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titleSegovia cityscape
locationSegovia, Spain
infoSegovia is a Castilian medieval city, famous thanks to its Roman aqueduct, 17 Romanesque church and the Alcázar, one of the main inspirations for Disney's castle.
sourceforum user buho
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 4.07, total votes: 330
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Aztecgoddess 5/5 Beautiful/hermosa!  
Balansiyí not the best perspective, but 5 stars anyways  
fabg84 Remembering 1998 and lots of stairs to reach :)  +1
kokomo Me too!!! I went there on a Cercanias service long before AVE was available  +1
Inquisitor Great city and great pic!  
mashine1984 5/5 from Sofia, Bulgaria!  +2
feelthegroove. Belíssima, retornaré.  +1
SpiderBHZ 4  
leogodoy Dream city indeed... Incredible! missing the ponche :)  +1
Tillor87 Visca Espanya !  +1
sand_castle 5/5 para Espana  +1
FreeMyMind The Alcázar, the incredible Cathedral... simply breathtaking. 5 stars for one of the most monumentally beautiful cities in Spain.  +2
Aranou 5/5 Segovia, a dream city, also because of the natural environment where it is placed, above 1.000m above sea level.  +3
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  +1
marcogiso Bellissima SEGOVIA con il suo acquedotto romano ... 5/5 from ROME  +5
Oteo An incredible city, in which the passage of the different civilizations that populated the Iberian peninsula during centuries, is reflected in its magnificent and imposing architecture.  +3
Ekumenopolis Charming little city.  +1
giusva62 Magic! One of my favorite towns in Spain  +3
Demadestro+ 5!  +1
Koloman Que preciosidad! 5/5 from Viena/Austria  +3
franciscoc 5 from Madrid  +2
PEiloveyou 5 /USA  +1
Santi.M 5/5  +2
MrPwnage A nice city near me. Be carefoul with the killer bubbles! Split them in half until they dissapears.  +2
NeverMindPl Looks like Touissant from the Witcher 3 game ;)  +6
Blingchampion 5/5 from Aarhus Denmark  +1
NEGRITO 5/5 from ·'·PUEBLA·'·, nice castle  +2
alexandr-M 5 from Ekaterinburg, Russia  +2