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titleSydney skyline and waterfront
locationSydney, Australia
sourceDiliff at Wikipedia
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 4.00, total votes: 953
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KDFW 5/5 Great  
Gabotrilius Amazing banner, you could upload one from Circular Quay  
Ducko Great  
Skyscraper12345 5/5  
johan is five from Malaysia  
MOTOROLAW230 5/5 from argentina  
Bonaerense24 Best city in the world!  +6
bemoved I love Sydney!!!  +6
VantriFC Nice Ozie  
b23nguyen Yeah, magnificent  +2
Christina Aguilera 4  
justproject 5/5 from Tbilisi, Georgia. very good skyline, rising and stuning  
kowal1981 1/5  +1
Леонид wowwww .. 5/5 from Honduras  
alarhu Epic skyline  +6
takechi nice shot  
Xenobite 5 from Russia  
RobertBR Always beautiful, Syd! 5/5  +1
wander-udi The best  
richard manaba nice 5 from Ecuador  
Wither Beautiful city  
landrea Amazing!  
apollojoe 5/5 I love this city!  +3
ArtZ 5/5 from Bydgoszcz, Poland  
Kangaroo MZ pretty  
viat 5/5 despite the fact that the Harbor bridge is missing, which I'm mad about!  
Joulupukki even if Sydney Opera is awful, i like the city! 5/5  
theantist Sydney! The cityI dream to live in, a major global city with a proud Australian identity woth lots of beaches: Bondi, Manly and a lot more. The skyline is just amazing with the iconic Opera hous, a modern architectural wonder and a symbol of this beautiful city. 5/5 I wish I couod give more!  +6
theantist *with *house sorry for errors  
Urban Legend One of the most beautiful skylines!  +1
RodolfoLucena Awesome!!  
jffaraco Wow! 5/5  +1
Trex-md Two great banners in a row!  
Sandro Bernardo 5/5 from Rio  
iveman94 best banner ever!  +2
Majevčan 5/5 from Republika Srpska  
Bullswool 5/5 Perfection  +1
andreicukapp wow! 5/5  +5
erbse Geil.  
pedro.ploureiro 5/5 from Brazil  +1
Tchokan 5/5 from Portugal  +1
RedLion727 *that's* a skyline.  +1
Vixtor 5/5 GREAT PICTURE! Regards from Dominican Republic  
LeitoStafe This banner will remain EPIC forever!  +4
tech_1 5 from Croatia  
Saleh93 5/5  
tijuano en el df now there's a skyline  
ovnours 5 from moscow, just perfect  
Haveblue 5/5 from Poland. Nice photo, nice skyline :)  
William.freire 5/5 from Brazil  +2
Tony E Architecture 5/5 from London, England.  
buczo85 One of the best! 5/5 from Poland  
Kanzyo Oliveira 5/5 from Brazil.  +1
prisma 5 from Greece  +1
newyorkmylove The pearl of the Pacific  
Drenicaku 5  
Edil Arda 5 From Kadıköy, Türkiye.  +2
tic Best looking city in Australia, along with Gold Coast  
Highstorm 5 from Donetsk - Ukraine  
midrise Sydney speaks too me, and I say yes...5/5  +3
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
O Natalense Top 3 in the World.  
Jasonhouse She's a beauty!  
QuantumX A really nice one from Sidney. It's 5/5 from Miami.  
oralB only wow  
*ABR* 5 from Iran opera house made it!  +2
Vadim123 Much better than Mordor, 5/5  
czjack 5 from Poland  +1
melrocks50 Amazing skyline and shot  
venik 5/5 from Mordor Russia  +5
Ocean One Terrific, really beautiful.. 5/5 from Jakarta, Indonesia  
Yarami Magnificent! 5/5 from Mordor  +1
Mario_Giovannetti Beautiful skyline! One of the best ones in the world, IMHO. 5/5 from Mex Cty.  +1
archifect Awsome!!!  
KB335ci2 Greetings from Bombay, India. You get a 4/5 !  
kjnb 5 from Almaty City  
popcorn69 this is a perfect banner  
Naipesky A big 5! I really missed something with this quality in the daily banner, for a long time  +1
Basrawii 5/5 from Iraq.  
1lh4m5 5/5 from Indonesian  
Lao Che absolutely 5!!!,from warsaw  
Antoniojbl 5/5 from Brazil  
SACI 5 from Brazil. Sydney and Australia are amazing!  +3
Get High Superb 5/5  +1
ozabyss A Opera house and a bridge and no great buildings....  
Marck Sanches 5/5 The most beautiful city in the world  
RAYMON From Brazil. Sydney is one of the most amazing citys in the world!!  +5
Xtreminal Fantastic. 5 from me  +3
vkreso very nice  
gagapg 4 from montenegro!  
redcode 5  +1
lezgotolondon best city ever after SF  
Singidunum 5/5  +1
juan.83 The best city in the world  +3 simply great!  +1
dj4life My favorite city!  +4
Grejv 5 5 5 55 5 5 5 5 5 555  +1
kamranyeezy WOW !!!! 5 TO SIDNEY FROM BAKU AND MOSCOW !  +2
Mornnb Shame the massive bridge is missing to the right.  
KRuddPM Sex.  
Druid4ever 5/5 from Yekaterinburg  +2
KuwarOnline 5 star from India!!!!  +2
Greenninja Wow,awesome!) 5/5 from Chelyabinsk)  +2
mrocramf EXCELLENT!!!!!!  +2
disposal Iconic image!  +2