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titleSagrada Familia as seen from Casa Milà.
locationBarcelona, Spain
sourceforum user yuki_nom_ichi
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 3.56, total votes: 328
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Daortíz Que hermosa es la Segunda ciudad de española... Viva España!  
Towersla Viva España! I lift my glass to Spain's gorgeous second city! From Los Angeles.  
duh_and_rey 5/5 from Russia with love)  
daniarl 5/5 desde Sevilla  
JerryZen 5/5 for that cranes behind the church making a wonderfull view, from Guadalajara Mx  
orel2016 5/5 from Russia for the beautiful capital of Catalonia  +1
news99999 hello!55  
bahiano_bahia Fantastic Barcelona!  +1
defy 5 to Catalan republic!  +3
AUTOMAT. Magical city, Most oniric buildings in the world..that's my homeplace!  
cocos Wonderful city 5/5 from Mallorca :D  
Ras Siyan Beautiful picture of magical Barcelona! 5/5 from Djibouti  
midrise A master piece in the works.  
Kleist D 5/5 Saludos desde Berlin a Barcelona  +2
detta.priyandika it's like a Ants House or wtf  
RockWaterAndWind Storm trooper helmet  
susamuruago 5/5 el mejor ciudad en todo el mundo para mi :)  +2
pichuneke Clone Troopers in Barcelona!  
GGJ16 5/5 from Barcelona. Proud of my city ! :)  +1
wasiliew_ 5 from Upper Silesia  
Breizh 29 5 from french  
Tiozão 1  
Izumy 5/5.  
SpiderBHZ 1  
kamranyeezy 5 from Azerbaijan !  +1
Stazhar 5/5 from Belarus  +1
Deadeye Reloaded This will be the most beautiful church in the world!  +3
august88 if only they could just build it already.  +1
midrise Great/Good things take time.  +1
Volodmr 5 from Ukraine  +3