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titleMoscow skyline
locationMoscow, Russia
sourceIvan Smelov at VK
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 4.02, total votes: 1381
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Sorry for my English wow so beautiful 5/5  
Mauro Paradise God bless the Russian federation  +2
feelthegroove. feel  
huynhthien đẹp  
gsz87 5 from Poland!!!  
NachoGB Love it! 5/5 from Argentina  
petersgriff Seoul_Korea  
PEiloveyou Nice pic. Really, I love it. I can't wait for Russia WC 2018  +9
Harbornite Great shot!  +2
David Protest this looks really nice  +2
Kænugаrður 2/5  +2
Skyline Art 5/5  
prahovaploiesti 4/5  
panchogutz world city i want to think never been there looks awesome on pictures  +4
3vallesgve From guasave, Mexico ¡wow! que ciudad mas impresionate  +4
leo931 I loved this city! 5/5 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  +8
martinalagui 5/5 from Río Cuarto, Argentina.  +7
carl_Alm The most gay friendly city in the world. Não, pera... hahaha  +2
rojecco 5  
Highway 401 5 from Toronto  +3
phcg 5/5 from São Gonçalo,Brazil  +3
jerviver amazing skyline!  +4
mex-urbano Didn't expect it this Nice.  +1
a_edin 5/5 from Sarajevo  +3
RenatoSayer 5/5 from Brazil  +3
GIM Beautiful Moscow, the old and the new together!  +4
wander-udi The best  
Nightsky 5/5, one of the best Moscow pics ever! But Federation tower must be one of the slowest skyscraper constructions in history, many other skyscrapers have popped up during the construction!  +3
Josedc one of the best I have seen in years! 5/5  +2
**RS** 5 from Sevastopol to our wonderful capital!  +14
Guajará Não é como eu quero ver Moscow, mas adorei :)  
Andy_L 5 from Minsk  +4
axov 5 from Kraków / Poland  +2
RalphGuy 5/5 from Birmingham, England.  +2
rustik68 Good! For your countryman teddy-bear Barney Greenway - send respect :)  
vittorio tauber The Third and Ultimate Rome. There won't be a fourth one. 5/5  +3
Kænugаrður rather, it's the Third Ulaanbaatar  +2
fserges Mordor is beautiful as usual :)  +2
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  +4
djraceman 5+++ from BG  +2
Pansori 2  +1
LanGeo 5+++ from Lviv, brothers. Be one!  +4
homie 1 for Mordor  +7
LanGeo Thanks. each received a star pinch off a piece of Ukraine  +5
Rago excelent.  
rustik68 Moscow banner cool! 5 fron the Sovereign and Sunny Tatarstan (Qazan)  +1
gsz87 5 from Poland:)  +2
building demolisher So Communist! 5/5 from Mexico  +2
KievSD 5!  +1
Sheikh23 5/5 from Wrocław, Poland  +4
Sheikh23 Awesome. I've been waiting for that cool Mscow banner for a long time :D  +4
fabri421 I hope be there next year  +3
oliniusz Pretty cool colors, 5 from a polish guy.  +3
diarag Best pic ever!  +1
Feleru* 5/5  
MSYU 5 from Yaroslavl!  
Step_50081 AMAZING!!!!! 5/5  +1
dust_bro 5/5 from UFA!  
Rio atrato 5/5 from Brazil.  +3
crisiso THAT'S BEAUTIFUL! It's incredible to think that 30 years ago poverty and crisis haunted this place! The force and the spirit of win of the russian folk are amazing! 5/5  +8
keepthepast No. The force of capitalism at work.  +1
loit2007 5/5 from Russia  +1
brayanb96 5/5 from Venezuela.  +3
konservator 1/5 from Moscow wich was created by Kiyv King Yuriy Dolgorukov.  +3
Davidinho And Kyiv was built by Martians...  +3
383 That is some Deus Ex stuff right there!  +1
William.freire 5/5 from Brazil !!!  +2
Cratus 5/5 from Brazil  +4
beastie boy 5/5 for the World Capital!  +2
BOSS 1  +9
falp6 Beautiful skyline of Moscow. 5 From Colombia.  +4
India Rocks 5/5 ....IMPRESSIVE  +3
Fayeddd I rarely vote a banner. but when i do, i vote 5 stars for Moscow!  +3
BARTzZABŁOCIA 5 from Krakow :)  +2
jawz Solid showing... :-) San Jose, USA  
venia WOW!  +1
swat. 5 от Казани!  
P_David Beautiful! 5 from Venezuela!  +2
F_Yara Great skyline... 5/5 from Venezuela.  +2
THIOLI Great 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil  +2
WiChOk Wow 5/5 Laguna, MEX  
Drenicaku 5/5 from Kosovo!  
bilik_lca 4/5 from Legnica, Poland  
Architecture lover Looks both cheap and artificial.  
flosscloud nice shot. 5 from Berlin, Germany  +1
victor209 Spectacular!  
Lozover1 1/5  +8
NewKIWI 5 from New Zealand. We love you Mother Russia!)  +10
Tiozão 1/5 from Brazil  +8
Claudio Henrique 5/5 from Brazil. Love Russia and its culture, although its society is kind of hardcore.  +8
mike_blum our society is not so hardcore as you thought, welcome and look it yourself! :)  +2
mixxer It is a pity that even here has not done without a policy. Banner's cool, 5/5.  +2
CoDen Great skyline ! 5 from Lyon  +2
oltemont 5 from Voronezh  +1
desatento 5/5. Awesome picture.  +2
Igor622015 как же русофобов выворачивает)  +10
Takohashi «Выворачивает» не больше, чем других -фобов под украинскими, польскими и другими баннерами. Но за собой конечно же не замечаем, ага.  +6
Igor622015 Больше, ага.  
Kænugаrður WTF? English is the only language what we are using in all sections of SSC.  +3
rustik68 Kænugаrður, you have problems and bugs with the display. Everything is in English  +3
Kænugаrður Stupid joke ... Russian is an objectionable language in this section. Not all people understand the Cyrillic alphabet.  +3
Davidinho Kænugаrður, Komdu sæll og blessaður. Ísland og Rússland eru vinir fyrir 12 öldum.  
Kænugаrður @Davidinho - Russia has not existed in the 9th century. Rus' and Russia are two completely different countries.  +3
Davidinho @Kænugаrður very interesting. Then Iceland hadn't existed before 1944. And you know what, it doesn't exist now either.  +1
catcha Davidinho: he wrote truth, Rus has nothing to do with Russia and there was no Russia in the IX c... If you want to chase the topic read about Muscovy. Russia became Russia in mid XVI c, it is also linked with interesting fact that Russia NAtional Day is observed as a commemoration for getting the country from under the Polish rule ;)  +2
Kænugаrður @Davidinho - Icelandic Althingi is one of two of the oldest parliaments in the world. It has existed since 930 AD. The ancestors of modern Russians in the 10-12 centuries were vassals of Kyiv (Rus'). In the 13-15 centuries, they were vassals of the Golden Horde. The Grand Principality of Moscow was the first independent Russian state. The Principality of Moscow gained its independence in 1480. By the time the Icelandic parliament had already existed 550 years.  
VeryJetRanger Kænugаrður, you brainwashed. U now wrote a nonsense..  
VeryJetRanger Kænugаrður - тебе следует сходить на член!  
arhimed2050 3/5 from Astana City, KZ, EAU.  +1
JOHANNES1983 5/5 from Colombia...  +6
jon35es -5 for homophobic Russia  +5
Davidinho indeed the towers are homophobic.  +14
Redmadhatt3r -5 everywhere I see gays, good day sir  +1
tic average.  +2
nunex 5/5 Portugal  +2
renshapratama 5/5 from Jakarta, Indonesia  +3
O Natalense 5/5 do Brasil.  +4
pablord Great skyline  +2
Petruha 5/5 from St. Petersburg  +4
vegorv Колы хахлов тонут в пятерках со всего мира))))  +22
Kænugаrður The evening has just begun ;)  +1
not_defined Resident evil  +2
mechanicum )))  
SkyJeff 1/5 from Brazil  +6
Geocarlos Amazing! 5/5 from Panama!  +5
JotaPe Awesome skyline. 5/5 from Argentina.  +8
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu - Brasil  +7
humancity 5/5 from CYPRUS!!!  +9
Rafael Narvaja 5/5 from Paraguay...  +6
DjDeeeeeen 1/5 from Kuril Islands, Japan  +6
arhimed2050 Moscow - the evil empire and a hornet's nest in one bottle.  +4
arhimed2050 Москва - империя зла или осиное гнездо.  +4
sidney_jec what a lovely picture  +6
Shakhbûrz 5/5 from İzmir, Turkey. Lovely Photo.  +8
mehanik.wagner 5/5 (cool pic!)  +8
Falshivomonetchick 4/5 - ярко подсвеченная сталинка слишком выбивается из композиции  +1
Geostar86 I love this city!!!  +4
bukabmw five from Chelyabinsk, comrades  +5
jinka sreekanth 5 from india  +10
Mplsuptown 5, wonderful shot.  +6
igor 5  +3
TGN2010 О!, столица моей Родины))) ну конечно 5.  +8
kolator 5 from Poland. Amazing  +8
str2208 Very nice shot! 5 from Black sea.  +4
VG 5 from the UK. Great city.  +12
VACHO Пять от Варны. Прекрасный вид!  +8
Igor622015 5 Мегагороду от Новосибирска  +9
Dimonn 5/5  +4
aredo 5/5 from Bilbao, Basque Country  +14
maximN1 Wow 5!!  +5
CENTILION 5+++++ из Ставрополя  +8
Amen 5 perfect  +4
нафта по 20$ The Mordor city  
xvbvcv 1  +5
Caracala 6/5 София, Болгария  +16
Mr.Cage 1 from Sevastopol, Ukraine  +13
Davidinho Join Date: Feb 2014 Location: Kyiv Posts: 5,537 Likes (Received): 9859  +30
HaitoK About Mr.Cage - City Kyiv  +5
Yurka52rus 5 from Kiev, Poland  +37
vegorv 5 from Lviv, Poland  +17
ancov 5 from Vinnitsa, Poland!  +3
Igor622015 5 from Ukraine, provinces of Russia  +5
Sunkid 1 from Russia, part of the Great China  +9
Davidinho Nice shot. Though most of the Moscow-city supertalls cannot be seen here, two of the "7 sisters" Stalinist skyscrapers are gorgeous on the foreground and even Mosfilmovsky Tower can be seen in the background. The copper-imitating cladding of Mercury tower reflects the evening sky so perfectly.  +9
talya 5/5 from Lugansk Russia  +24
wojtor from Lugansk, Russia to Moscow, Ukraine?  +4
Charlesp Great skyscrapers and a beautiful sky! 5/5.  +3
Ваал Наче до Львива потрпыв! Ставлю пьятирку !!!  +1
seba65536 4 for Mordor :)  +3
Svetlix 5/5 from Pleven, Bulgaria  +8
couchsurf 5 from Bursa/Turkey.Great shot!  +3
corvus_edin 5 for the Banner - minus 50000000 for Putin  +7
Davidinho what has Putin done to you?!  +8
croomm where is Putin on this banner?  +19
Logic Puzzle croomm, Some people see the Putin everywhere )  +13
darkie_one Putin is on horizon - in his Rublyovka mansion  
Voorish-Gdansk OMG that looks amazing, 5/5 for Moscow, China  +17
Davidinho Thank you Danzig, Deutschland!  +3
Amen Fucking volksdeutsch. He is not Polish. He's volksdeutsch living in Poland.  
carrtigo 5/5 Indonesia  +4
bigtom incredibly impressive  +4
disposal As usual, excellent! I've been in Moscow last Spring. City smiles at me.  +8
wasiliew_ awesome ;)  
wasiliew_ but banner is owsome...  
wasiliew_ 1 for imperialismus.....  +4
PunnaWich 5/5 from bangkok  +4
Askario 5/5  +2
bus driver Иot bad - 5  
kowal1981 0/5  +3
V_etas 1/5 from Donets'k Ukraine.  +9
HaitoK About V_etas - City Київ  +8
Kænugаrður V_etas lived in Donetsk for over thirty years. It's his hometown. He was forced to move to Kyiv in 2014.  +1
AJIekc 5 from kharkov, russia  +15
konservator huy te vrot a ne srussia  +4
Nike1989 Not the best angle 4 from Moscow  +4
Nike1989 Not the best angle 4 from Moscow  +1
SurowyOjciec 4 from Poland  +2
Yousaf1995 5/5 from Pakistan  +6
AndriySH nice! 1/5  +3
jeruco :o____  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  +6
danieloc Envy is bad people.  +4
WstrnAstrln love it!  +5
Manassa Nice..from Indonesia  +3
ChuckScraperMiami#1 Wow ! That's Moscow, Russia ,Today in Late 2016, Looks almost Like New York City, U.S.A. , now that deserves a 5/5 , Congratulations to a Happy Free Country of a President/Prime Minister , Instead of a Dictorship Run Country back in the " Cold War " days of the U.S.S.R. , Moscow has grown into a supertall Looking City like the rest of the Happy Free World Of # 1 almost 14 Years Strong World Wide Website SkyScraperCity Dot Com !! Fantastic and Beautiful Moscow !!  +25
croomm Please don't read US-Media.  +13
Unregistered Yep, real free peoples, such as Americans choose between The Clinton Foundation and The Trump Corporation.  +3
Kænugаrður @Unregistered - This is much better than to choose between Putin and Putin's avatar.  +2
Unregistered And Stalin was much better than Hitler. Ок, I understand your point.  
Beomnaegol 1/5 from Vladivostok, Russia. I hate Moscow. I love Saint - Petersburg instead.  +6
Davidinho You may hate Moscow but you cannot disagree with the fact that the banner is at least OK.  +17
DrGe 5/5 from Brazil  +4
Tokei 5/5 from Spain  +4
reapers 5-ка столице от Тюмени!  +3
Harry Mason Instead of building skyscrapers, this SlavTurMon Mestizos (Russians are the result of the mix of Slavs, Mongols, and Turks) should repair their streets, and give decent housing and health care to their people.  
Davidinho OK. We - the mestizos - will do as you say. And you - the Arians - can advise us what to do whenever you want.  +6
coth Buildings a re built by private business. Many of them by private Turkish business. There might be a problem with amount of housing, not quality. Speaking of infrustructure - no one else in Europe builds so much roads and metro as Moscow. There are some backyards that needs to be improved, but roads in overall among best in Europe. Rest of comment shows that you are racist and hardly knows the history and geography.  +8
Harry Mason Ugly Mongol settlement.  +17
Davidinho Ukraine über alles! Heil Poroshenko!  +25
Sunkid Heil Third Russian Reich! Glory to fuhrer Putin!  +1
Dany Darko Gorgeous skyline, great city 5/5 From Chile.  +8
Dimas89 5 from Vladivostok!  +6
aclifford nice banner  +3
roydex gorgeous! 5/5 from Clark, Pampanga PH  +4
mirai I love Moscow  +8
KAMITY37 5/5 Beautiful city.  +4
Gee Ens 5/5 from Davao. Mother Russia!  +6
PerpetualBrum All corrupt money, 1/5  +8
Davidinho Not as corrupt as the UK, though  +3
ogonek lol  
Alexsal great banner. 6 if I could.  +7
johan is great.. five from Malaysia  +6
Alexandro13 5/5 from France.Parfait  +6
Equario 1 from Kyiv, Ukraine  +10
samba_man 5/5 Best CBD in Europe .  +5
Red Rocket 5 from Australia  +5
essuera 4  +1
ELDOK 5 / greece  +4
POLAMCO 4 from Poland  +1
Architecture lover 1 from Architecture lover  +4
MetaCRNL 5/5 from the UK. отлично  +9
Northon 5 from Norway  +6
Shahmir 1/5  +7
Ysh 5 from Sevastopol  +7
68danko 5 from Belgrade  +6
castillo2008 Old and new skyscrapers in an amazing picture 5/5  +6
#obert J'adore cette ville 5/5  +5
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 из Македонии / from Macedonia  +7
Fabri88 5/5 товарищ!!!  +5
AndriySH спутник, водка, балалайка?  +3
damarsinyo 5 from Indonesia  +5
Аполон 5/5 from Athens  +4
BigElectricCat уах красаучег!  +2
tech_1 5/5 Croatia  +5
Дisiдent 5/5  +4
Virage 5  +4
Infesus very nice, +5+ from Petersburg!  +6
Ritmo-F 5 from St. Petersburg  +5
mike_blum 5 from SPB!  +5
V.BOBR 5 from Dnipro, Ukraine  +20
zahid111 5/5 from Baku,Azerbaijan!  +7
kanonirsss Moscow's number one  +4
VariousArtist wow, 5 from meeeee :)  +4
Mete_izmir marvellous skyline. 5/5 from Izmir/Turkiye  +7
PANALEKS Москва столица мира.  +5
Kænugаrður OK, Moscow is the capital of the world but the capital of the third world;  +1
qwuk 5 from Poland ;D  +8
Pacho_ 5/5 from Burgas, Bulgaria !!!  +7
alley cat Красота!  +6
Turbulences The best city in the world! Only 5/5 from Samara, Russia.  +22
Parravillian That is amazing! 5/5 from Sydney  +9
martin_marksman классный баннер, 5/5.  +6
iaafosci 5/5 from India  +5
Boris_54 kewl 5  +4
Silvist 5/5  +5