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titleSzczecin cityscape
locationSzczecin, Poland
sourceforum user adf1985
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 3.67, total votes: 547
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prolaznikSRB looks nice  
rf_eng zamulone...  
Voorish-Gdansk Good picture, but poorly cropped. 2/5  
Dragomir From Osijek, Croatia  
adf1985 BTW, here is original picture: [link]  
adf1985 Unfortunately, it's just crop from original picture, which is not showing tenement houses on the bottom. Original picture is showing density of building under that what u see here. So I understand negative opinions. Thats for all votes :)  
fatalbomb 1/5 from Łódź. The photo does not convince me to this city, could be better.  
nick_hughes 5/5 from Ukraine  
krzysztof_wolf I love this city!  
Tchokan 2/5 from portugal  
Trex-md Beautiful cluster of spires and nice Eastern European ambiance 4/5  
Piotr-Stettin @richard manaba - fog Widziałem to zdjęcie już wcześniej na SSC. Świetne miasto, super banner! 5/5  
richard manaba that is smog.? 3  
Isek Stettin - never forget!  
ConceptArt 5/5 from Wroclaw  
Soteropolis1 Good photo but depressing! 3/5  
Union.SLO Interesting view, nice photo. 5 from Slovenia.  
PanKicu 5/5 from Paris !  
alsen strasse 67 5/5 :)  
noras klimatyczne...  
Piterdaw1 5/5 from Wrocław, Poland.  
Marcos Valin 1/5 Horrível.... Terrivel.... Nota -0  
juangch5 Stettin!  
erbse STETTIN, ja! 12 points go to... Pomerania  
Aleksey1992 1 из РФ, гиены европы))))))))))))))))  
jar_007 2 from Wrocław, Poland. Przykro mi, ale to jest słaby baner.  
Unregistered 5 from Radom :)  
mikielm 5 from Radom :)  
Krzychu70 5 z Poznania :)  
Din Sevenn Where's PAZIM!?  
borba0 Best place to live near sea, among forests and with good friends  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
Sirius2.0 2/5  
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  
V_Power дуже темна картинка  
wkiehl101 5/5  
wyborczy 5 from Skierniewice.  
Stokrotka76 kocham Szczecin :)  
konradziu90 Szczecin is a beutiful city, but people are poor... damaged  
matiuszek 5 because i love Szczecin, but the photo is realy, realy bad ;/ unfortunately  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Mister James Stettin is awesome. 5.  
Radiokott I love kirchens. 5/5  
ahmadYR second 1  
v-sun first. 1