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titleHaiphong skyline
locationHaiphong, Viet Nam
infoThis is Le Hong Phong boulevard - the road from Cat Bi International Airport to the Downtown of Haiphong. We celebrate the Liberation Day of the city on 13th May.
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Danang_inmyheart Better than last banner but still boring @?  
hanoi1000 Hai Phong Lovely  +1
lovequangninh *****  
redcode 3/5  +2
code_hacking_1709 ilove this forum  +1
cuongsn Nice view  
panda75 Crap!!!  +3
code_hacking_1709 Art is not for the blind  +1
panda75 Shit is not art unless you eat it someone enjoy eating it.  +3
panda75 *Shit is not art unless someone enjoy eating it.  
anhduy Beautiful  
ultras_haiphongfc Hai Phong i love  
hainguyen1180 Nice  
Sunkid Wonderful! Amazing! The only bad thing - there are no cows on the streets. 5/5 from Russia  
.giang.vimaru 5* for Hung Hi Hung Photographer  
trieutritamdaovp 5 stars for Port city.  
ohyeah92 Great !!!  
midrise Great indeed  
treebeard3 Beautiful, I really like the lights and street with the bridge 5/5