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titleThe communist UFO at Buzludza Peak, Bulgaria
infoA red star, the symbol for communism, glares over the valley from the top of its 70-meter-high tower. The expansive, spaceship-like base is straight out of an early science fiction movie. Officially named the House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party, but better known as the "Buzludzha Monument," it's been attracting urban explorers from around the world since the mid-1990s. While hundreds of abandoned communist memorials are scattered all over the Balkans, few hold quite as much intrigue.
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Ksenofob 0/5 for communism. Always!  +2
zzibit The flying saucer is a sight to behold in person. I recommend it if you get a chance.  +1
prahovaploiesti 5/5  +1
velbujd 5 from BG  +1
aubergine72 It's BuzludzHa or Buzludja, not Buzludza  
lezgotolondon The reptilians are here, man, The Illuminati's listenin' 5/5  +1
skyduster love this, lol. And it's a great shot.  +1
staso Looks like from Star Trek!!! I would love to party there!! Fiestaaaa!! Invite me.ill come from Slovakia lol. I would.its true :D  +1
ÇevRim_Dışı 5 İzmir / Turkey  +1
wander-udi 1  +3
sa6 The place is located in the Balkan mountain and magically beautiful. The monument is subject to hard discussions since its presence, but it's interesting for sure..  
vaduc 5 stars from Vidin (near Romania)! I don't give a ship about the politics here! I rate only the picture itself!  +2
DanielFA Weird but nice. 5/5 from Argentina! :)  +3
yup I hope all the communist people in the world take a place in this buiding/spaceship and trip to another galaxy or univerce. It's a dream but who knows one day...5/5 for Buzludja peak and The Balkan Mountains - given the name of the peninsula inhabited by 9 counties. From Burgas Bulgaria...  +5
yup *10 countries i forgot slovenia. Peace!  
Ysh I see, communism attracts much more attention here than architecture.  +3
playmannn It's a disgrace that this communist cancer, of all the things in Bulgaria, gets attention. 1/5 for the red plague and all its creations, from Sofia, Bulgaria.  +4
sofarfromhere Superb! 5 from Brasil  +3
3tmk Beautiful! And I still can't believe they haven't made it a lair for a James Bond villain! Честита Баба Марта  +7
Anticalaca So incredible... like a picture from another world :v  +9
Taxi.driver.KG Наистина фантастично, като предишното от София. 5 от Сърбия отново и винаги  +14
SolidBase This "wreath & flag" monument, or as many call it - "tower & saucer" one, was built to commemorate 1300 years Bulgaria and 90-year-national-socialist-party-movement anniversary altogether. Done by some of the best Bulgarian and international artists, painters, decorators and engineers. Red star made of (artificial) ruby and bigger than those in Kremlin/anywhere else worldwide. To all "demolishers"/haters/superficial minds - gUYS, learn your history, go beyond your limited black-and-white world and start seeing" brown" at least, and open the eyes of those never seen the Monument to its glory. Let's have it recovered to its original state! From one true Bulgarian, yet resident of the global village...  +9
Zlat Palonsky 5/5 из Москвы!  +6
Caracala 5/5 from Sofia  +3
jaceq amazing shot, 5/5 from PL Lodz  +6
Alisson Silva Capitalism  +4
aoz1974 Beautiful! I must go there some day. 5/5 from Chile  +6
dolinalima strahotno.. 5/5 from Serbia  +4
Hufu Star Wars in Bulgaria :) Great UFO monument  +4
chevyvolt 5 for the banner and 0 for cummunism and putinism  +14
Azuro Been there - the view is awesome!  +2
Zaro Please remove this politically-marked building. 0/5!  +2
VACHO Stunning place. Been there a couple of times. 5/5  
Pepe potamo Im planning to go there in a few weeks. Do you guys know if you can still get in?  +1
Ilianski nope  
GrAlt You can always find a way in but just note that it is really dangerous as the building is slowly collapsing. If you cherish your health it will be better to just observe the building/monument from outside.  +1
playmannn Just visit and enter the Shipka monument and Shipka church from Tsarist times instead of this colapsing communist sh*t. They are very close to it.  +3
b0097 There is a secret, yet slightly dangerous, way in. You should be careful where you step and watch your head. You can even climb on top of the tower. The view from there is priceless!  +2
The_Long_Shot One more thing. Communists/socialists are stupid idiots.  +5
The_Long_Shot That communist monument should have been destroyed years ago.  +9
midrise Commy UFO....Ugly F__kin Object.  +2
ogonek Communism 5. "Brothers" 1  +2
SevenSlavicTribes We are your fathers, not your brothers. You write with Bulgarian letters.  +5
TheIllinoisan Communism is for subhumans, but this building is pretty cool. Hope it can be preserved and reused. Maybe as a cool hotel or something.  +1
rothax :D hotel or something - from communism to capitalism :D Both system want to f*k my ass  +2
NickNN lovely soviet architecture, 5/5  +4
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 од Македонија / from Macedonia  +8
Дisiдent Long live communist Bulgaria!  +5
Lukaares Great monument, 5 from Belgrade, Serbia  +5
amarato Another one awesome Sci-Fi banner from Bulgaria.Cool!!!  +5
arhimed2050 Great, Beauty! 5/5  +2
kraxx Think architecture, don't think comunism. A building is a building, what you fill it with depends on a day and age, but the building stands to see it alll...  +16
SevenSlavicTribes Communist brutalism: insane, useless, ugly  +6
keycap And LQ construction  
xrtn2 Communism ? 1/1  
NEGRITO 4 stars for the Bulgarian communists  
NEGRITO Comunist communist communist is also awesome!  
Nightjar Absolutely love it.  +2
Mick Molte powered by Ceaușescu :)  
wicca13 Communism? 1/1  +2
IPimpYourFahrrad Currently the monument stands abandoned and vandalised. The roof of the building is heavily damaged, and due to the danger of collapsing metal tiles the main entrance of the building has been closed to the public.  +3
p5yo Cool pic! Честита баба Марта!  +4
Kiriak78 [link]  +1
Kiriak78 Честито другари!  +8
Pacho_ haha  
Омич communism is cool, I love communism  +6
vegorv Wowwow! 5 from Nizhny Novgorod  +6
Mr.Robot logged in just so I can give 1 star  +1
io_bg thank you  
Ufimets beautiful, 5 from Ufa, Russia  +4
disposal So beautiful shot! 5 stars for million ones are seen in the night sky of the photo! :)  +6