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titleBallgame at Pittsburgh
locationPittsburgh, United States
infoPittsburgh at PNC Park stadium.
sourceforum user CharmCity1
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 4.07, total votes: 364
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Oles 5/5 from Ukraine  
Bruto 5/5  
zaphod Love it  
WalterDy 5/5 from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil  
thetophop 5/5, impressive skyline  
losangelino Montage. Horrid. 1/5  
Amen Very impressive. 5  
Andrezito PNC Park? Tô fora.  +1
mrjomaled the setting of the city is just beautiful..where 2 major rivers merge. The view of downtown form Washington heights is spectacular.  
lezgotolondon 5/5 Stell. Make Pitt Sburgh Again!  
lezgotolondon * steel  
lucas_94 This city is in pure decadence. Thanks NAFTA.  +1
CCs77 The city's been declining since the 1950's with the worst during the 70's and 80's. NAFTA was signed in 1992 and came into force in 1994. Are you sure it is because of NAFTA?  +3
zaphod My understanding is that it is close to hitting bottom in terms of population. The city has many strong economic assets, like banks, universities, medical centers, etc. The downtown area will not be harmed if it's population shrinks, that will be felt in the older suburbs the most.  
Junior BH 5/5 from Belo Horizonte - Brazil  
Minnesotan in Chile 5/5 from Curicó, Chile. ¡Buena foto!  
mecanico242 Terrible Towel!! 5/5 From Mexico  
aoz1974 Magnitogorsk is the siberian Pttsburg. I learned that at the school en the late 80's.  
SpiderBHZ 5 to Pittsburgh one of the most beautiful and underrated cities in the US, no doubt.  +7
CharmCity1 I agree most of the rust belt cities are underatted.  
fruit&nut Is it real or a montage?  +1
CharmCity1 Real  
jon35es 5/5 from Bilbao, Spain  
Wolkewietje Outer buildings tumble. Nice perspective, bad lens. 3/5  
diddyD A superb banner.  +1
CharmCity1 Thanks  
prageethSL 5/5  
Infesus 5 from St.-Petersburg, Russia  +1
Raley 5/5 #MAGA  +3
soncen 5/5 from sLOVEnia  
jffaraco Great! 5/5  
KDFW 5/5 amazing  
Leonidych 5 from far and incomprehensible Russia.  
TGN2010 5/5 from Russia!!!  +2
lezgotolondon CNN Breaking News: we have proof of Russians hacking the Skyscrapercity polls! Trump is going to be impeached soon!  +2
username unnecessary Beautiful!  
shaharyar.ahmed 5/5 the city of bridges  +2