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titleVia XX Settembre streetline
locationGenoa, Italy
infoVia XX Settembre is a main promenade in the centre of Genoa, that has developed in the late 19th century and boasts a number of impressive Art Nouveau buildings
sourceJörg Dietrich
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 4.05, total votes: 324
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maxinorie Deja vu from last year.  
SebaFun Amazing city! 5|5 from Uruguay  
thetophop 5/5 the most beautiful country  +1
teamin7 5/5 from Ufa city  
César Oliveira 5/5 from Brazil  
kokomo 5/5. I was in Genova last year and must say I didn't imagine being so pretty. Gorgeous city  
PanaAwasSky I was in Genoa and I can say that is a beatiful City!  
SpiderBHZ 5 from Brasília.  
lornova 3/5 from Turin  
Incoming_Zena05 Bestia.  +1
Carletto My dear hometown, always wonderful! :)  +2
Skopje/Скопје 5/5 from Macedonia  
igorp La bella citta. 5 from Rostov Russia. I was in Genoa year ago. Italy is а land of beauty.  +3
Leonidych 5 from Ufa, Russia  +2
Riobasco fine  
czjack 5 from Poland  
Towersla Lovely! 5/5 from the City of Angels.  
JAVO MTY my last words were made for Theran, not for this nice and so kind city, sorry.-  
Incoming_Zena05 Don't worry the same goes for Genoa.  
JAVO MTY beautifull lights, of a city without authentic human rights, women and gays are being killed still.  
alexss1987 5/5 beautiful city!  +1
Avemano Long galleries are so elegant ♥  +1
vinceItaly There is no license! 5/5  
Streetline What do you mean?  
vinceItaly Genoa hasn't license!  
lezgotolondon 5/5 from the superior maritime republic, Pisa  +2
brick84 Always loved.  
vittorio tauber Wonderful City, despite that damned amphiteatre-like shape IYKWIM 5/5  +2
Oles 5/5 from Ukraine Kamjanets-Podilsky