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title300.000 people protesting in Bucharest
locationBucharest, Romania
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 4.01, total votes: 862
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playmannn 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria!  +2
Davidinho Europian Union is collapsing. Great.  +2
Teky Actually, all the people you see there are strong EU supporters. As is the vast majority in Romania.  +11
andreschultz26 off topic issues like politics will be deleted, so this image too ?  +4
alarhu "english only" - does the admin know that in English we always capitalize the initial letter of a noun or adjective derived from the name of a country? Imbéciles.  +1
Anak-tij Love!! :D  +1
Unregistered 5/5 from Brazil  +2
prahovaploiesti 5/5  
BeogradskiVESLAČ Make the revolution, and then import it to Serbia!  +4
Iluminat good job Romania  +2
kapturek What's going on in Hungary?? :O  +2
building demolisher #TamoJuntoRomânia  +2
Slartibartfas Beautiful 5/5  +1
Harry Mason Romaidan. :D  +2
castillo2008 I am fed up of politics here, and now not only comments... the whole banner. Obviously I am with the people of Romania, but please there are other places to talk about those issues.  +6
gjergjkastrioti Desperate country but hopeful  +2
asp373 1/5 from putins Putin's Empire  +1
sivas123 muie  +4
axov 5 from Kraków / Poland! Congratulations Romania!  +5
amarato Go Romania  +6
NandoRoo #TamoJuntoRomânia  +2
Jules92 The best wishes for Romania!  +2
tom_lodz Congratulations and respect, Romania, Poland will be next!  +5
Balansiyí dimisia.  +1
farrar4 100* from Sofia, Bulgaria. Hopefully we will follow you soon!  +8
Alpin 1989 - Revolution, 2017 - Evolution. This is how we roll!  +1
Alpin 1989 -  +1
Marek_Z 5/5 from Gdańsk. I hope we will join you soon.  +5
naruciakk I know we have some problems with bribery but they're not that huge like in Romania ;)  +1
naruciakk 5/5 from Gdańsk, the city of "Solidarity". Take care Romanians, we're with you.  +10
SOLOMON 1 We the PEOPLE.  +4
spring3 The situation is suddenly getting more serious, it seems we might lose our fight, they have perfected a strategy to hijack the country! WE NEED HELP FROM THE E.U. !  +1
Alpin Do you know something we don't know? :)  
spring3 @Alpin - yes, the Parliament has just voted not to block the law and the constitutional court has let it pass through. it might become valid from february 10 which is very serious stuff  
apctool99 5/5 from Scotland  +5
ALEXEJ 5/5 , I like it , from Kyijev/Somali Героям Слава!  +4
Sunkid You are from Saratov/Zimbabwe, son. Тупости ваты слава!  +1
Leedsrule How is this 3rd best ever??? no way  +1
bilik_lca 5/5 from Legnica, Poland  +4
SteveSlaske i thought it was a trump protest  
Edil Arda 5 From Kadıköy, Türkiye ;)  +3
EAUSERB 1/5, not a banner material.  +3
partenos 5/5 from peru  +3
quama 5/5 from Bratislava with respect!  +4
FelipeCR 5/5 from Colombia, nice praxis  +3
Oles 5/5 from Ukraine  +4
Kozhedub 5 from Ukraine  +8
tijuano en el df fuckorruption  +2
Matt the Engineer Collection of strong voices. Great representation of a city.  +4
Turnovec 10/5 from Veliko Tarnovo. No to corruption!  +13
Anticalaca " foreign comments and off topic issues (politics, currents events etc) will be deleted" . Oooook :P  +2
Nowax 1/5 from Krakow NH  +1
ok2 5/5 from New York  +7
Sirocco 5/5 from Plovdiv  +7
Arnorian Rise up!  +4
Junkie Bucuresti 5 from Skopje  +7
mecanico242 5/5 from Mexico  +5
gogo3o I give you 6/5. From Sofia  +15
poletar 5* from Chirpan/Bulgaria  +9
antaramir un pueblo unido jamas será vencido!  +9
seattle92 100% support from Portugal  +8
Arq. Juancho Why political postings? this was supposed to be a political free zone!  +8
Cyrus This is a pro-western political website.  +6
RedLion727 Then leave if you don't like it.  +5
Davidinho RedLion727, Leave Romania if you don't like it (your logic)  +3
VladP 5 from Kiev, Ukraine. Fight brothers and good luck!!! ;)  +24
loit2007 майдауны возбудились  +1
TonichBG You can do it, brothers! 5/5 from Bulgaria!  +20
mtsbjm1 Power of the people! also that sea of light in the streets are amazing  +4
benjaminn 5/5 from Bulgaria - go, neigbours, go!  +10
soncen 5/5 as support from sLOVEnia  +8
tur When in Poland ?  +6 5 from canada  +5
Tillor87 5 din Costa Rica! România, îmi place de dumneavoastra!  +11
VariousArtist We are behind you neighbors 5/5  +7
Омич Putin would shoot all those people 1/5  +1
андрій1988 yep, Russia with Putin like North Korea with Kim Chen In  +13
Anticalaca I can't say I'm against the protest (i mean, a protest against corruption, yeh!), but isn't this thing a little 'political'? I guess this was a skyscraper page, right? :P  +7
ill-b 5 from Holland...!!!  +5
Dorin Nikos enough is enough!!! we are fed up!! 5*  +5
alexd4u2 Awsome!!  +4
frankuh 5 from the Netherlands!  +5
Fasterovich maidan for Romanian?)  +2
chauffeur 5 from Poland:)  +8
KRUM 5* from Sofia, our turn soon.  +12
The Polman Political but I support this banner greatly, this protest is very important. Corruption strains urban development worldwide.  +10
nostalgy 5)))))  +4
VY9977 All my support to this EUROPEAN state!!!  +12
jalanajak Äferin, Romaniye!  +4
midrise It's hard too see who is the tallest???  +1
Tego 5/5 from a Bulgarian guy in Abuja, Nigeria. :) Great job, neighbors! I congratulate you for your free spirit!  +18
Eros1970 5* from Italy  +8
pberz nice skyline! oh wait...  +8
Drill Great  +6
Packie 5 from Kraków, Poland!  +11
Saudad 5/5 from Ukraine  +20
chevyvolt 5/5 from Bulgaria!  +11
Sunkid 5/5 from Kiev, Ukraine  +23
Ayran 5* from slovakia/košice !  +11
Anabella.Castlehill 5/5 from Bulgaria!  +17
Brookleen Во майданутые скачут! Как хорошо, что у нас в России народ покорный. 1 from Mukhosransk, Russia  +3
Blackhavvk Если в России выйдет 300 000 человек, то перевернут всю страну. Эти 300 000 никак не повлияют на жизнь своей страны.  
Brookleen В России никогда не выйдут 300 тысяч, что ни делай. В этом сила!  +4
Davidinho Brookleen А почему разрушать свою страну. Русские выходили на улицу в Таллине, защищать бронзового солдата, в Крыму и на Донбассе, защищать свою идентичность. А что Украинцы? В 2013-ом по коррупции занимали 115 место в мире, в 2016-ом 136-ое. Поздравляем, лузеры.  +3
Maucin 1000/1000 from Poznań Poland. Victory!  +24
LuXoR40 5/5 from Varna!  +15
ВОДА 5 stars from Bulgaria!  +14
Vanaheim 5 from Poland. We are lost, but there is still chance for you, so fight!  +20
uranium 5 from Lublin  +11
buho 5, all my support to romanians from Spain!  +11
Lhopital 5/5 from Sofia. Romanians set an example.  +18
Alex_Riccio 1 frome Kyiv!  +3
Muyangguniang 5/5 The Hague NL is with you Bucharest! Justice will prevail!  +10
wuane Good luck from Slovakia, EU. 5*  +12
SevenSlavicTribes 5/5 from Varna. Bulgaria is with you!!!  +16
loit2007 Protest in Bucharest  +6
stewie1980 Thank you for the explanation.  +5
loit2007 you're welcome  
Preibiton 5 from Sofia  +13
ИванТ 5/5 from Bulgaria, din toată inimă.  +16
Zaro 5/5 from Bulgaria! This is what I call free mind!  +13
Demadestro+ 5 from Guatemala. Cities are people, not only buildings!!  +21
velbujd 5 from BG  +13
Svetlix 5/5 from Pleven, Bulgaria  +11
Le Clerk The luminous sea of the free people.  +8
Che7779 5/5 from your northern brothers, from Ukraine))  +11
vitalist 5 stars and good luck from Ukraine!  +13
wojk Yeah - Romania libera!  +9
son_of_the_sun I though we stand aside of politics :(  +9
andreicukapp Why only someone from Russia says this?  +14
SashOk У кацапов тут от силы пару тысяч  +2
Le Clerk We will prevail . For us and for everyone else who is looking at us with hope.  +11
George BIZ 5/5 Proud to be Romanian!!! Bucharest, don't forget Constanta is with you!!!  +11
Loro. 5/5 Brutal punishments and death to corrupt politicians! Viva Sergio Moro! Carajo!  +7
inBaliTimur Respect for braveness against corruption intent by Romanian government. From Indonesia. PS: The Indonesian middle-classes are cowards to do the same with Romanians, anyway  +10
spring3 Dragnea is the new Ceausescu, he is capable of ANYTHING to escape his and others prison sentences and to free others  +5
spring3 NOW we understand what you went through at the so called coup  +4
spring3 Our war with the evil government is not over yet, we need everybody to support the Romanian people against this evil government, which is controlled by outlaws  +5
Taxi.driver.KG Bring Causesku back, oh wait, you kill him almost 30 years ago to bring democracy to your country. History repeat  +2
MelcToxic I was there! We will be there whenever it is needed.  +13
Taxi.driver.KG every 30 years :)  +3
Taxi.driver.KG Bring Causesku back, oh wait, you kill him almost 30 years ago to bring democracy to your country. History repeat  +2
Vikusz Congrat for the demonstration against corruption, stay strong! From Budapest, Hungary.  +24
CoDen Bravo et courage ! 5/5 from France  +18
Suseł 5/5 Forza Romania  +14
CoDen Bravo et courage ! 5/5 de l  +11
SurowyOjciec 5 from Poland.  +13
Drenicaku 5/5 from Kosovo! It's inspiring!  +12
Lino congratulations to the people of beautiful Romania for making democracy work!!  +16
xanterra Bravo bravo bravo beautiful Romania! My best wishes for your country. 5/5  +13
Aglajazz governments should be afraid of the people... greetings from Cyprus  +13
darkie_one майданутым нет покоя  +2
Kiriak78 Five stars from Bulgaria  +14
manon respect to the beautiful people of Romania, from Turkey. we could not dare to use even socia media to talk about corruption in fear of arrest under the dictator erdogan  +51
Pacho_ 10 from Burgas,Bulgaria  +18
ovnours Looks like famous Romanian opera star Kenny McCormick's open air concert  
Leonidych Would be better if they built a few skyscrapers. -2. Ufa, Russia  +13
андрій1988 я тебе понимаю... завидно что люди могут собираться, протестовать и выдвигать свои требования властям которые работают на народ и при этом добиваться своего, в Росиюшке же больше трёх человек собралось, прикатил воронок и прямо в отделение на бутылку :)  +28
Teky Skyscrappers > freedom from corruption; I totally get your Russian priorities :D  +5
Davidinho андрій1988 так почему сейчас не выходите на улицы, нерабы? И по коррупции, и по экономике, и по социальному обеспечению у вас лучше чем в 2013-ом? Безвиз, да? Свобода слова? Свобода слова - это напасть на телеканал интер или убить митингующих в Одессе? Да у вас не было никогда государства и государственности. Ваш рай - анархия. Наслаждайтесь. Рай русского - тепло в доме и накормленная семья.  +5
kynn андрій1988 завидно!! покажи как порошенко согнать?