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titleIstanbul skyline
locationIstanbul, Turkey
infoHappy liberation day İstanbul!
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 4.01, total votes: 942
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paed.areq yashasin [link]  
smyrnoff İ love this city.  +1
Skywalker1994 I consider everyone mentally disabled in case of insulting this incredibly beautiful city!!! Guys envy is a cardinal sin as you certainly know... 5/5  +2
tic Vert average  
aandrezj 1/5. Poland banner now the best!  
suthep 1/5 this skyline no match to bangKok.  
laochen ho hummmm. 1 from me  
kingcheetah 5 from brotherly Ashgabat  
asterixobelix This is a boring skyline with a few highrise buildings kilometers apart.  
asterixobelix This is a boring skyline with buildings kilometers apart.  
takechi see you soon IST  
Camila Figueiredo 4  
mavis_dark For anyone interested, use Vartal in [120] wrote this: For supporting muslim terrorists -1. Now normally I wouldn't write any comment, but this use is such a turd of a man that I decided to comment.  
mavis_dark For anyone interested, use Vartal in [120] wrote this:  
QalzimCity 5 from malaysia  
vartal Туркам за поддержку мусульманских бандитов - 1!  
csec_NL 2* from Skien  
erbse Don't like because don't know.  
Carcará 10/5 from Brasil! 2024 is yours!  
SeMiX 5 of course for beautiful Istanbul  
M.F.N. 3 / 5  
entreact333 5/5 from Morocco  
chafid wahyudi i hope someday i can visit this lovely city.... 5 of course  
Dar-io not the best view  
Dazon 3/5  
NFZANMNIM Istanbul is such a good city. So sad it's not as good as Tehran ;)  
MindFreak! Istanbul should had got the Olympics, sucha beautiful city... Greetings from Mexico  
Indian Sun Nice!  
IvoJP 5/5 from Brazil  
el_dreamer_ 5 / 5.  
prahovaploiesti 5/5. Ezio Auditore was here :)  +1
Icoaraciense21 Good from Belém PA  
luci203 one of the best banner 5*  
John-DR 5/5 just awesome  
Voorish-Gdansk Istanbul deserves 5/5  
deniska++eee красиво  
Robin_UD 5 - Grande !!!  
alieff my lovely Istanbul!!!! :)  
Ayran 5/5 from slovakia ;)  
SeMiX jalanajak, don't spend your energy, he/she is like a jealousy internet-hero...  
jalanajak plaran, why don't we finally divide church and state??  
jalanajak mikoscy, things like that can be said about 90% of the world cities. Their steady development is obvious though.  
SeMiX Of course 5 for megacity ISTANBUL  
Soliter 5 from Belgrade, Serbia!!!  
alluux 5 from México  
Krzychu70 5 for Konstantinopolis, the second Rome :)  
mikoscy Dont look this city from above, seriously, I went there and all I saw is trash on the streets, people smell bad, too much noise from traffic. Turkey always the good side of her like this picture does. This pictures represent only 5% of the country, the other 95% is poor people, underdeveloped areas.  
fabriek graet banner 5 from Belgrad  
ElViejoReino nice pic! great city!! 5  
Ayatulahi 5/5 ;)  
plaran Unfortunately , a beautiful city in hands of Muslim Turks!!!! It must be returned to Christian world.  
doguorsi2 You are very sad. You need help.  
AndreiAttacks Great one!... 5/5 from Portoviejo, Ecuador  
anant_padmanabhan 5/5  
pg87 5 from Poland  
dolinalima gözlerim kapalı ... sırbistan'dan 5 puan  
Joao Pedro - Fortal Absolutely amazing!! Love this city.. 5/5 from Brazil  
Taulant 5/5 from Kosova!  
flyRZE 5/5 from Rzeszów, Poland  
Fas-G 5 stars from Pakistan  
Arthur Baz 5/5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil  
xRyan 5/5 from Agadir, Morocco  
wall-58 5/5 from Rabat ;-)  
Bruno_Maciel Amazing! 5/5 from São Paulo, Brazil.  
blackroseimmortal Amazing  
irmscher9 5/5 from Riga!  
myararat04 amazing  
Euplio Encharming  
FLAWDA-FELLA 5/5 for one of the best skylines in Eastern Europe.  
SeMiX Absolutely 5 stars! Beautiful Istanbul!  
ChuckScraperMiami#1 5/5 Beautiful SkyscraperCity from Miami, Fla, USA, the Bridge and the River are perfect setting, Very Nice View !!  
zarepp 5 from Serbia  
тон Константинополю +5  
igor_carlos 5 stars! Greetings from Brazil  
hadi_rahman I meant Excellent banner, greeting from indonesia  
hadi_rahman 5/5 Excellent banner from indonesia  
mwahmed Excellent banner, Greetings from Karachi, Pakistan  
06 perfect city  
Dubrovnik Istanbul 5  
Conceptarq i like the bridge looks nice  
herogap 5 form Thailand  
constantin25 magnifique ville  
Albinfo 5 from Kosovo  
RickyFebriand SPARKLING ISTANBUL 5/5  
NaRc0t1c 5* greating romania.....  
skyscraperus wow!  
kapturek Looks wow!  
passat1717 Dubrovnik 5  
LaPaz Urbanismo Two times there, two times I felt in love of this city and men 5 from Bolivia!  
BarMNE 5 from Montenegro ..  
Bosancero Its s  
daynielizham 5/5 from Malaysia! Love this city  
BaKuCiTy 5/5 for Lovely I S T A N B U L  
adir not bad  
Din Sevenn Really impressive. 5 from Bydgoszcz, PL.  
axov 5 from Kraków/Poland  
Grvl Constantinople*  
PRIMEVAL Great view of the two continents city!  
sciarrone.eng 5/5 from Sicily, i think Istanbul is one of the most beautiful city in the world! I love it, i has a fantastic skyline!  
a_edin 10/10 for great peoples and town from Sarajevo...  
JJFC omg!"" so so so so Beautiful  
EU-Europa Beautiful!  
wander-udi 5  
going-higher beautiful 5/5  
Reiser love Istanbul! 5 fom Russia.  
Netztal absolutely magical picture  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
Izark 5/5  
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  
Caspian2710 5/5 fr0m Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA  
Tchokan 5/5 from portugal  
okan_reyiz gotta love istanbul  
vkreso FCKIN A  
Cadîr 'If the Earth was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital' -Napoleon Bonaparte.  
BaybarsKirman love of two continents  
Enabulele 5 desde Lugo  
stwebm very nice pic!  
Gjin Tonikaj 5/5 from Kosovo  
ArtZ 5/5 from Bydgoszcz, Poland  
Drenicaku 5 from Republic of Kosovo  
Influence 5/5  
General Electric 5/5 extraordinary!  
Zinabre 5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil!  
Galandar 5/5 for Istanbul  
dj4life 5  
Supernatural9 5 stars from Istanbul :P  +1
ramanujann Great city, have been there twice, 5/5  
manon this picture is taken from Camlica hill on asian side looking to european side of istanbul  
Azrain98 5/5  
Yarami Красивый баннер. Помнится, в топ100 долгое время висело что-то похожее. Пятёрочка Константинополю из Москвы.  
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan  
melrocks50 I love it! 5/5 from Bangkok, Thailand  
sabitova A bit blurry but 5 stars...