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titleBangkok skyline
locationBangkok, Thailand
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 4.00, total votes: 1432
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Holy Frog Great to see an alternative view of Bangkok  
nitikorn I love BKK  
Skyscraper12345 2/5 -- Don't put the park in the picture, that bad -- make the photo at Night or Day but not Evening  
skycover Great park with the building so awesome  
nicky31189 stunning  
Bonaerense24 Very impresive  
timhn 5/5 from vietnam  +1
Ditrman See You Next Month BKK !!!  
exxzite Stunning BANGKOK!  
Kreicherisch got the feel of Central Park, NY  +1
chany fantastic  
Ocean One 5/5 from Indonesia. Awesome Bkk..  +1
shake speare Asian kitsch. 1  +1
Madfan 5 From Belarus  
armada02 wow is this bangkok.... i'm impressed...  +2
gsz87 5 from Poland;)  
sodazaa I LOVE BANGKOK  
starmo 1/5  
theantist Stunning!  
gfol looks like NY  +11
aandrezj 1/5. too many unruly rallyists. beaten by Poland  +3
ralojzy not good enough for no. 2. this should be no. 101  +1
agniezka35 1/5. Poland beats Thailand. Bngkok good for no. 2  +3
suthep nothing beats Bangkok! let them eat dust. ha ha ha  
paradorn no. 1 in the world!  +3
Fayeddd impressive!  
suphot Bngkk s d best in d world. Better than new york, hng kong shanghay KLmpur  +1
somrach1 better in term of ghetto eh ?  +1
berdberd I LOVE BANGKOK  +2
exxzite very nice BANGKOK , THAILAND  +1
RAWINSON This city never sleep!  
edensor Fantastic!  
spetga I didn't know my Hometown can be this impressive  
Rwarky one night in bangkok...  
Seoul_Korea 5/5 from Seoul, Korea  +1
Ariesbask Beautiful Bangkok  +2
BeStMeMo very nice  
mwahmed 5 from Karachi Pakistan.  +2
takechi Beautiful  
MiL9 Is there source for this pic? I love to have it. Thankss in advance.  
bukuwa almost 100 peoples voted 1 ... WTF w/ u guys??  +1
Camila Figueiredo 5  
Khat 5/5 great city  +1
pisuth0910 5/5  
tanan1102 5/5 from Vietnam  +1
parmini Beauty !!!  
n20 Truly amazing mega city... 5/5  +1
hansoojin 1s are slowly creeping in indeed.  
Augustines 1s are coming!!!  
eVANDOpriyanto Just amazing... Best city ever with green concept, 10 stars  
mackies wow  
Unregistered 5/5 perfect!!  
hallufila 5/5 perfect!!  
engineer.akash 5/5 from india  
Maxem 5/5 From Lomas de Zamora, Argentina.  
melrocks50 Marvelous! My city! 5/5  
jeronimo Gorgeous!!  
Mangiang Nice shot for my city!! perfectly 5/5  
mastermanza blessing Lumpini park.  
ShawnLand Breathtaking  +1
diarag Great pic!.  
Hepec 5/5, nice!  
jcastro805 Much love from D.C.!  
Philly Bud Bangkok! Krung Thep City! City of Angels! Most visited city in the world!  
Espasa 5/5 exceleNTe  
sandiego i too that was central park wowow  
EddieGarcia 5/5 from mexico city!  
jome_omt At last one photo from Bangkok that I like!  
Unregistered angel  
hansoojin nice  
bOol 5/5  
Sideway 5/5 simply sublime  
nicolas-25 5/5 from Slovakia....amazing...:D  
BaKuCiTy 5/5  
EloyBr excelent... 5/5 from Venezuela.  
CARLANGAS81 Great!  
Rain Drops 5/5  
RamaIX angel  
Urban Legend 5/5 from israel! One of my most desired locations.  
eLIKUS 5 from Russia, Kazan  
jawz Great showing! San Jose, CA USA  
zarepp 5 from Serbia, just amazing...  
Kuraczek wonderful!  
exxzite Nice skyline Bangkok  
jjjeffi Bangkok my city love it!  
samba_man 5/5 Congratz !  
MOT38 Beautiful skyline  
mRneOzaPlanet give you 5/5 my BKK  
Bruno_Maciel Awesome! 5/5 from São Paulo, Brazil.  
Florin 5/5 from București, România  
thanakon_p I like it!! 5/5  
Arthur Gargozz 4/5 from Valencia-Venezuela  
tersier gotta go to bangkok :) from indonesia  
luukardinho Perfect! 5/5  
musa90 epic  
Augustines what's wrong with 40+ light-blue-voter? = ="  
thanakon_p Good foe me!!  
Fabiano Silva 5/5 from Bauru (Brazil)  
HQ wow beautiful, 5/5 from Hungary/Canada  
TopperCity Splendid! 5/5  
tiojuli Espectacular! 5/5 from Argentina.  
Tchokan 4/5 from portugal  
Naijaborn 5/5 I didn't even have to think aout it.  
Pora Choiyanon Excellent!!! 5/5  
richard manaba beautifullll , i like that , 5 from Manta Ecuador  
Robson Braga Very God! 5/5 from Brazil  
reQuiem4adream Thought it was Central Park for a second!  
UjaiDidida 5  
FlyCX One of the best banner ever!  
bhalholha waaaoooww... !!! great view..... I hope Yogyakarta have this kind of park 5/5 Indonesia  
M.F.N. 3 / 5  
PhilG 5/5 from Liverpool  
Christina Aguilera 5/5 from Brazil  
chafid wahyudi woohoo... next two months i'll be there. 5/5 from malang, Indonesia  
yanita.p Very good banner for today.Bangkok  
nicomans Great banner... 5/5 from Bogotá.  
nick tai Bangkok is very beautiful.I love this city  
mangy Nice!  
Milling At first sight, I was thinking that this is New York. Awesome 5/5  
desertpunk 5!  
Reiser amazing banner!  
PaganPT 5/5 !!!  
Soteropolis1 Great! 5/5  
party_animals Quality pic...the best skyline in Asean and one of the best in the world  
khoaky329 qua dep :D  
Saken007 5/5 From Kazakhstan  
Floydian ...been there...awesome city 5/5  
Pop Bogdan so a beautiful pic ! 5/5 from Transylvania, Romania  
Jonik1990 Algún día iré!  
Andrew24 Amazing!! It deserves at least a 10.  
Kopassus its beautiful....  
Majevčan lol, thought it was the central park. 5/5 from Republika Srpska  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
stadsgeek Beautiful!  
sonthaya.p 5/5 Central Park WOW!!  
GregPz Beautiful. Bangkok's skyline doesn't get the attention it deserves.  
Abdul Rachim 5/5 from me  
Zeroranger beautiful! 5/5 ;)  
ruifo 5/5 from Brazil  
Vovkulaka 5 from Kyiv (Ukraine)  
Bovin 5 from Paris  
DewGIGKOK Central Park in Bangkok  
Xtreminal 5 from Azerbaijan  
FF SAN wow!!!  
newperm1 super!  
COCONat Incredible Stunning!!!!!  
atmada So stunning! 5/5  
sf_alpha [link] :)  
netaholics13 bangkok is always good to visit  
Voorish-Gdansk 5/5 big WOW, great skyline  
Manassa 5..from Indonesia  
Greenninja 5/5 from Russia  
Ichiban 1 lima/lima  
BNX Can't wait to go back! 5/5  
montesky resemblance with central park and NYC is quite obvious ;) 5/5  
samatoy Great from Vientaine!!  
velbujd 5 from BG  
John-DR 5/5 just awesome  
pathoboy WOW, 5 from Alor Setar, Malaysia  
donutpig312 Wow bangkok is Angels city  
Chimer Best banner of the month  
RobertoBancrofth Linda Bangkok  
ChazTumbelaka 5 from Indonesia  
ChuckScraperMiami#1 5/5 from Miami, Fla, USA, the Most beautiful city yet I've ever seen in a banner, Fantastic Picture !!  
baipor Beautifull Bangkok  
Gea&asociados Central Park Reloaded!!!  
Ranko SuNS!! 5 from Serbia,  
alexmindup Love bangkok!!!! 5/5  
al_teeway 5 from Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines  
sebas-1992 Wow, it absolutely blow me!. At first I thought it was NYC. Beautiful city Bangkok!  
roydex beautiful but not paradise ...5/5 :)  
mizute best  
huevietnam Very beautiful 5/5  
ardat wow  
Fin_NT 5/5 from Nha Trang  
Chatcharit paradise !!!!!!  
angeloolegna parece NY  
silverian86 beautiful...perfect banner. 5 from malaysia =)  
blacklotus Amazing, it looks a lot like NY.  
artemka wannabe central park  
D_Y2k.2^ Probably the best view of Bangkok ever!  
FAAN 5/5 Amazing! from Brazil  
tnam wow 5/5  
yudibali2008 Stunning photo 5/5 from Indonesia  
wander-udi 10 stars  
Idham.idm nice  
archstudent 5/5 for nyc of asia!!  
Nongkhai_tong Best view of BKK  
Caspian2710 5/5 fr0m ur neighbour, Johor Bahru, MALAYSIA  
Dazon 4/5 nice nice  
rover_777 5 from MOLDOVA  
Lugovoy Igor BANG! =5  
Home Hug wow  
yabbes Bangkok is so nice i would give 10 stars  
s.yla so nice city  
Kevin Eindhoven great city  
Exethalion Too much aftereffects  
entreact333 5/5 from Morocco  
ArchitectureSerbian 5/5 from Srpska Republic  
Avemano New York City, c'est toi ?  
Singidunum Wow nice 5/5  
Plisat i just love Bangkok. 5/5 from Kosovo  
Svetoslav Suronja 5  
ziarrek 5/5 great!  
Haveblue extra photo :) 5/5 from Poland  
Kanto 3/5  
nostalgy 5 from DNEPR  
axov 5 from Kraków/Poland  
Edil Arda 5 From Kadıköy, Türkiye=)  
RUNBKK 5/5 ;)  
Jianming beautiful skylight and central park! '6th city with the most skyscrapers in the world 2013!!' wonderful 5/5  
Maliblue Bangkok newyork of asia  
Adittha wow  
Abzal 5  
Azrain98 no need to compare new york  
Azrain98 5/5 :D  
tonyken 5/5  
IlhamBXT 5/5 Wow Awesome.Hehehe Is this Bangkok or New York City ?  
ericcando central park ??  +1
fareastian 5 star great shot from CRI  
atom 5/5  
@NeBuLa very nice  
Zhang Sitthi very nice city..  
r4d1ty4 New York of SEA 5/5  
porpee 5/5  
ahmadYR 5/5 from Bandung, Indonesia