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titleThe capital city of the Canadian province of Quebe
locationQuebec, Canada
sourceO.Taillon at Flickr
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 3.84, total votes: 264
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MassinissaMTL Fuckin racist city  
MarcelloNYC Lovely City, in a beautiful country!  +2
Rubicantes 5/5 My city! A unique site and a very unique city : the old Europe melting with modern America.  +1
rcandre81 5/5 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  +1
treebeard3 5/5 from Brazil, looks relaxing.  
losangelino Dreary looking. 1/5  
Jussi Vatanen La belle province. Bravo au photographe. 5  +1
R-O-D mala calidad de imagen, muy oscura luce la ciudad.  +1
CCs77 Es una foto tomada con los ultimos minutos de luz del dia ¿que esperas? Esa es precisamente la gracia de la foto. It is a picture with the last minutes of daylight, what do you expect? That is the whole point of the picture.  +3
skyduster nice shot. Love you Quebec City and Canada!  +2
Sierrja 5/5 beautiful city!!!!!  +2
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  
SpiderBHZ 3  +1
AxArq Beautiful!!!! 5/5  +1