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titleMon Sunset
locationPittsburgh, United States
infoThe sun sets behind apartment buildings atop Mount Washington on the left. The Monongahela River divides the side of the mount from taller, downtown buildings such as Westinghouse Tower and One PPG Place. Chimneys in the foreground almost look like leaning towers in the distance.
sourceforum user muck308
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RavensFan0606 one of my favorite towers but pointless angle  
JohnFlint1985 Love it!  
Anápolis Goiás beautiful sunset but bad picture  
Sr.Smih I see Sauron Tower 4/5  +3
losangelino Awful  
v-sun ugly  
geoffloftus Great sunset shot!  
Nolke Ok, so the PPG Place was modeled after the Victoria Tower of London. I hadn't noticed that before  +1
Cratus Oh gosh just why? I am pretty sure Pitts has so much more to show than that photo  
SpiderBHZ Horrid banner.  
artemka 2 only due to PPG Place  
JorgeORandall I only know this city for the Dance Moms show. 3/5 from Mexico City  
whatsuplucas clearly not Paris  
keycap Just skyline and nothing else