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titleBarcelona skyline
locationBarcelona, Spain
infoIn the picture we can see the complete skyline and the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona City
sourceforum user Alvaro95
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 2.66, total votes: 499
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Tiozão Chine???  
prahovaploiesti 2/5  
ArtZ Looks like an Emirati city during sand storm.  
Daortíz Acid rain .... it has a sickly color  
NaqoyqatZ Yes, smog does count as a negative on a skyline...  
SkyAx Smog  
jagea This is the worst photo possible of one of the best cities in the world.  +4
Lino depicts a lot of pollution, crap photo of such a beautiful and artistic city. Not representative of the city itself. 1/5  
roballan Not the best picture of Barcelona. 3/5  
lezgotolondon this ain't China  
WiChOk 2/5 de TRC MX  
NAMBA A worse picture could hardly be found  
GGJ16 My city's worst picture I have ever seen. There is never such smog in the city. And the picture is rather old, at least from 2015.  
mariusCT it's not smog, it's morning myst  
Pietrin Great city, crappy banner. I just see smog. 2/5  
Fenix_2007 Oh my god! So many beautiful pictures of the city and you went with this? Really?!  +1
thewallpart6 5 stars. Love the mushroom head.  +2
geozil No es la mejor vista ni la mejor foto. 2/5.  
martinalagui Qué lástima el smog. Les doy 4/5 de bueno que soy.  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
Gabriel900 This looks like China 2/5  
Aerokicker But I gave a 3/5 for the great city!  
Evgeni60rus "Карона и фалас" изумительный пейзаж.  +1
Aerokicker Too much smoke and a falic building at the center of the photo. This banner just can't work.  +2
LCIII Terrible photo.  +1
Wowdalajarian The banner is terrible, great city.  +2
LICharlie1 Great City, but that banner does not do the city justice  +1
SOLOMON 1 Great city, terrible banner.  +1
capra Wonderful sunrise, no smog...  
okthen Would you like some skyline with that smog? Haha. (Yeah, I laugh at my own jokes, what's it to you?)  
Geocarlos I cant see the skyline!!!  
santiago033 Smogcelona...  +3
ErizerX41 I love Barcelona, but this pic is ugly.  +1
EloyBr I love this city but I don't like this banner... It is not the best one... 2/5  +1
Edu85 Some people voting 1 just for political or sports reasons...  
eduardoazul ugly, horrible, no me gusta!!  +1
Edu85 You couldn't find a worse picture of Barcelona...  +1
LDN N7 Ugly, very ugly.  
Alex_Riccio 5 from Obolon, Kyiv!!!!  
Koloman 5/5 from Viena/Austria - simply because it´s Barcelona!  
Jules92 Un banner muy contaminado! 1/5  +2
Skyline Art Too much dust/pollution!?  +1
Erwann 1 because of the pollution.  +2
zahid111 5 from Azerbaijan!  
3tmk 6 stars from Aytekin  +1
SpiderBHZ 1  
Gabotrilius so polluted  +2
wander-udi BCN 10 Picture 2/5  +1
alexss1987 This pic doesn't do justice, still 5/5 for the amazing Barça  
Pernambucano Soul 5/5 Great, great city!  +2
Mr. Agent Good view of the skyline of 22@ district. 5/5  
Katunar 6-1  
emmer perfect picture, but some nasty smog  
tur Looks like penis in smog. Ugly picture of beautiful city.  +11
Ufimets Giant rest and smoke)  
CactusLord Don't quite like the smog, but still 5/5 cause Barcelona and not being a political vote moron. 5/5 from Valladolid,Spain  
Blackhavvk CHina???  +1
MelcToxic Seaside, excellent climate, surrounded by hills and forests and having some of the world's best architecture-Barcelona is my favorite city by far! 4/5 sadly since it's not the best depiction of it.  +3
r4d1ty4 deportivo la coruna 2 - 1 barcelona  +4
vladikovostok smog? why???  +1
okach1 1 for dirty air