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titleIbituruna peak, Governador Valadares, Brazil
locationGovernador Valadares, Brazil
infoThe city is known internationally for the World Paragliding Championships that has been held at Ibituruna Peak in 2017
sourcePrefeitura Municipal de Governador Valadares
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 3.41, total votes: 304
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arq_fredvazquez 5/5 Beautiful landscape!  
Nortista Amigos brasileiros, a cidade está inserida em um cenário natural belíssimo, mas temos que concordar com os colegas estrangeiros que as cidades são mais do mesmo, um monte de caixotes da mesma cor e mesma altura. Nos nossos diversos subfóruns brasileiros nós mesmo criticamos isso!!  +2
rcpierozan I want more pics from brazilian cities, twice or three times a week would be ok! 5/5  
A Chicagoan We've gone several days without a Brazilian city appearing in the banner. At least that's an improvement from a few weeks ago, when one starred every other day. It's not that I dislike Brazilian cities. But seriously, we've had too many of them.  +1
Mr.Falcon Maybe because Brazil has several cities with a group of vertical buildings, like few other countries like USA, China, etc. But I didn't like the banner.  
guileite Beautiful Valadares! 5/5 from Araxá, MG - Brazil.  +2
falp6 Nice mountains. 5 From Colombia  +2
Cerrado 5/5  +1
Junior BH Beatiful landscape... 5/5  +1
kokomo Seriously??? Once again??? How many unknown and non-interesting lost in the middle of nowhere Brazilian cities we need to endure? We are suffering one of them a week, please do something!!!  +3
nataliabe Bazilians are trolls.. the more you complain, more banners like this will happen  +3
kokomo Then all is lost....  +1
sofarfromhere Cry more.  +6
César Oliveira Where you from?  +1
sofarfromhere César Oliveira - He's from México. That explains a lot.  +2
Gutovsky Beautiful landscape, crappy skyline.  +3
manuelmonge meh, another copy paste brasilian city... but with a mountain!  +2
Pedro Antunes Uma mineirinha. HAHAHA Mas o Brasil tem cidades melhores pra servir de banner.  +1
eduardoazul 5/5  
SpiderBHZ 5  
building demolisher HUEHUE! 5/5 from Mexico, even with the boring North Korean tropical buildings.  +4
Cratus Those buildings are not North Korean style at all. Most of them are middle classes buildings and very confortable. Do you even know Brazil?  +2
Grg He's not saying that they are not confortable. But it is depressing how Brazilian middle class buildings (outside big cities) are so depressing, simple, just a bunch of white boxes. Yes, buildings may be practical, cheap and comfort, but they are boring and depressing.  +5
Sr.Smih 5/5 from Mexico  +1
Julio Rocha 5  +2
treebeard3 Beautiful 5/5, some salty people in these comments hahaha  +4
stewie1980 Brazil again... 1/5  +5
Heraclito very generic buildings  +5
v-sun beautiful  +2
JamieUK I like the mountain but there is a sea of ugly towers.  +5
CAPMAT Muito gostosa! 5/5  +2