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titleMinneapolis aerial
locationMinneapolis, United States
infoMinneapolis looking north on approach to MSP airport
sourceforum user geoffloftus
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 3.34, total votes: 344
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prahovaploiesti 4/5  
Dober_86 Horrid quality.  
Jmarius boring  
John Nicollet Mall This picture is such a shame. Dose not capture the magnificent urban beauty of the city I call home. The thre talles buildigns are designed by Cesar Pelli, Phillip Johnson, and IM Pei. The downtown is a museum of some of the best 20th century skyscraper designs in the world.  +2
losangelino Minneapolis is a wonderful city but not sure what they are trying to accomplish with this far away shot. It is a city that needs to be photographed close up. Very sense with most of their tall buildings in the two downtowns (St Paul). Absolutely breathtaking in summer.  +2
lancestar2 Minneapolis is such a great city in an even greater metro! So many stadiums, theaters, shopping districts (including the MOA) and entertainment and food options that are unique make it such an epic place. Winters can be harsh, but skyways and indoors malls connected via heated transit lines make it an indoor playground that nobody can even come CLOSE to creating! Minnesota WINS AGAIN! :)  +1
achybo Fell in love with the city for some reason and spent almost 20 years there.  
Buffaboy Another fabulous American city. 5/5.  +1
FireMan. 5 from Russia  +3
mrjomaled Minneapolis is a lively and vibrant city, beautiful downtown. The picture doesn't do it justice.  +5
apollojoe I live here 5/5  +1
Pietrin Beautiful skyline but the picture should have been taken closer AND preferrably during summer, 3/5  
Dangerous Person Agreed; a summertime aerial with Lake of the Isles in the foreground would have been a dazzling banner choice. A winter aerial at a weird angle is not very flattering.  
news99999 Realy America!  
Jussi Vatanen Oh, Minneapolis! Anything for "Runaway train'. 5/5? You've got it.  
soluço too far, looks like dirt  
Dangerous Person "Minneapolis — The Dirt City". Thanks for your thoughtful contribution.  
Minnesotan in Chile 5/5 from Curicó, Chile! I was born in Minneapolis!  +4
nasa35 why all thye hate?  
Dangerous Person Probably all right-wingers trying to make some sort of sad attempt to mock a liberal bastion.  +4
SpiderBHZ 5 To Mary Tyler Moor City.  
Axelferis 3/5 the view is a kittle disturbing  
kisssme boring skyline in a boring city..  
Minnesotan in Chile Minneapolis has quite a bit of entertainment. There are all the major sports. There are many theaters. The Twin Cities have great parks. You may say that it is cold, and that is true, but it is NOT boring.  +5
midrise Prince's new view of his old home....5/5  +10
tic Dull  
tic Home of cruel uncaring insurers  
djrules5454 United Health is out in the suburbs. Their existing HQ is basically directly behind this shot. Their new HQ is out of frame behind and to the right of this shot.  
WasabiHoney Great aerial view, good job geofflotus!  +1
dzscorpion poor skyline  
Leonidych 3  
redcode 4