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titleKazan 1767
locationKazan, Russia
infoEngraving by François Denis Née, sketch by Louis-Nicolas de Lespinasse
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 4.03, total votes: 722
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Fio241 5/5 Belle gravure  +1
An-178 2/5 from Ukraine  
Mintt 5/5 from Legazpi, Philippines!  +3
Raphael10000Kazan Beautiful and ancient Kazan. It is located at the junction of Europe and Asia.  
Westchester Sq 5/5 из Милана! Здравствуйте Великая Русь. 5/5 from Milano to beautiful Kazan!  +5
Pangeran Jawa 5/5 from Central Java, Indonesia  +5
Izumy 5/5 from Salvador, Brasil  +4
kynn 5/5 from Nizhniy Novgorod  +4
xanterra Wow mashallah! Wowshallah! Nice but hard to rate cause it is a two Century Old drawing. So I"ll rate it with 4/5  +1
borubar7 4/5 for the capital of Tatarstan. 5/5 will be when Tatarstan will be independent country!  +3
Amen 5 из Польши // фуцк нато  +5
Sorry for my English priczom tut Nato?  +1
Kozhedub 1/5 until Tatarstan gets independence from Moscow  +4
Maks33 Stop politics, please! You may not decide for Tatars, how they should live. They made their own choice to be a part of Russia.  +1
Davidinho Kozhedub, let the Tatars decide what they need, you arrogant person.  +1
Dmitriy 82 Rus 5 for Kazan from Crimea, Russia. Great history of the great city!!!  +11
sdm1976 5 для Казани из Казани!  +3
DanielFA 5/5 from Buenos Aires!  +6
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +5
383 What are those vessels called?  
Askario It was a large admiralty and also main trade hub of Volga, so, ships were very different.  
Raffael Rocha 5/5 de Maracanaú, Ceará, Brasil. :)  +4
stereotip 5/5 from Ufa  +4
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 from Goiânia, Brazil  +4
EEH 5 from Danube Bulgaria to Volga Bulgaria  +4
JerryZen 5/5 From Mexico, nice picture, I don't think I'll see a great picture of the past here again!  +3
Moskauer 5 from Moscow  +4
Soliter 5 from Belgrade, Serbia!  +7
Turbulences 5/5 from Samara, Russia!  +4
Turbulences Filthy usranians...  +4
Maks33 5 stars from ancient city of Vladimir!  +5
DeNi$ 5/5 from Moscow  +7
CAPMAT You forgot to mention that Kazan is not Russia, but the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation.  +11
SashCo take a look at Russian Constitution, freak  +21
CAPMAT I don't give a fuck what the Russian 'constitution' is about, looking at the  +1
CAPMAT I don't give a fuck what the Russian 'constitution' is about, but I'm looking at map of the Russian Federation and see what I see.  +1
Davidinho "Kazan is not Russia..." "I'm looking at map of the Russian Federation" Then tell us, please, where is Russia on the map of the Russian Federation.  +17
CAPMAT Davidinho, Moscow region and some other surrounding it. Everything else is stolen from other nations.  
Davidinho CAPMAT, Where was your ukraina (suburb) of the Russian Empire called Ukraine, when Russians were conquering those vast territories?! It wasn't yet.  +4
CAPMAT Davidinho, did you want to ask where was Ruthenia, when Muscovy appeared?  
Denis-55 5 from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. KRASIVO :D  +6
PANALEKS 5 балов от столицы  +5
Taurasi 5/5 from Milano, Italia. I love Russia!!!  +15
LordMayhem More historic banners please!  +8
Caracala 5/5 from Veliko Turnovo Bulgaria to Volga Bulgaria  +5
CactusLord Thi is so out of place 2/5  +1
IgoryokOmsk 5/5 но почему у хохлов так бомбит?)  +18
Igor622015 У хiхлят после 2014 года бомбит перманентно  +9
Fasterovich Where is all this buidings now?  
son_of_the_sun Well, the highest tower on the left side inside Kremlin walls is apparently the Söyembikä Tower and it still stands.  
Askario Right dominant is Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, it's also very cool and popular  
Fasterovich Блин, на баннере столько шпилей, сейчас же их фактически нет.  +1
Davidinho Fasterovich, большинство зданий - деревянные.  
swat. Казань-матушка! 5 баллов!!!  +1
alex_lv WTF?  +1
LanGeo I don't understend, brothers  +2
keycap Yes, they can: [link]  
renshapratama 5/5 -Jakarta  +2
vegorv 5 from Lviv, Poland.  +31
yury_d47 5 from Yekaterinburg  +4
Abzal 5 from Kazakhstan  +5
Rusland 5/5  +3
Papont Well, it's a good idea to give some historcal skylines! Way to go!  +14
pokidyok 3 weeks w/o russia is way too long. The world belongs to Russia...  
Papont Butthurt detected  +6
NOMAD€ Mat' Rossija.  +6
timka_ 5  +2
mixxer Колы от майдаунов тонут в пятёрках со всего мира  +23
vegorv точно  +4
uralural One of the most beautiful Russia cities!  +8
krish12 motherland  +3
SDriver Why boring russian pictures always get high scores? Because russian bots vote 5 regardless of the quality of the picture.  +4
Davidinho You think they are boring, another one thinks they are nice. You rate it 3, others rate it 5, Ukrainians rate it 1... This is called democracy. And your particular opinion is worthless. All the voters together decide whether the banner is boring or not. As for me, I think it's extremely interesting. Such a lot of highrises 250 years ago. Some modern megalopolises cannot be proud of such a dense skyline.  +27
SDriver Only Moscow was good recently and worthy of skyscrapercity. because of moscow-city.  
Exethalion Your political opinion of Russia should not factor in. I think this is a great historical painting and shows how cities looked in the early Renaissance era.  +7
Proterra Exethalion; "Early Renaissance era." - Kazan, 1767. I guess Lenin brought the Russian reformation :-P  +1
kokomo More boring are lost-in-the-middle-of-nowhere Brazilian villages. Those tend to pop up at a rate of 1 or 2 every 10 days...  +1
Sorry for my English @Exethalion, don't disgrace yourself:) If you don't know European history, why are you write about "the early Renaissance era"?  
Exethalion Yes guys calm your titties, I meant late Renaissance which was the European era of the time.  
Exethalion @Sorry for my English, what on Earth do you talk about? "Don't know European history" because I misplaced a single word?  
Nightjar 1/5 - it's not the Kazan I know.  
Davidinho Then the Kazan you know is 5/5? Nice!  +3
jalanajak Süyimbeke manarasu indi bar, Yelkenler äli bar, Lenin dambasu äli yok. Güzel Kazanumuzga 55!  +6
vegorv хахлы,ставьте пятерки - ломайте стереотипы о вас)))))  +10
pokidyok Кацапы не регистрируйте теть и бабушек чтобы поставить пятерку. Ломайте стереотипы тоже)  +1
Mr.Cage 1 from Kyiv with love  +3
Зуфар-Казань How many of the current cities with magnificent skyscrapers exist in 1767?  +5
SDriver More than you think.  +4
Davidinho Interesting question. Chicago was settled in 1780's. LA was founded in 1781. San Fransisco in 1850. Auckland was a Maori fishing village before 1840. Sydney was established in 1788. Brisbane - 1825. Perth 1829. Melbourne - 1835. Adelaide - 1836. Toronto was established in 1793 as York. Vancouver - 1886. Most cities in Arabian Peninsula either didn't exist before 20th century, or were quite villages before the petroleum boom. There are a lot of brand new cities all over South-Eastern Asia and China. Most cities in South America, South Africa are so-called planned cities and were founded in the 19th-20th centuries.  +13
Kreys 5/5 from Engels  +9
ВОДА Kazan, Volga Bulgaria - 5 stars  +8
kharlam what a lovely scenery!  +4
Alibiyes 5 from Almaty, Kazakhstan  +9
BOSS 1  +1
uN90D1y I believe skyscrapers on this pic are not tall enough yet, but anyway it's 5ive!  +9
dust_bro 5/5 from UFA!  +7
TATKZN16 Cool banner! It is interesting to look at the historical picture! The original solution!  +8
jar_007 5 from Poland  +10
Ysh nice skyline! 5/5!  +6
Svetlix 5/5 from Pleven, Bulgaria  +6
Equario 1 from Kyiv, Ukraine  +5
EshE 5/5 From Sri Lanka  +6
zahid111 5/5 from Baku, Azerbaijan!  +8
Yousaf1995 5/5 From Pakistan  +6
Isma Hendra 5  +2
Claudio Henrique 5/5 from Brazil. Shame on me, but I didn't know that city (apart from Moscow and St. Petersburg which I love I don't know much of Russia, but it always has fascinated me, so of course I went to check it Kazan out, and its historical architecture seems way out from a fairy tale. Loved it.  +17
AJIekc 5 from kharkov, Russia  +11
pokidyok 1 from Nizhnevartovsk, Zimbabve  +4
SpiderBHZ 2  
Igor622015 5 from Novosibirsk, Russia  +5
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg  +6
Balikpapaners Nice history pictures of Kazan  +5
Vladivostok2012 5  +3
Ivan the Immigrant 5/5  +6
SevenSlavicTribes 5/5 for Kazan (Volga Bulgaria) from Varna (Danube Bulgaria)  +11
Step_50081 Great historical cityscape!  +9
VariousArtist 5 from Sofia :)  +5
Leonidych 5 from Ufa  +4
Ilianski 5 from Danube Bulgaria to Volga Bulgaria  +16
Furry independence for Volga Bulgaria :)  +9
Infesus not furry, but idiotty  +6
Vadon С тех пор в умах россиян не поменялось ничего... А рисунок прикольный...)  +10
Air@t Ты когда мепаров в Макеевку бить поедешь, интернет-воин? Смотри не обделайся.  +14
Papont Ну почему, у части россиян ум выветрился, теперь они называются "украинцы"  +19
Vadon Ой, у Айратушки бомбит пуканчик, даже буквы перепутал от бурления каловых масс в теле и голове))) Забыл, что ты с Казани)))  +1
Furry russia again. again 1/5  +10
Papont Guess who's butthurt about )))))  +3
username unnecessary Nice idea for a banner. 5*!  +5
bearsoap 5 from SPb  +7
ovnours Kewwwwl, 5/5  +5
TimFromBish Magnificent view! Definitely 5 stars from Bishkek  +9
Furry I didn't know that there is Internet in Bishkek  +3
TimFromBish You're right. We are living in caves  
Davidinho Furry, being arrogant and impolite does not make you a person of the 21st century. Greetings to you and your neanderthal brothers.  +3
SLASH_2 5, это с какого кэнона такая сделана?!!!  +11
Furry English, please  +6
Falshivomonetchick 5/5 from Yekaterinburg за нетривиальность ;)  +9
Neem 5/5 from Chelyabinsk to The World Capital of Tatars  +7
ikeamen minarets minarets a ya malen'kiy takoy  +5
Boris_54 nice skyline btw  +2
croomm Wow! Best Banner of Kazan, I`ve seen. 5 stars from Third capital from Second.  +8