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titleMadrid skyline
locationMadrid, Spain
infoA sunset panoramic picture of the financial center of Madrid City at Spain
sourceforum user Alvaro95
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 4.01, total votes: 504
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Daortíz Preciosa Madrid! 5.0  +1
Jules92 Beautiful and modern capital! 5/5  +1
riveraconde Great photo! The best view I have seen of Madrid skyline. 5/5 from Mexico City  +2
J-BEAT 5/5 desde Trujillo, Perú.  +2
Arthur Baz ¡Chévere! 5/5 from Belo Horizonte, Brasil.  
Unregistered Cómo me gusta Madrid!. Desde Buenos Aires 5/5  +1
MDP-BA Cómo me gusta Madrid!. Desde Buenos Aires 5/5  +1
Towersla Madrid, the heart, soul, intellectual, artistic, political, cultural, cinematic capital of Spain. Madrid te amo!  +1
roballan I must admit I did not know this face of Madrid. IT'S GORGEOUS! 5/5  +1
partenos 5/5. From arequipa peru  
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Catalunya  
yukatan_boy Se les paso de la mano el Photoshop, pero muy buena 4/5. Hubiese sido mejor ver todos esos edificios completos, son bastante lindos. From Mexico :)  
Unregistered #1 banner. 5!  
baerd #1 banner. 5!  
phoenixboi08 I'm sure the photo is nice, but this crop is not...  
phoenixboi08 We should do a better job of linking directly the full photos...[link]  
reo64 Después de Madrid; el cielo!  +1
alexandr-M 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +1
MaXxImE 10 from Portugal ;))  +1
midrise VIVA...Madrid....5/5  +2
FEDERATOR Hermosa Madrid! Love it!  +2
a_edin 10/5 For the people's and the city from Sarajevo  +2
Bez_imena 5 from Serbia  
FreeMyMind Just plain gorgeous, one of the best banners I've seen. 5  +2
WiChOk Madrid Vanguardista 5/5 de TRC MX  +2
Josedc One of the liveliest cities I have been in; and my home - de Madrid al cielo!  +2
davroca5 5/5 from BCN  +2
Koloman 5/5 from Viena/Austria - what else?  +1
Quiny always Madrid!  +2
SurowyOjciec 5 from Łódź, Poland. Hola Madrid.  +1
Dante_1 De Madrid al cielo.  +2
Mauro Martins Really love this city !!!  +2
CleitonSPecial 5/5 I love Madrid  +1
Tillor87 Visca Espanya !  +2
rcpierozan I loved it  
marcogiso We love MADRID - 5 from ROME  +2
cupview Exaggerated Photoshop  +1
TommyVercetti 1* for Catalan Independence  +2
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +1
SpiderBHZ 3 from Brasília.  
HIBuilding Very nice picture!  +1
willman87 5/5 for spanish kingdom capital  +2
Ekumenopolis Great pic!  +1
Ðâ®k§k¥ 5/5 from Mexico City  +1
John20 4  
EsCaNdIo 5 from Buenos Aires  +1
prisma 5* from the UK  +1
EMArg Cool! 5/5  +1
Arestullah 5 from Palembang, Indonesia  +1
Peregrin Tuk wow!!! like a lot 5/5 from Chile  +1
alexss1987 Me encanta! 5/5  +1
DJaCoNdA Reaaal  +1
TopoGigio My city!!!!  +1
Tankard The sun does not rise nor set in there  +5
Tokei You are right. And the blue building (ECI department store) seems to be added with Photoshop perhaps because it wasn't still built.  +2
Tokei There are already nice shots of Madrid with all the buildings completed and with the mountains and the sun in the background, I'm sad it was used one apparently fake.  +6
neuromancer You can see a picture like this [link] Tokei you are wrong  +3
Alvaro95 Photoshop?? please, search this: torre titania at night  
Tankard It is certainly photoshopped. I don't know about Titania. But the sunset is fake. Sun sets behind the photographer.  
neuromancer Behind no, just at the left side of the picture.  
Tankard Behind and at the left part of that "behind". Behind as the setting sun would light the façades that are facing the camera. At the left, as it is commonly known, sun sets in the West. It is simply not just difficult acknowledging this is a fake photoshopped sky.  
matinibz Incredible!  
matinibz Increíble!  +1
Infesus Edrit Madrid! 5/5  
-=Thunderbird=- Muy Bien! Despues Rusia  
CactusLord WOW didn't expect this one 5/5 to my favourite city from Spain  +1
benjaminn Hola, Madrid :) 5/5 from Bulgaria  +2
hmm17 Hala Madrid  +1