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titleFeyenoord skyline
locationRotterdam, Netherlands
infoRotterdam celebrating Feyenoord national championship
sourceforum user Jan
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 3.42, total votes: 406
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Ace This is How You celebrate A Championship. I bet Any of you 've seen anything like this before.  
nachop666 Rotterdam meets Caruso Lombardi. 2/5  
skyduster Great shot of modernist/mid-century Rotterdam  
DanielFA This was Rotterdam 77 years before:  +2
DanielFA [link]  +1
DanielFA Before the sad May 14th 1940... :(  +2
sand_castle shite  
space me up The place tot be!  
Bunkerman 140000 football fans partying at the city hall with fireworks  
Samek nice rotterdam after a terrorist attack 10/10 y a fav papu  +3
all depression congratulations ,,,,Feyenoord  
testdrive It looks like a building was imploded for new construction.  +1
Niek99 Kommen wij uit Rotterdam? KEjJE DAT NIET HOREN DAN  +1
BigCrunch 5/5. Niets is sterker dan dat ene woord: FEYENOORD!  
Sentyme Some nice modernism  
gorkill 5. But what do they smoke there?  +1
sand_castle Terrorists set up a bomb. Long live EU shite  
siamu maharaj 5/5 since anything less, and JAN will banish me.  +3
HQ What the hell is that smog?  +1
SamOtten No Feyenoord (a football team) won and they're celebrating their victory with fireworks.  +4
corvus_edin free dope 4 everybody? hahaha  +2
Fatfield Hand in hand kameraden. Fantastic weekend.  
mexmatt Fireworks at night would have looked like a celebration. This just looks like a mess.  
jeruco make great again rotterdam!!  
Pedro Antunes A cidade parece bonita, mas por que colocar uma foto com algo que parece um incêndio? Misericórdia!  
SevenSlavicTribes 5/5 from Varna, Bulgaria  
lumix153 Beautiful Rotterdam. City so heavily damaged by nazis, with historic centre never to be rebuilt to it's past glory.  +1
A Chicagoan 4/5. Good banner!  
eduardoazul Fire in Rotterdam???????  
Poeh-hee Party in Rotterdam [link] and [link]  +4
Taxi.driver.KG One of most stupidest banners so far. 1  +3
Sam96 Ugly and Boring 1/5  +2
Arestullah My God, I thougt it was demonstration  
jaceq congratulations, although the banner is bad  +2
SpiderBHZ 1. The banner is horrid.  +1
naruciakk The most American Dutch city ;)  
SASH Those last two days where epic! Such great happiness.  +2
Evgen Ekb Congratulations!KAMPIOENEN!  +2
Rkastelan 77 years after the bombardment of Rotterdam its good to see smoke of succes instead of destruction.  +13
mobus Lack of height doesn't bother me like it would for some. Gorgeous city.  +2
Simgiov Congrats from Milan, Italy!  +1
Demadestro+ That smoke, not sure if it´s a celebration or a terrorist attack  +1
lumix153 Nazis destroyed the city flat, interesting you did not mention it.  +2
_X_ What an amazing atmosphere it must have been yesterday after Feyenoord won the Erividise [link]  +2
sandoz25 congratulations!!!  +4
Bobdreamz Seeing a city skyline surrounded by smoke evokes memories of 9/11. Not the best choice for a skyline banner. Sorry.  +4
may day No pyro no party :D  +2
3tmk Congratulations! Great atmosphere  +2
Naipesky Waaat? Terrorist attack?  +2
The City is Ours KAMPIOENEN!  +3
defy FIRE, FIREEEE!!!!  +1
Fabricio JF 5/5 However I didn't get this fog.  
długi Congratulations ;-)  
tech_1 Amasing fans, 5/5 from Croatia  +4
MelcToxic Is something on fire?  +1
Poeh-hee Feyenoord was on fire! [link] and [link]  +6