline...... "poor"? oh really.. :lol:...the skyline speaks for itself :D  
12jairien14 [69] PHILUrbanite on April 24, 2013 05:48:55 could a "poor" country have this impressive skyline??..  
geloboi0830 at first i thought it was eatwood, libis hehe. nice one BGC :cheers: 5/5  
A11 LJUBLJANA 3/5 из столицы России  
entreact333 5/5 from Morocco  
otsootso you have to understand beLogical's misery, he hasn't been to Manila - can't afford to, and lives in an old city where 3 tall buildings make up the skyline.  
mangy Maganda!  
DWest 5/5 super  
skyscraper 500 2/5  
RickC One of the most modern cities around the world and would love to see it when completed...almost 100 buildings still under construction..well planned city..  
ZeroUm 5/5 from Brazil  
Stockwell Great skyline! 5/5  
Guille76 impressive skyline! 5 stars from sweden  
axov 5/5 from Kraków/Cracow Poland  
Rafael Cevidanes Great, 5/5 from Ipatinga, Brazil  
Jarvijarv Great density! The Philippines is a 'rising tiger' among the world's economies. Look out for the Fort Shangri-La and Grand Hyatt hotels to heighten this part of Manila (Fort Bonifacio Global City)  
jvitor2012 good skyline!  
jvitor2012 good skyline? from brazil  
rubiopr27 Haters gon' hate! As long as the Philippines is booming, no one can hold us back.  
BeLogical These buildings are probably of very poor quality and may collapse.  
BeLogical Chapelo why are you so poor?  
richard manaba excelente Manila un gran frente de edificios cinco desde Manta Ecuador  
Mangiang Nice skyline but Philippines again...  
manies_flip 5/5 a lot of haters here  
fserges Уберите это гуано!  
wino for a very young CBD, the skyline is impressive.  
belisario ugly 0/5  
bantugbro Lovely Manila, will be there sooon....  
evangelicum The fastest growing business district in the Philippines, 5/5! BGC is truly global!  
Student4life Whoa ! The density ! 5/5 3/5  
BeLogical If I want to say this city is ugly and poor, then I will, because this city is ugly and full of poverty.  
Knitemplar Technically, isn't that Makati City vs. Manila??  
Tokyo/Manila BeLogical f*ck off your comments being repeated is annoying.... just ignore if you dont like it  
alvinfirst how could anyone call this poor! 5/5 from Davao.  
BeLogical Buildings look ugly and cheap. 2/5  
thienzieyung Really cool looking skyscrapers.. great photo too! 5/5 for sure!  
userfriend nice  
KnightOfTheFlag BOOMING MANILA 5/5 and continues to do so!!  
BeLogical Phillipines is a very poor country. People there make a paltry $4000 a year.  
PHILUrbanite could a "poor" country have this impressive skyline??..  
PHILUrbanite Organized, Massive, colors of Philippine flag (Red, Blue, White), a fast growing Metro Manila CBD.. after few years and you see this skyline again, you will no longer think the Philippines is poor.. Manila, the RETURN of the original QUEEN OF THE PACIFIC.. 5/5 !! ;)  
otsootso This is Taguig, one of Manila's newer CBDs  
rmb nice.. i work here!  
gum3rdm amazing :O  
aoz1974 Exceleeeente, gran skyline el de Manila! 5/5 desde Chile  
Obamar94 5/5 from General Santos City, PHL  
CebuMagigger 5/5 from C E B U !!!!!  
bbq Manila!!! wow!!! nice skyline… 5/5 from Batam, Indonesia  
Tokyo/Manila 5/5 rising star of southeast asia  
Pan spięty 5/5 from Lodz Poland  
chafid wahyudi very growing city.... nice.... :)  
Narjz BIG 5 from Cebu  
Himmelwärts they see us booming, they hatin'  
aan_mustafa Wow Manila Skyline, so awesome |Vote from Jakarta|  
northernsamar1 high 5 from n.samar  
jamiefearon meh  
Cat man do Looks great but woudl benefit from a couple of pinnacles  
roydex haha! Philippines again? :D cheers of course 5, It's World Class!  
yhods69 nice... go manila  
raixuis With BGC's rapid growth, I really looking forward how will this district's skyline look in the next 3-5 years.  
superfan It's so easy to give a 5 for this.  
jaygold06 5/5 Wow Manila!  
Daortíz very nice 5.0  
Bahay_Kubo Fort Bonifacio. :)  
Ekweng I know the street level looks even better  
mctnko 5 from cebu  
velbujd 5 from BG  
Voorish-Gdansk 4/5 really good, resembles H-K a little  
Mindavao 5/5 Manila! Manila! Manila! :cheers:  
GaBBriel 4/5 from Mexico City  
RasyidOchmann 5 from Miri, Malaysia :D  
BeLogical Looks like pverty.  
Silverhead this business district is still growing with several 70 storey buildings currently under construction. It would be nice to revisit this after 3 years  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
palafox [link]  
eurasialive +5 from ASTANA, KAZAKHSTAN  
eurasialive Манила заманила меня и очаровала! Ставлю +5 от имени Казахстана!  
amza philippine again?????  
LuisClaudio Beautiful  
johnmizer 3/4 concrete 1/4 glass from manila  
zoom in nice  
InformaticIAN Its BGC at Taguig City (Makati City border). one of Metro Manila's business district  
huevietnam 5/5  
bozenBDJ 5/5 skyscraper heaven :)  
mOnEyCONDO88 my hometown..... there is no place like Manila...... ('',,)_Y  
Tchokan 4/5 from portugal  
Davao 5. This is just one of several business districts in Manila. A former military fort it has transformed to this in just 18 years  
kier_vasallo 5/5  
M.F.N. 3/5  
rubiopr27 One of Asia's best! 5/5 from Downtown Manila :)  
Balansiyí cinco estrellas a la gwapa Manila  
Kanto 3/5  
Dr.Luay 5 from Palestine  
zarepp 5 from Serbia  
junaidahmadj Excellent from Multan 5/5  
D_Y2k.2^ Looking good Manila! 4/5  
alheaine BGC getting dense!!!♥ less than a decade.. ;)  
6825312 maybe they need to modernize more the skyscraper :) but it is still a nice one  
chanlatorre I LOVE MANILAAAAAAA!  
Spurdo wow 5/5  
hugodiekonig @kimiwind okay fine, let's turn yours into dust  
hugodiekonig A big wow!!!! 5/5 from the province of La Union, Philippines  
yhuanista07 More Fun in the Philippines!  
pinoyako2010 5/5 for my beloved BGC!  
Kimiwind1184 A lot of concrete. YUCK!! 1/5  
davaob4now My Manila 5/5