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titleSantiago de Chile nighscape
locationSantiago, Chile
sourceMauricio Vega Larrea
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 3.48, total votes: 418
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rathalos17 la foto esta feaaaa  +2
Daortíz Que mala foto de Santiago, super saturada!  +2
Ricardo31330 5/5 :D very beautiful  
Reina Pepiada que feo  +1
R-O-D abusaron demasiado con el photoshop,por eso les doy un 2 a lo mucho.  +1
Letterbomb Mala la wea, fea la wea, pero soy disléxico, 5/5  
D@zuero Bonita ciudad, fea foto  +1
Enhander Qué foto más Flaite.  +1
Chaos7 Very very nice, i love Chile and Santiago. Greetings from Nis, Serbia.  
Javier Quien chucha mandó esta foto?? Who the hell sent this shitty pic??  +5
felipea3 5/5 from Santiago!  
aoz1974 Pic about Paz Froimovich's kingdom (a low cost real state area, next to Santiago downtown) 1/5 from Chile  +1
Lovricico Rematch, part 2. Other pics:  
Lovricico [link]  +2
Lovricico [link]  +1
Lovricico [link]  +1
Lovricico Rematch. Other pics:  
Lovricico [link]  +1
Lovricico [link]  +1
Lovricico [link]  +1
Lovricico Cuanto masoquismo con nuestro país.  
roogenial It looks like a tacky city in southeast Asia  
Redimes A Cyberpunk-Type photo. Meh. I don't like that kind of style  +1
Edif Guad ¡Fabulosa ciudad!  
ducalamberti CSI: Santiago  
ricardito_pjc Muy saturado. A la foto le doy 3 y a la ciudad 5! saludos  +2
partenos 5/5 from peru  +3
mecanico242 5/5 from Mexico  +2
dannykessenny 5/5 from Barcelona  
George BIZ WOW! Great ;) 5/5 from Constanta, Romania  +2
Thina 3/5 Brasil  
Thina 3/5  
talya Photoshop de Chile 1/5  
betocomics Ugly pic, great city  +1
aoz1974 1/5 Ugly pic, from Chile  +1
J-BEAT 5/5 from Perú.  +1
JotaPe Very psicodelic ... :/  +3
Minnesotan in Chile 5/5 from Curicó, Chile. I was just there, yesterday!  +1
martinalagui ??? 1/5  +2
SpiderBHZ The city is ok, but this not. 2  +1
erm_wroc Not so nice like San Escobar, but 5 from me ;)  
E-Q-ANIME I love it when somebody dares to do something different as in this case. No need to criticize, just enjoy and let it go, open your mind!  +2
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
midrise In a galaxy far far away  +1
Malulin Don't stare at it too long or it will give you a seizure  +1
bonixx good from Lucena, Philippines 4/5  
arhimed2050 5++ for Rainbow Santiago )) Hello from Kazakhstan!  
EsCaNdIo Photoshop, Santiago is more that it  +2
goldkvist La wea fea  +2
alex_lg 1/5 from Santiago de Chile.  +3
Majestic91 Looks like a shot taken in Suicide Squad  +2
Miguel S Terrible, not representative at all. 1/5  +4
superfan 1  +1
Seba90 The most ugly photo Santiago ever had as banner  +1
stencil oversaturated photo  +2
Ciampino 5/5 from Brazil :)  +3
WasabiHoney Looks like something you would see on an acid trip!  +7
V.BOBR so colorful 4/5  +1
Reeyell too much photoshopped, you can clearly see the massive edting of those yellow lights  +11
Minnesotan in Chile You've clearly never been to Santiago. I lived there for years. There is no need to photoshop a picture to look like that. From Curicó, Chile.  +2