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titleDowntown Manhattan
locationNew York City, United States
sourcePablo Barros at Flickr
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 4.01, total votes: 606
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Just build the thing 5...Love the density, the original and best.  
AleksIII 5/5  
losangelino Not a very good shot at all. And its cut off at the top. 2/5  +1
dcasataza ILNY 5/5  
somrach1 newyork twice ? and this picture is old btw  
RickLW New York twice and no Shanghai???  
3vallesgve bonito skyline, pero no se transforma tan rapido como otras ciuades del mundo  
kc_3011 Perfect skyline!  
Beto-ura NY is great. I love NY!!!  
DE51GNR Been 4 times - love it to bits: the food, the weather, the beach, the sites, Central Park.  
WonderlandPark NY is great, but this photo is old  
andreicukapp NYC skiline is great, this banner not so much - 3/5  
lucianmx_2007 5/5 from Bucharest,Romania !!  
Sandblast .... oh, I forgot. A big 5/5 from me, naturally!  
Sandblast Quite a 'conservative' skyline by the standards around the World today, but the NYC skyline with it's mixture of 20th & 21st Century skyscrapers still oozes 'class' and for me is the best skyline and most dynamic city on this planet. From Birmingham, UK.  +1
PanKicu 5 from Szczecin Poland !!!  
cuartango by far, the best city in the world :D  
Maucin I love N.Y.  
prisma 6/5... Oooops.. No 6? OK 5/5 then!  
Victorfreitas The Cosmopolitan from brazil ❤  
SkyAx NYC again??  +2
igor 5  
JOHANNES1983 5/5 from Cali  
Mauro Martins Love NYC .... too much to do...always !  
fergape i love NYC!!! 5/5  
Forza_imperial amazing city! 5 from CDMX  
lodzer.m Amazing city! 5/5 from Łódź, Poland :)  
CaIIIka GTA -LibertyCity 5star RockStar ^)))))))  
bojo6666 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria.  
Urban Legend 5/5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.  
LeitoStafe Boring and cliched. 2/5  +4
Evil78 Not saying that it's a bad banner, but...Has SSC run out of cities? This is the 47th banner with NYC, including 10 with the new WTC.  +5
ericrocio NYC, the village, the restaurants, time square, Washington heights, the night life. No other city in the world can compare. 5/5  
Heilig the most important city in the whole solar system.  
minza_6124 looks like a city in China.  
SpiderBHZ Still the paradigm!!!  
Niek99 Still the best  
LuisCP06 The capital of skyscrapers! 5/5 from México City!  
EloyBr NYC, again? There are more cities in the world... Hahaha. BTW, nice one... 5/5 from Belgium.  
Fabian2412 5 from Holland  
Equario 5 from Kyiv, Ukraine!  
CactusLord NOt the best pic, but it's nyc gotta give it a 5/5  
tagirov_zakir 5 from Orenburg  
velbujd 5 from BG  +2
iiConTr0v3rSYx The photo is incredibly old;construction still going on on the WTC.  +1
Koloman Can´t get enough of NYC! 5/5 from Vienna/Austria.  +1
Voorish-Gdansk Great 5/5  +2
Pepe potamo Again??  +3
midrise Downtown Manhattan is known as.....Lower Manhattan......home to Wall St........5/5.  
mixxer 5/5 from Russia!  +3
gerwaz Great America!! 5/5! from POLAND!  
Jules92 Nice! 5/5 from Guatemala.  
Ysh 5 from Russia  +5
claroscuro I gave 5 stars to NYC, only because there weren't any more of them.  
Veteran1812 Охуенно! 5/5  +2
Libidito I love NYC!!!! 5/5  +1
username unnecessary Skyscraper fest today! Great picture for a great city! 5*!  +2
jffaraco Always 5/5 to NYC!  +3
minhhieuvnpt 5/5 One of the my Idol cities :)  
arhimed2050 3/5 for NY - a city of the XX century ))  +1
Daniel_Sousa 5/5 from São Paulo, Brasil (Brasil with "S" okay?)  
El_Fer Absolutely perfect!! 5/5, from San Luis, Argentina  
MarioSky 5/5 from Recife, Brasil  +1
RalphGuy 5/5 from Birmingham, England.  +2
Svetoslav Suronja This is becoming rather tiresome...  +3
#obert Again New York?  +11
Cov Boy The original world famous skyline! 5/5 from UK  
Oles 5/5 from Ukraine  +4
XXTREM75 5/5 from Spain! astonishing landscape!!  +1
DespoT.кr С крыши wtc видно на сколько глубоко рашка в говне, инфа сотка!  +2
Igor622015 а Украину ужа даже не видно потому что она с головой уже погрузилась в овно))  +9
ivn98 » english only, foreign comments and off topic issues (politics, currents events etc) will be deleted  +1
kamranyeezy 5 from Azerbaijan !  
ivn98 Not the best banner,but it's NYC so..5/5  +3
Ufimets New York is beautiful city. But too often. So 1/5  +7
redcode best skyline, good photo, but bad banner. 5 though