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titleMarília skyline
locationMarilia, Brazil
sourceVitor Campos on Flickr
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 3.44, total votes: 306
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Lucas Souza RF 5/5  
Andrezito Um dos meus maiores amigos é de Marília. Gosto da cidade.  
Urbano Prudente 5/5 beautiful skyline  
Vi_ Thanks to everyone who voted !  +1
carlosesteves The best place to live...  
nataliabe People from Marília are very nice and friendly. I don't want to break their hearts, but 1/5 from Brazil. :/  
NETCOINS замечательный город  
César Oliveira 5/5 from Brazil  
Guga GM 5/5 from Brasil!  
ILTarantino I read Manila. 3/5  
Su34 Brazil again? Very boring. 1/5  +1
RODRIGO COSTA MRL SP is among the best cities in Brazil to live  
Vi_ 233 thousand inhabitants / population  +2
Pedro Antunes Otra bonita ciudad de São Paulo. A huevo Brasil!  
Castor_Game 1 Predictable like all Brazilian cities, they are all the same  +6
GoSpurs Not all brazilian cities look the same you ignorant head. Gramado, Ouro Preto, Campos do Jordão, Piranhas Alagoas, Paraty, Búzios, and many other towns look different.  +3
kokomo 0/5 *yawn* yet another lost in the middle of nowhere dull Brazilian village  +3
César Oliveira This is not a village, 230 thousand inhabitants in this city, the state of Sao Paulo has 47 millions inhabitants. This is not "middle of nowhere".  +4
ÇevRim_Dışı 5/5 from Turkey  +1
Lafaveiga_madrid 5/5 Interiorrrrrr S2  
Loro. 5/5 Brutal punishments and death to corrupt politicians! Viva Sergio Moro! Carajo!  
rcandre81 Fabulous 5/5 from Rio, Brazil  
SpiderBHZ 2  +3
Adpenturz 5 from Indonesia  +1