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titleNo to S, Los Angeles
locationLos Angeles, United States
sourceKelvin Cheng
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 4.01, total votes: 411
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prahovaploiesti 5/5  
Aztecgoddess 4/5  
Edil Arda Terrible shot.  
Kelbeen lmao, thanks?  
AleksIII I love my city! 10/51!!  
panchogutz g r e a t c i t y !!!  +1
GoldenAGe Love LA, but traffic is a nightmare X.x  
spidey7312 Looks a whole lot better with Wilshire Grand. 5/5  
Ksenofob Edge of the World 5/5  
venezolano1990 Nice! I LOVE Los Angeles. My favorite city in USA!.  +1
naruciakk Wonderful photo, how it's not 5/5? This is the forum in a nutshell :D  +2
A Chicagoan Yes, Los Angeles is definitely a SkyscraperCity!  +1
João Marcos Dream city  +1
soloveich Great photo! 5 to our neighbors from SF  +3
Junior BH The most perfect skyline on earth, a pyramid.  +1
Axelferis 5/5 from France Lafunk!  +1
orfman beautiful, almost shaped like a pyramid with the peak in the center  +1
LAbuilder A plastic city, but who doesn´t love plastic? 5/5 from Bilbao  +2
thetophop Simply the greatest city on earth.  +2
Lucas R new toy was banner the other day, now is LA  
Lucas R new york*  
midrise HOLLYWEED  
bojo6666 Awesome! 5/5 from Sofia  +1
redspork02 LA 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  +2
willman87 Perfect skyline ! 5/5 from bilbao spain  +1
Poncho Gro 5/5, My fav skyline of usa :D  +3
CEC2K8 5 stars to my fav city! The city of Angels. From San Salvador, El Salvador :)  
Anticalaca It's great, but at the same time it's quite dissapoiting been the same skyline of L.A. since 25 years ago  +2
Cofe33 Amazing skyline, I Love Los Ángeles!!!  +1
Sechou iconic  
jcastro805 The concrete jungle! Much love for my hometown!  +1
doguorsi2 There it is. I see our office :)  
Towersla 19 metro L.A. inhabitants can't be wrong :) 5/5 to La La Land, City of Dreams!  +2
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +1
Maucin USA! USA! Five stars for City of Angels from Poland, Poznan  
august88 wilshire grand sure made a difference but that antennae is such a cheat lol  +1
CaIIIka 5! GTA V  +2
velbujd 5 from BG  +5
VulcaNico the city of dreams  +3
Koloman Niiiiice! 5/5 from Vienna/Austria.  +1
TheIllinoisan The chinese wish they could build skylines as iconic as the Los Angeles skyline!  +3
GunaOne 5/5  +1
SpiderBHZ 500000000000000000000! Love the city!!  +4
prageethSL 4.5/5  
RalphGuy 5 from Birmingham, England.  +4
Step_50081 Город ангелов....  +6
shaharyar.ahmed 5/5 But now I wish to see cities which are not so famous..  +2