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titleTijuana skyline
locationTijuana, Mexico
sourceforum user urbaner44
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 3.04, total votes: 289
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entreact333 5/5  
losangelino The busiest land border crossing in the world. Always an enigma. Beautiful topography and views but the higher up you go the poorer it gets. Such a waste being part of the San Diego metro. Should be much better. Too much corruption sadly. Have had some of my best days there though. Too dangerous now.  
Unregistered 10/10! from us & uk military exporters!  
Unregistered we need weapons to stop this [link]  
musiccity Is anybody reminded of Sarajevo?  
metroplex city 5/5 from California great city  
chibetogdl uggliest city in mexico, although is a good pic 3/5  
Unregistered listen this audio [link]  
Minnesotan in Chile 3/5 from Curicó, Chile.  
sand_castle 1/5 My shed looks better at night  
Raffael Rocha 2/5 from Brazil  
SpiderBHZ 2  
WiChOk 5/5 por la diversidad de la frontera mas grande del mundo de TRC  
soloveich Cool city, but a crappy banner. Still gonna give it 5 from SF  +1
Оss tequila, sexo, marijuana! :)  +2
nataliabe Very sad comment  
Grg ^ It is a very...very... popular song, nothing about Tijuana itself  +1
nataliabe ok  
3vallesgve una de las ciudades mas creativas del mundo  +1
Unregistered more OECD and less huehue yes!  
Angelli jajajaja no inventes  
mexmatt 4/5. Tijuana is finally coming into its own--lots of exciting new projects underway. It's shedding its unfair reputation as being only a town of prostitutes and donkey shows.  +4
loko_man13 Some buildings are not going to change that perception, getting a better reputation depends solely in the people of Tijuana.  +2
building demolisher 5/5 from Guadalajara!!  
SaltilloPCM Saludos hasta Tijuana, que junto con San Diego forman la frontera más transitada del mundo.  
lezgotolondon 5/5 you can see the Trump Wall from this city!  +2
Aztec-Eagle Actually is NOT Trumps wall, the wall has been there for decades , as a matter of fact theres 3 walls and we have 2 ports of entry to the U.S. and also a Bi-national Airport the only one of the Americas  
Junior BH 3/5 to San Diego's sister... from Belo Horizonte - Brazil  
ruifo 5/5 from San Cristobal de las Casas  
WalterDy 4/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil  
Aztecgoddess Tijuana 5/5 :)  
Balikbayan presume it's Tijuana...  
JAVO MTY Tijuana make me hapy, bang bang! more busines, more buidings, more culture than guns shoots! viva mexico cabrones.-  
RonnieR Tijuana? Nanjing? What happened????  +3
diogosantos It's Tijuana, Mexico.  +4
redcode if this is Nanjing then 1/5  
treebeard3 Very beautiful 5/5 from Brazil  +1
lezgotolondon 1/5 from Japan  +8
building demolisher Thanks tachidito :)  +6