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titleShrine of Ali
locationMazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan
infoIn 15th century a great mosque was built and finely ornamented in turquoise and lapis lazuli, it is already known as Blue Mosque, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
sourcevetman at Wikipedia
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 3.71, total votes: 330
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iranii 5 from Iranian brothers  
RobertoBancrofth 5/5 from GoiĆ¢nia, Brazil  
R!ck I hope they don't let isis demons destroy it, just like what saudis have done in Mecca to all the ancient shrines...  +3
D K 5/5  +1
JADI Beautiful  +1
yucca been there, 5*  
Mick Molte 5/5, may Afghanistan have 100y of peace  
Yousaf1995 5 from Pakistan  
Ysh Nice! 5 from Russian Federation  +3
orel2016 Beautiful. 5/5 from Russia.  +3
karhu.spb Beautiful. So delicate. 5 from Saint-Petersburg.  +2
khalid_mkb v nice picture  
*mustafa* 5* from Iraq for lovely Afghanistan  +1
SpiderBHZ 5  
Umair-Chishty 5/5 from Pakistan  
Braillard One of the most amazing places I've been in this unique country!  
Coolest Looks great  
Oliver Echoberry 4/5 good picture, but lighting could be better and building on right is cut off on top  
treebeard3 Very beautiful!  +1
CoDen Beautiful mosque ! 5/5 from Lyon.  
Omar123 5/5 from Fez, Morocco  
Deepak Kadam 5/5 from Mumbai, India. How beautiful!  +2
shijja 5/5 from Semarang. Beautiful !!  
croomm Best place in Afghanistan?  
*mustafa* Afghanistan is a beautiful country with tons of good places.  +1
FAVAustinTX Just Beautiful!  +2
Silvist 5/5 from Vladivostok. I wish good luck to our neighbors!  +8