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titleMinneapolis skyline
locationMinneapolis, United States
sourceBobak Ha'Eri at Wikipedia
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Oliver Echoberry 4/5 Good quality picture and it represents the city well. However, the city itself is very bland.  
cadre Big changes since my first visit in 1975, when the IDS Center was the only thing sticking out! 5/5  
SanFranRising You might just make it after all...5/5 don't forget Prince (RIP)/// Minneapolis! Janet Jackson. Great city and has given America so much in music/entertainment/commerce.  
apollojoe 5. I live here!  
nasa35 not sure if target field was even built yet.  
rcandre81 5/5 Rio, Brasil  
bapster2006 Is that the metrodome?  +1
Dangerous Person Yep, very outdated photo.  
mexmatt 4/5. My favorite skyline views of Minneapolis are from the St. Anthony Falls or from Loring Park (it's always nice to have bridges and/or water in the foreground) but this view is OK. I agree with losangelino: Minneapolis really needs a new spuertall; something in the 75-80 story range would be ideal for the city's image.  +2
mhays Nice city and well worth visiting. Perfect skyline !  
SpiderBHZ 5 for Mary Tyler Moore City.  +2
losangelino IDS Center was the center of attention when I first lived there 38 years ago and they are still showcasing it as their primary building. Horrible picture of Minneapolis and they need a new supertall by now.  +1
Minnesotan in Chile I was born in this city. 5/5 from Curicó, Chile!  +1
A Chicagoan Your name says it! 5/5!  
Anápolis Goiás wonderful. 5/5 from Anápolis, Brazil  
Dangerous Person Grossest possible angle of my city's skyline. Looks like Anywheresville, USA from this vantage. Not flattering.  +1
proyopal01 5/5 from Colombia, beautiful city  
nasa35 what a terrible picture, worst possible position. total dis-service to a gorgeous skyline  +1
Raley 5/5 #MAGA  +2
Blingchampion 5/5 from Aarhus, denmark  
Naipesky US, the most efficient skylines in the world. Just 18 buildings at all are enough to compose a great panorama.  +11
lezgotolondon so true