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titleSana'a cityscape
locationSanaa, Yemen
sourceالمصور أنس الحاج at Wikipedia
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 3.76, total votes: 299
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RobertoBancrofth 5/5 from Goiânia, Brazil  
ckbs 5/5 from Arima, Trinidad-exotic look!  
Arsalan Historic city with beautiful architecture. 5/5 from Pakistan  
Amen Beautiful. 5  
Ras Siyan 5 from Djibouti!  
ChapinUrbano For Architecture 5/5 Gorgeous!  
WasabiHoney They could have posted a view of the unique old city of Sanaa instead of that huge and ugly mosque that could be anywhere. Show what's really worth seeing in that part of the world!  +1
A Chicagoan Wasn't this a Guess the City photo once?  +1
WasabiHoney You're right!  
falp6 That city have many architectural treasures. 5 from Colombia.  
defy 5/5, would bomb.  
xrtn2 Middle east needs democracy and freedom of religion/ thoughts 3/5  +1
ANDR3Y Beautiful,5 from indonesia  
SpiderBHZ 5 From Brasília.  
NickNN Lovely view! Looks like Paris.  
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg, Russia  
goschio majestic, 5/5 form the EU  +2
Parisian75 Wonderful skyline and landscape. An authentic city without any cheap constructions (as it is everywhere in this region). 5/5. Keep up Yemenites!  +1
DJaCoNdA Yemen hold your head up against zionist saudi aggression.  +5
Trexz I like how the architecture blends with its surroundings. Never mind the political situation. We are talking about the skyline and architecture here.  +2
RickLW As far as history goes high, but in this context (Skylines) 2.  
ruifo 5/5 from Mexico City  
Guajiro1 I LOVE Sana'a! 5/5 from Buenos Aires!  
Alexsal Sana'a is one of the most amazing cities in the world. 5/5  +1
endar STOP ISLAMPHOBIA. living in peacefull with harmony.  +3
xrtn2 What ?  
keepthepast islam has made itself feared and ugly  +5
*mustafa* hope they reach victory against saudi agression.  +14
*mustafa* i lived for couple if years it was a nice city , hope people live in peace and hope the  +5
treebeard3 5/5, beautiful buildings  +1
jakobnguyen 1/5 for the mosque being there, 5/5 for standing up against fascist S.A.  +2
parcdesprinces Nice city... but my (1/5) vote was political. sorry.. :(  +5
treebeard3 this is a site about architecture not politics, don't be ridiculous ffs  +19
MENA55 You're supposed to rate the picture, not politics or whatever is roaming in your empty skull.  +12
D K Idiotic comment from an idiotic nickname. You should find another forum  +6