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titleBeirut skyline
locationBeirut, Lebanon
infoAshrafieh is home to many of Lebanon's tallest buildings. This shot, taken from the highway running along the Beirut River, shows some of them: (from left to right) Sky Gate, Credit Libanais Tower, Trillium Tower, Sioufi Heights, St George Residences and Ashrafieh 4748. More photos from Beirut can be found here
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 2.19, total votes: 387
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prahovaploiesti 3/5  
SDriver Voted 5 FOR THE PHOTO.  +1
testdrive Guys, some of you are voting on the photo not the city, vote on the city. Considering its recent history it is a nice surprise to see all the activity.  +1
Minnesotan in Chile more boring buildings 2/5 - from Curicó, Chile  
somrach1 1  
Vaklston The city and the skyline are nice, but the photo isn't. 2/5  
landrea no comment  
Sr.Smih No  
llik 1/5 : ugly  +1
aoz1974 Ugly pic  
andreicukapp awful pic.. 2/5  
A Chicagoan The skyline is nice, though. :)  
A Chicagoan 3/5. Either the photo was taken in 1985, or this person has a really bad camera,  +1
WasabiHoney It's the second one lol I now have a bettrer one though :-)  
sammyh 5/5 Beirut deserve it. Amazing city. From Algiers with love :)  +1
siamu maharaj it's like someone scanned a newspaper 1/5  
martinalagui Photo taken with Sony Ericsson W200.  
martinalagui 3/5...  
soluço :|  +2
falp6 Nice skyline, poor photo quality. 3/5 From Colombia  
Skyline Art Photo Quality 2/5, City skyline 3/5. A different angle might have given it a higher score? I don't know.  +3
hafidmarocmaroc95 5/5 from MOROCCO :)  +1
SpiderBHZ 1  
ericrocio Nice up and coming skyline. Seems like theres lots of new buildings being bult.. Nice job WasabiHoney. 5/5  +2
WasabiHoney Thank you, it's nice to see someone look beyond the photo's low quality :-)  +1
Arsalan 5/5 from Pakistan. I didn't know that Lebanon is so much developed and was under impression that it is like Palestine.  +2
WasabiHoney As a general rule the futher you move away from Metro Beirut the less developed it is. Even Beirut has its share of slums in some areas.  
madrasi7777 I amazed that inspite of the violence this city keeps bouncing back. 3/5  +1
WasabiHoney OK guys, first of all sorry for the quality of the photo, but I don't think it warrants so many 1/5. Yes I took it with a not so good digital camera (in 2015), but not everyone has the money to buy an expensive professional camera you know. Then you should know the city's air is often hazy due to high humidity levsls and intense car traffic, which degrades the quality of the photos even more. Nevertheless I wanted to show a side of the city rarely featured even on forums like SSC, so many thanks to all of you who still gave the picture a good rating :-)  +13
testdrive Thanks for sharing, your enthusiasm is nice. I remember when it was called the Paris of the Mediterranean. Good to see it on the rebound.  +1
skyduster It's not just the quality of the picture, it's also the poor composition, and the odd location you chose to take the picture from. Beirut's a great city, it shouldn't be hard to come up with a new picture that's fat better.  
skyduster *far better  
WasabiHoney It's a photo and not a painting I came up with, so it makes no sense to talk about composition lol I must say that I don't live in Beirut, otherwise I would have explored the city to find other spots from which to take a better photo. We just happened to be driving on that road, and I asked the driver to stop and got down to take a picture.  
reapers 3/5  
Muyangguniang Terrible quality 1/5  +5
Maucin Five Stars with Love from Poznan, Poland.  +2
Maucin give better quality picture.  +1
NOMAD€ BeiBrut  +1
BoardLord or beirut with a good digestion you can do some bei rut  
WZZ048 Beautiful city, shitty picture, rude ppl with ATTITUDE.  
manuelmonge 1/5 that pic was taken with a 2005 digital camera? come on i dont get why people put 5/5 to that ¬¬  +5
skyduster It's got nothing to to do with technology. Anyone can take a crappy picture with the best camera.  
Suseł When was this picture taken?  
WasabiHoney In 2015.  
Sunkid And now for something completely different...  
skyduster Great city. Not the best picture.  +1
Grvl Whoa, this pic looks like it was mase 2007 with a cell phone camera  +7
Tiozão Esse Beirute tá parece do do Habib´s...1/5  
Intoxication Could be better 2/5  +1
Bruno BHZ Beirut is amazing, this pic sucks 1/5  +1
SkyJeff 5/5 from Brazil  +1
manuelmonge ¬¬  
UnitedX Good skyline, bad camera, 4/5  +3
gabriel campos 1/5  +1
pepato Ugly..  +1
Tourniquet 5/5 because it's Beirut! S2 cheers from Salvador da Bahia  +2
MelcToxic this is one bad photo  +11
I do very nice for Beirut. Peace from Tel Aviv  +5