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titlePhiladelphia skyline
locationPhiladelphia, United States
sourceKing of Hearts at Wikipedia
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 4.01, total votes: 340
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MassinissaMTL 5/5 from Montreal - Canada  
JOHANNES1983 5/5 From Colombia  
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
Towersla 5/5 from the City of Angels, Los Angeles!  +1
rasc_rodrigo 5/5 from Belo Horizonte, Brazil  +1
FLAWDA-FELLA 5/5 for illadelph!!  +1
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +1
cuartango great city!  +1
RalphGuy 5/5 from Birmingham, England.  +1
Amen I like it more that NY and Chicago...  +1
karkal Most underrated megacity  +1
midrise No wonder you did not rate or score it...?/?  +2
GatsbyGatz America's most underrated city. Historically speaking, it should be America's top city. Beautiful architecture.  +1
0scart The National Constitution Center, Betsy Ross House, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheesesteaks and WaWa!!! So many great places and great memories!! Terrific city and great people! Gonna go back to visit it!!! 5* for Philly!!  +1
nachop666 Rocky 5/5  +1
Delpenjer My Philadelphia! Gem of the Delaware Valley... A wonderful city literally on the rise!  +1
dochan A really great city, The city's atmosphere is very positive, clean, and friendly. Also a gooood skyline. Really like this city. Will be back here for sure!  +1
Dorado. 5/5 for Rocky!  +1
RedLion727 Very under-rated city... people forget about it because it is so close to NYC and the DC area. But it is a great city in its own way.  +1
rodrigorc Indeed. I'm from Brazil and i loved Philly after being in NYC. So clean and i could feel positve vibrations from the people. Amazing experience. Need to be back one day. :-)  +1
Kozhedub 5 from Ukraine  +1
WYZ Beautiful Downtown Philadelphia :D  +1
spidey7312 Glad to see my favorite city on the banner today. 5/5  +1
chennaidesi I love city of brotherly love. 5/5  +1
ChuckScraperMiami#1 OH MY GOD !, 5 Plus 5 = 10 Plus of Course, Rocky's Home, Our SSC Miami Forums Spellbound Lives there !, and Loves it there, There's No doubt IMO only,This is One Of the fastest Cities Growing with New Supertall Towers since Rocky's Movies Began with the First " Rocky " on His Musical Run to the top of the steps there in the Philadelphia Park overlooking the Downtown Towers then, and His Last one of the " Rocky's " Movies, you can Watch Downtown Philadelphia Grow and Grow and Grow to this day more Towers are rising, believable and beautiful, Fantastic Photo of this one of the Best City Banner's to Date , it's where " The Declaration of Independence Day of July 4th " for America Fought and Won it's Way to Start our Freedom and Live to the Best, and was Signed Here over 240 Years ago ! the " City of Brotherly Love ! " Live Long and Strong " All Our/my SSC Friendly Family Brother , Sisiters , Moderators , Adminsrators,Guests  +1
SpiderBHZ 5  +1
DeaconG Hometown baby! I miss you so...  +1
wkiehl101 5/5  +1
BoardLord spalmabile?? 5/5  +1
midrise The birthplace of America and what it stands for, FREEDOM too all, started in this dynamic city....You can not see all the current activity in this pix but there is a lot going on at the moment. It is getting a new tallest which is visible with it's elevator shaft sticking up just to the left of the current tallest.....Philly is on a roll.....and its not a cheasesteak.  +2
midrise I give it a 5/5.....From York, PA  +1
Calvio Great pics from El Salvador 5/5  +1
mjbu Beautiful city. 5+  +1
Leonidych 5 from Ufa, Russia  +1
Skyline Art Actually just make that 4 stars. Could do with more glass.  +1
midrise Don't you know glass is outlawed in Philly....The pix resolution is not the best and you can not distinguish the glass. If it were closer to the city you could see more detail.  +1
Skyline Art 4.25 stars from me. A nice anount of green space alongside the buildings.. Too many concrete looking buildings though.  +1